Imagine the Impossibilities Link Party!

Let's Get This Link Party Started! For my non-blogger friends, this is a link party where other bloggers can link up the projects they've been working on.  Feel free to scroll to the bottom and click on the pictures to visit some amazing blogs and see the creative things they've been up to! You’ve all been working hard  -- turning your … [Read more...]


Conquering My “Impossible” – Basement Reveal!


Cue the choir music - yes, I hear angels singing! It's judgement day!   The day of reckoning where I put before you pictures of my basement cleanup. Our Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge motivated me to finally get cracking on 16 years worth of "stuff" that's accumulated in my basement - now onto the big reveal! Here's the skinny: 6 … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Vintage Inspired Dressing Room Ideas


How would you like to have a whole room devoted to your clothes and high heels?  Me too (but it would be more like boots and purses)!  Carla at Hammers and High Heels did just that in her 1924 Dutch Colonial that she and her hubs have been DIYing. What a cool storage idea - a vintage crate holds Carla's collection of heels (check out those leopard … [Read more...]


More Fabulous Finds and a Complete Surprise!


It started off like any other estate sale.  Some great vintage finds included a small globe bank (you know I collect globes, among other things!), some more fab mason jars with zinc lids, a small galvanized tub with handle and an old wire bin. More mason jars with zinc lids, wire basket and vintage globe bank Just another ordinary day - … [Read more...]


In Her Shoes – Valentine Mantel


What better way to decorate for Valentine's Day than by remembering our kids when they were sweet (aka, never talked back and listened to whatever we said)! My still sweet twins are 12 now but I saved some of their cutest shoes - from booties to ballet shoes. They look adorable on the mantel! An old window and scrapbook paper hearts could … [Read more...]


My Mudroom – Drop it & Shut the Door!


It's the first snow day of the year and it made me realize how much I love my mudroom.  Muddy boots, wet coats, soggy socks - they're no match for me anymore!  Just drop them all behind in the mudroom and shut the pocket door! When we bought the house, there was no mudroom.  We bumped the house out a bit and added this small room in the back. … [Read more...]


“Love Is” Valentine Wreath


Remember the cute "Love Is" boy and girl from the 70's? I loved those little cartoon cuties and even had a Love Is drinking glass when I was a kid! This year, I decided to create a Love Is Valentine Wreath! The creator, Kim Casali, began the series for the Los Angeles Times in 1970 with black and white cartoons of the cherubic little … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic #5 – Lucky Mudroom


She's got equestrian decorating ideas down to a science! Her heart skipped a beat when she first saw the red cottage in Norway, where Trine is from. Although it was farther from civilization than she had planned, the Cottage of Vinnord called to Trine and she had to have it. I can certainly see why! Trine has worked wonders as can be seen … [Read more...]


Kitchen Collection – Display What You Love

2011 058

Here's a peak at my kitchen.  She needs a full spa treatment before she's ready for her photo shoot!  So while I'm busy getting her ready for a close up, here's a small (clean) area I can share for now. The open shelves in my kitchen are filled with my collection of vintage silver, glass cloches and cake domes, shells and coral.  Much of this was … [Read more...]


Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge

Glass Doorknob

 Imagine The Impossibilities Challenge! Turn the knob to go below into my basement and be afraid, very afraid! Join me and five of my bloggy buddies as we each find our "Impossible" and conquer it! We challenged each other to do something we thought we couldn't do. I will finally accomplish my "Impossible"! What is it, you're … [Read more...]