New Year’s Around the Globe

Looking forward to a low key New Year's at a friends house with our girls. Someday, I'd love to check out these five fun spots around the globe to ring in the New Year!ParisHappy Bonne Anees!The place to be and the center of the party is near the Champs-Elysees. People flock to the famous streets and enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower exploding … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Memory Map Dresser

Stenciled Map Dresser DIY

We've all seen maps on furniture but this dresser from Karah at The Space Between takes it one step further by adding the names of all the places she wants to remember - Maine, Iowa, California and now Curacao!  That girl sure does get around! Did I mention that Karah lives on the Caribbean island of Curacao!!  How lucky is she?!  She's probably … [Read more...]


Year of the Dragon New Year’s Party

2012 marks the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar.  There are 12 animals in the zodiac including the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. What better way to ring in 2012 than with a little "Year of the Dragon" party!  Decorate your home with symbols of Chinese … [Read more...]


Good Fortune, Repurposed Find and a Festive Cocktail

Symbols of good fortune in the Chinese New Year include oranges and tangerines (good health & long life); tangerines with leaves intact (long lasting relationships; fruitful and multiply as in having children); persimmons (happiness and wealth). The grapefruit are not only great to display - they make one heck of a yummy cocktail!  The Cielo … [Read more...]


Help, I’ve Been Bitten! By the Collecting Bug

Vintage Italian Decanter Collection

Ouch! I've been bitten by the collecting bug. I have tons of vintage collections and like to think they are well edited and that I haven't gone over the edge and become the crazy hoarder lady! Please stage an intervention if I start saving old newspapers! One of my favorites is my collection of 1960's Italian glass decanters. Found at … [Read more...]


Santa Baby, Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight!

Wishing everyone a fabulous Christmas!  Can't wait for Santa to squeeze down my chimney!   … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Fabulous Foyer Fix

Eclectically Vintage It All Started With Paint Foyer

Here's the second installment of Exceptionally Eclectic - where I highlight cool things that catch my eye every week - enjoy! It was blah and boring.  Now it's a fresh and fab foyer!  Linda at It All Started with Paint has a goal to fix up each room in her 100 plus year old Chicago house for less than $500 per room! She is a true DIYer and she and … [Read more...]


More Hi-Jinx From Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

Eclectically Vintage

Hot Tamale, our Elf on the Shelf, has already put himself into some compromising positions and he's still up to his antics. Check out these Elf on the Shelf ideas. WHHHEEEEE! Someone needs to tell Hot Tamale that school is cool - check out his answers to those problems! Needs more peppermint Rock a … [Read more...]


Stylin’ and Profilin’ Snow People

Frosty the snowmanWas a jolly, happy soulWith a corncob pipe and a button nose ...Will somebody please stop my horribly out of tune singing!    These are some of the most stylish snow people (use the politically correct term - they're not just snow men anymore!) that I've seen.  Best part - you can make them yourself if you … [Read more...]


Feather Trees & Shiny Brites

Vintage Ornament

I adore vintage feather trees which are made of dyed goose feathers and were the very first artificial Christmas trees made to resemble the white pines in the German forest. The feather tree originated in Germany in the 19th Century, and was first created in an attempt to prevent further deforestation. Forget about the workers - what about the … [Read more...]