Pillow Talk – Adding Punch to a Room

Mix patterns and color for a fun look eclecticallyvintage.com

It’s time for a little pillow talk!

Add color and pattern but if you get bored …

buy a new pillow and start over!

I won this pillow from  a DIY by Design giveaway a few months ago.

The Summer Cottage on Etsy creates custom pillows so I let my girls pick.

Hence the hot pink and “zebra” trim!

So instead of the girls playroom, I stole the pillow and popped it in the sunroom!

Does it go with the color scheme of my house?


Does it look amazing?


This is the only time it’s ok to be shaped like an apple!

Isn’t it fun?!

Apple pillow eclecticallyvintage.com

I scored these huge embroidered European shams in Anthropologie’s clearance section!

I think they were normally $200 each and I paid $20!

Anthropologie pillows eclecticallyvintage.com

Spice up neutral beige sofas with a bold pillow.

Bold red pillow eclecticallyvintage.com

And who could forget the kids – their playroom is filled with fun pillows like these

(hey, what else would you put on a zebra chair)?

Fun candy pillows! eclecticallyvintage.com

And can you believe this fabulous pillow was made from a painter’s drop cloth?

Drop cloth pillow eclecticallyvintage.com

Here’s to some great pillow talk.

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  1. Kelley,
    You certainly have an expansive collection of pillows — variety is the spice of life. The first one is especially “Jerseylicious”.
    On my way to Linda’s Etsy shop.
    PS Stop by and read about my encounter with the Jersey Devil.

  2. What a fabulously eclectic collection of pillows you have there in your home! I’m not at all surprised … but that apple is awesome. And the girls have some of my favorites …

    Thanks for linking it up!



  3. That was a great deal on those pillows from Anthro. I have never found anything that affordable there. They do have a great selection of stuff for the home though. I guess I will have to keep checking the clearance section.

  4. The Apple Pillow and the Anthro Shams. LOVE!

  5. I am pillow challenged. You however are not. And your daughters know a good one when they see it.


  6. I love me a pillow! I have too many I am sure…
    Yours are very fun!!

  7. That hot pink with zebra trim is awesome. And seriously, an apple pillow…that green color is one of my favorites. You’ve got quite the collection! I need to find me a drop cloth and try my hand at all this pillow business. :)

  8. It’s a plethora of pillows… and they’re positively perfect!!

  9. Love the Anthropologie pillows! They are gorgeous!

  10. So many great pillows! They’re such a great way to add colour & pattern to a room, and it’s so easy to change up a room just by changing out the pillows. Linda’s drop cloth pillows are great, and I love the hot pink E pillow with the zebra trim :-)

  11. Oh, that bubble gum pillow would have me chewing non-stop every time I look at it! :-)

  12. Love the apple pillow!

  13. Kelly,

    Those Anthro pillows are calling my name….first….middle….and last :) Thanks for linking up to the pillow parade rock star!

    :) me

  14. LOVE…LOVE those anthro slip covers. Heck I love them all. Wish I had a pillow storage ROOM.

  15. love the pink pillow… and the fab chair:)

  16. Oh that’s my favourite pillow too!! Love it!

  17. Pillows are such a fun way to spice up a room! What’s NOT fun is when the dog likes them just as well… UGH! No pillows on the couch at The Bold Abode!

  18. Those are great pillows! I am slowly building up my pillow stock and I just love how fun yours our.

  19. I couldn’t help but stare in amazement over that apple pillow! Love all the pillows : )

  20. Love your pillows! I agree, they do add a punch :)

  21. I love the hot pink pillow, it is a pop of color and it totally goes! Your girls have great taste, just like their mom:)



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