It’s All About the Presentation

Vintage Corkscrew Collection

An extravagantly wrapped package that makes you dread tearing off the paper. A fabulous pair of wedges that seem like they were made to go with your favorite maxi dress. A corkscrew brandished tableside to open the perfect bottle of vino. I can picture it now. I join my guests at the dinner table and dramatically remove a corkscrew from … [Read more...]


The Great Outdoors Link Party!

Dresser Planter - Eclectically Vintage

It's party time! Time to link up anything outdoors. Like my old Step Ladder Bird Bath and my $6 thrift shop find turned Outdoor Dresser Planter. Isn't she a hottie?! For all my non-blogging readers - check out the mini thumbnails at the bottom of the post for some fabulous outdoor ideas! And of course, my fab 4 co-hosts … [Read more...]


Dress Up Your Plants – in a Dresser!


I painted and planted ... in the rain. Talk about a bad hair day! All to get ready for our The Great Outdoors link party on Tuesday. Remember my $6 Thrift Shop Dresser Score? Well, she got a makeover - lip gloss, spanx and a shiny new tiara. She's even wearing her favorite Behr Peacock Blue dress ... and a chalkboard bird … [Read more...]


Day Tripping – Industrial Antique Paradise


Nothing better hopping in the car with The Hubs, sun roof open, wind whipping through my hair ... and heading off for a drive. Destination: Lambertville, NJ Mission: Antiquing and a leisurely lunch on the river. Lambertville is a cute little town on the Delaware River half way between New York and Philly that's filled with antique shops and … [Read more...]


We Are Family (Room) – Get Up Everybody and (See the Tour)

Eclectically Vintage Kitchen Table

The dust bunnies have been swept away - whew! If you see a stray bunny, please avert your eyes. I love open shelves - what better way to show off all my vintage finds! This was once a dilapidated screened-in porch that was separated by a solid wall with one window. Brace yourself, here's what it looked like before! French doors now … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Vintage Fairytale Home

A sort of fairytale dining room

We all can relate to Stacey of A Sort of Fairytale. She has a dream. To be an interior stylist. You know, the person who arranges the cute little vignettes that you see in your favorite magazines. From the looks of her amazing house, her fabulous photography skills (her first college major) and her eye for vintage finds, she's a … [Read more...]


Fab Friday Finds – Seeing Red

wiss scissors vintage

I saw red on that epic $20 yard sale day! Fate brought us together. After all, a gal with a red stove (that would be me! - see it here) is destined to be matched with my fiery finds. Did the former lady of the house let the fact that she hated poultry seasoning stop her from using her pre-labeled jars? No - she did what any … [Read more...]


I’d Like to Thank the Academy – Vintage Loving Cups

vintage trophy

And the winner is ... Will I win? Will I trip on my way to the stage? Will I have a trail of tp stuck to my shoe as I wave to my adoring fans? What am I doing, you ask. I'm in a pageant - and I'd love you to join me. It's for all of us gals (and the occasional guy who drops by) who deserve recognition for all of our … [Read more...]


The Un-Window Treatment

peter max 7-up sign

7-Up:  The Un-Cola and the Un-Window Treatment. Remember my fabulous Peter Max 1970's 7-Up sign I found at the rummage sale last week? Well, it's found a home - as my kitchen window treatment. If you want to call it a window treatment. I can hear the collective horrified gasps of interior designers everywhere! Former life on a … [Read more...]


Fab Friday Finds – Rummage Sale from Heaven


I wait expectantly for the VNA twice a year rummage sale in NJ. Shoo the kids off to school, pack up my car with my necessities. Snacks - check Rain Jacket & Boots for the muddy fields - double check Water - check Tote bag - check Dorky cart - check I'm ready to hit the road. Adrenaline pumps through me as I approach the … [Read more...]