Ugly Appliance – Shut the Door on It!


What was I thinking? I didn't want a built in microwave because I wanted the kitchen to feel old school. So, out it sat. That big black box. Staring at me, judging me, taunting me -  til I could take it no more. Seriously, how could I let that thing take up valuable display space? I've finally sniffed the smelling salts … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Colorful Bedroom with a Lake View


They live on a lake ... let the collective oohs and ahhs commence. This is the view out the window for Our Lake Life. This lake is in my state of NJ - yes, I said NJ! What, did you think it would be a view of nuclear waste plants and factories? It isn't called The Garden State for nothing. Sorry for the tirade - now let's get back to the … [Read more...]


Fab Friday Finds – The Score $20 Bought!


The stars aligned in yard sale land last weekend! Our eyes met from across the road. Well, lamps don't have eyes, but you get the idea. I shouted, "those lamps, I must have them" and veered to the side of the road where I parked and ran to stake my claim. I hunted and pecked through boxes and bins and piled my booty up ... all the while … [Read more...]


Digging for Dumpster Treasure with Redoux

Welcome Karan from Redoux Interiors!   She's the go to girl for bringing new life to old furniture. And, who can resist a gal who holds an 80's prom party! Her tetnus shots are up to date (hopefully) and she's ready to roll ...   Hi there, I am Karen from Redoux Interiors, aka, "Good Time Charlie" I am so honored Kelly asked asked me to … [Read more...]


Pillow Talk – Adding Punch to a Room


It's time for a little pillow talk! Add color and pattern but if you get bored ... buy a new pillow and start over! I won this pillow from  a DIY by Design giveaway a few months ago. The Summer Cottage on Etsy creates custom pillows so I let my girls pick. Hence the hot pink and "zebra" trim! So instead of the girls playroom, I stole the … [Read more...]


How Does My Garden Grow


Only a couple more weeks til I start planting for summer! Some of my favorites are: Morning Glories on my back deck. I planted about 6 tiny (I'm talking lone, spindly stems about 4 inches long) morning glories in May last year. Two on either side of the deck stairs and one on each side of the deck. In a few months, they looked like this and … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Orange & Blue Vintage Home

more o and b 025

When Tiffany from La T Dah saw the For Sale sign at the house around the corner, she had to peek inside. Did the fact that it only had one bathroom - that wasn't functioning - scare her away? No way, she scooped up the house and set about transforming it into a fully furnished rental property. Orange and Blue Decor Thrift shops, side of the … [Read more...]


Fab Friday Finds – You Won’t Believe What $6 Buys!


What does $6 buy nowadays? 6 fly swatters from the Dollar Store, 5 songs for your I-pod, 1 gallon of gas if prices keep rising (hopefully not)!, 1/3 of a tube of Kari's hand cream, or this dresser! It's an ugly duckling but I have big plans for her! See the price still scribbled onto the bird condo? Sure, $2.92 sounds great. But … [Read more...]


Entrance Vestibule Packs a Punch Reveal

Picture 027

It sounds so pretentious - entrance vestibule. That's what the realtor called it and I'm sticking to it! It's tiny - so why not add pizazz with dark walls.     Before - Oh, the Horror! Mint green front door, red painted tile, peach paint and floral wallpaper - a decorating don't!     Back to the After! I just … [Read more...]


Gnome Sweet Garden Gnome


I have a slight obsession with gnomes. Don't judge me! Vintage or Target knockoffs - it really doesn't matter. Scored this vintage pipe smoking fella at a rummage sale - broken hat and all. 2 Target knockoffs.  They're so faded - unlike the vintage guys who hold up much better in the sun. Yes, this is number 3 ... I told you not to … [Read more...]