Farewell to Fall – Already?

Snow Covered Tree

Fall is my favorite season but with just two days to go before Halloween, it's already a wintry day.  I am not ready for that! Time to plant spring bulbs. … [Read more...]


A Day of Antiquing on London’s Portobello Road

portobello road - Carol

My friend Carol recently moved to a charming little town outside of London.  She is vibrant, a fab dresser (I've never seen her in the same outfit twice!) hysterically funny and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.  Carol builds people up with compliments, calls everyone dahling in her South African accent (dahling, have you lost weight? … [Read more...]


Fab Friday Find – Felix the Cat Bottle

Felix the Cat String Art Bottle: Eclectically Vintage

Vintage Felix the Cat yarn wrapped bottle - $5. This reminds me of the craft I used to do in girl scouts plus I love Felix (I even had a cat named Felix long before I owned this).   I will also reluctantly admit that I had a pair of jeans with Felix airbrushed on the front thigh! Well, it was the 80's - ok, early 90's (big hair and … [Read more...]


My June Cleaver Moment!

Owl Cupcakes

When I told my girls about these cupcakes and suggested we make them this weekend, they said we should call it Conniption Cupcakes!  They know me so well - I am no baker.  I like to cook but don't have the patience for baking what with all that measuring and flying flour and more measuring and kneading and more measuring...  Just thinking about it … [Read more...]


House Tour – Cheery Sunroom

From a leaking roof and puddles on the floor to a bright and cheerful sun room and one of my favorite places to curl up with a book.  What a difference a renovation makes!  We replaced the windows, refinished the floors, and gave it a fresh coat of paint (and a blue ceiling).  Today, the sun room serves lots of duties … [Read more...]


Super Easy, No Conniption Halloween Decorating

Spider Silhouettes on Stairs:  Eclectically Vintage

Free candy.  Dressing inappropriately.  What's not to love about Halloween?  Go ahead and bring out your inner slutty nurse or rock star and  have a blast! So let's get into the holiday spirit with some easy decorating and craft ideas.  I do like an easy craft but will have a conniption if it gets too complicated. What could be easier than these … [Read more...]


Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

Silverware Turkey

Fall is my favorite time of year with the crisp air and vibrant leaves.  In fact, I chose my favorite month, October, to get married (Friday the 13th!) and just celebrated 16 years of wedded bliss. I love decorating during this season and using natural elements that are easy to find like pumpkins in all colors, gourds, nuts, apples and flowers.  … [Read more...]


The Good, The Bad and The Just Plain Hideous!

ugly napkin holder

Found this old wooden stepstool today at the thrift store.  So much paint splattered character (my girls think it may have belonged to Jackson Pollack!) and will look great as a side table or plant stand - inside or out. They say one man's trash is another man's treasure - but seriously!!??  Check out my strange finds (no, I did not buy … [Read more...]


Estate Sale Bargains on Last Day

Estate Sale Finds

It's a contradiction.  If you want the best selection, you should go to flea markets and estate sales on the first day.  But if you wait until the last day, there are great bargains to be had. My partner in crime, Lisa, told me about an estate sale on Saturday morning but she said she couldn't go.  I ran over there and saw a cool set of vintage … [Read more...]



Italian Marble Table

Coincidence? Destiny? Stalking? Call it whatever you like but something very cosmic happened today. As I was driving down the road, minding my own business, I spotted a pile of castoff stuff on a busy street in front of someone’s house. Naturally, I u-turned and went back to investigate. As I was making my way towards the pile, cars … [Read more...]