Ladder Christmas “Tree”

Eclectically Vintage

Who says Christmas trees have to be trees? Use your imagination and have fun! What about a ladder Christmas tree? Although I have a traditional tree in my living room, I like to jazz things up a bit. This tree certainly fits the bill!  Picked up at an estate sale and adorned with lights and vintage Shiny Brite ornaments, this "tree" is … [Read more...]


Spring Bulbs – Inside & Out

It's time! to make the doughnuts - I mean plant the bulbs!  Paper whites inside and tulips and hyacinths outside.  I usually plant amaryllis bulbs inside every winter but decided on paper whites this year.  Bulbs were planted in a bowl I bought in Italy.  Hoping they'll bloom before Christmas - I can never get the timing … [Read more...]


Apothecary Chest Turned Advent Calendar

Eclectically Vintage

It's a countdown to Christmas!  This apothecary chest was a wedding gift 16 years ago.  When pulling out my hundreds (ok, it just feels like that many!) of Christmas bins from the basement, I noticed this chest sitting neglected and lonely and thought it would make a great advent calendar. It only has 18 drawers so I just added 6 mugs right on … [Read more...]


Snowy Mason Jar Candles

epsom salt candles - Eclectically Vintage

From my Ladder Christmas Tree ... to my Christmas Mantel ... I love these snowy mason jar candles! Using vintage mason jars (or new-you can find them at the supermarket) with a little "snow" and candles is a fabulous idea that can be used all winter long - inside and out for centerpieces or lining your walkway. All you need are mason … [Read more...]


Get the Giggles While Thrifting!

The other day, I took my friend Eebie, on a thrift shopping jaunt (she's a contributing blogger here - read Eebie's blog)!  We giggled like schoolgirls as we took clandestine pictures of the weird things we saw.  Gotta love thrifting with a friend. Things That Made Us GiggleThis little girl so wants to be loved.  Won't … [Read more...]


Mischievous Elf on the Shelf is Back!

Eclectically Vintage

If you don't already have an Elf on the Shelf - it's time to get one.  You don't need kids to enjoy this little fellow as I think I have more fun with him than my girls. We got our Elf a few years ago and the girls loved him!  He comes with a cute book to read to the kids about the Elf watching your kids during the day and then returning to the … [Read more...]


Marshmallow World Wreath & Other Beauties

Marshmallow Wreath

I still remember my grade school Christmas show when we belted out the tune "It's a Marshmallow World." Yeah, I know it's probably on your list of top 10 Christmas songs of all time (has anyone ever heard of it?!). Cue the music! It's a Marshmallow World in the Winter When the Snow Comes to Cover the Ground It's a Time for Play It's a Whipped … [Read more...]


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Don't stress people!  Do as much as you can before the big day so you can relax with a glass of vino!  I like to get as much done in advance so I'm not sweating and looking like a troll while everyone else is sweat-free and fabulous!Here's my easy make ahead mashed … [Read more...]


Kids Gobbly Good Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Eclectically Vintage Thanksgiving

With the rustic adult table all set, it's time to get the kids table ready. The centerpiece is a fun paper bag turkey that looks amazingly like the real bird! He's stuffed with popcorn and will be "carved" when all the kids arrive to reveal the munchies inside (cut a slit in the top and the kids can dig right in). All you need is a … [Read more...]


New Ways to Stay in Touch!

I am loving this whole blogging experience and am learning so much (and making a bunch of mistakes!) as I go.  Here are some new ways to follow the fun. Check the sidebar and choose your favorite. Facebook - please like me as I am very insecure!  And, lots of fun stuff that's not on the blog. Emails - they'll come straight to your inbox all … [Read more...]