It’s a Cinch – Summer Paper Parasol Wreath

My girls love cocktail umbrellas!

They are in heaven if a waiter brings them a fruity drink dressed up with a paper umbrella
(they take after their mom after all)!

Make a Paper Parasol Wreath - how fun!

This wreath is the true definition of cinch.

15 minutes (probably because I used the biggest wreath form known to man) was all it took.

Bonus – it only cost $2!

Yes, you read that right – $2!

I found my supplies at my home away from home …

the thrift shop – for $1 each!

Here’s my “It’s Such a Cinch,
You Don’t Even Need a Tutorial Tutorial!

1) Buy wreath form and paper cocktail umbrellas (box of 144)

(if you’re not lucky enough to score these at the thrift shop, check out the party supply stores).

Summer Parasol Wreath supplies!

2) Stick paper cocktail umbrellas into wreath form

(stick with me here – I don’t want to lose you because of the difficulty level).

See how to make a fun summer wreath!

3) Stand back and admire your wreath!

Make a Summer Cocktail Umbrella Wreath - how fun!


4) Sip a cocktail with a paper umbrella in it while admiring your wreath.

Because after all, isn’t life more fun when it doesn’t take endless steps to complete something!


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  1. WOW…LOVE it! (relieved that all those umbrellas didn’t come from fruity cocktails : ) so cinchy…so festive and so creative! bars of the world beware…start taking count of those colorful parasols…people are going to be snatching then to make this fabulous wreath!!!! you go Jersey girl!!!! hugs…

  2. This is so stinkin’ cute! And here I thought step one would be, drink lots of fruity drinks and save the umbrellas. Great thifted finds!! Gotta love a $2 AND easy project. :)

  3. I am crowning you the Queen of amazing wreaths maker …

    Such a fun idea! And I’m truly frightened that your daughter’s are already digging the fruity drink umbrellas …

    And I will be back later this evening with my fruity umbrella sporting drink to stand back and admire your amazing wreath again …



  4. man, you must have drank a whole lot fruity drinks to have that many umbrellas! 😉 ok, so i know you can buy the umbrellas but this wreath makes me want a drink!

  5. This is such a cute and colorful wreath! I love that it was super inexpensive to make.

  6. Colleen says:

    Love, love, love this wreath! And love that it is super simple too! Enjoy your cocktails as you admire your handy work!

  7. Kelly,

    I am laughing so hard right now. I have about 500 of these left over from a party. Why…..why did I not think of this. Those umbrellas have been sitting there when they could have been partying on the front door.

    :) me

  8. LOVE!!! Makes me want to head to the ppol with a ice cold beverage!! :)

  9. oops….should say “pool” !! :)

  10. Life is more fun with mini-Cocktail umbrellas… or Many mini-Cocktail umbrellas…

  11. Totally adorable! Hey, that’s a great excuse to have a girl’s weekend filled with fru-fru drinks! We could just save all of the umbrellas! 😉
    So darn cute!!! <3

  12. That is so awesome! I need to make one of those for our house this summer! Nothing says summer parties like a mini-cocktail umbrella!

  13. How cute and colorful is that! How did you ever come up with that…was it after a few fruity cocktails :)?

  14. I also meant to link up a super cinchy project

  15. Kelly, it’s difficult to believe something so colorful and lovely can so freaking simple to make! You’re amazing!

  16. TOOOO cute! I am pinning this one. I have a friend who has what we call a TIKI hut on the lake and this would look so cool under her hut on the door.

  17. This is so fun! My girls would choke at all those “Barbie parasols” being used for a wreath 😉

  18. this is so fun and clever! i wanna pina colada now though…

  19. Kelly…..just love this! How fun!

  20. oh my gosh! I’m having our neighborhood assoc ladies night next week and I AM SO MAKIN’ THIS!!! So darn cute! Thanks!

  21. Seriously. That is a cinch, but wow what a big punch it packs. Pinned.


  22. I’m suddenly thirsty for a pina colada! 😉 What a clever (and easy) project and super adorable wreath! Love it!

  23. I LOVE paper umbrella wreath but unfortunately have NEVAH found them at thrift shops! So, I use them sparingly…almost you may say, frugally!

  24. Love, love, love this! I am so gonna copy you on this! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Savy Southern Style

  25. That is such a cool project – so fun & colourful, and the perfect way to dress up your door for the summer :-) And all that fabulousness for 2 bucks – can’t get any better than that!

  26. Kelly this is just so cute!!! I want to make one with my girls. So fun!

  27. Totally gorgeous! Great idea! I’d love for you to add it on my link party at: Thanks!

  28. I will be on the look out for some little umbrellas.

  29. This is just ADORABLE! I love it and the colors.
    Makes me happy just to look at it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  30. This isso pretty and very creative.. I am visiting you via Wow Us Wednesdays and I hope to see you at My Dream Canvas.

  31. You are the Queen of Wreaths, Kelly!! Every wreath you make is unique and amazing, and this parasol wreath is no exception. Love it!! Pinning! Thanks so much for linking up.
    <3 Christina

  32. I love this idea ~ what fun!

    Susan and Bentley

  33. OMG I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!! This is such a perfect summer wreath! And the prasols! How fantastic.
    Marriah @

  34. This is just TOOOOO cute!! I can’t wait to make one! Might be easy, but it was BRILLIANT on your part!! Thanks for sharing! ~Zuni

  35. This is too too cute Kelly!! Thanx for sharing!

  36. LOL.
    Just saw this linked up at A2D and din’t realize it was YOU.
    Super cute, not sure how I missed it?
    It’s just darling Kelly. So happy and bright =)

  37. First peeps, now umbrellas – you are the queen of the cute wreath! I can’t wait to see what you do for the Fourth of July! Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. Kelly, this is so cute. Thanks for sharing it at Wow.

  39. I love this wreath! You always have the best wreath ideas!

    I’ve pinned/FB/tweeted this!

  40. Love this! What a simple and beautiful idea!

  41. This is just about the cutest thing ever. I love it. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  42. I think I need to make one for my door for summer, and one for my little girl’s room too. You are super creative, really enjoy your blog :) Tanya

  43. I’m thinking this cute wreath would be a great summer addition to my granddaughters’ bedroom! I’m such a good grandma to drink all those fruity drinks, just to get the umbrellas!

  44. Thanks for hangin’ with me today at my wreath party! You’re sweet! I LOVE your parasol wreath, but it makes me thirsty every time I see it!

  45. Your cinch of an umbrella looks so fun and festive. Now I added you to my follow list~don’t want to miss anymore great ideas!! Will be back on Monday to see what else you come up with.

  46. Now cute & easy is this?! I’ve pinned it for a future party decoration…so adorable!
    Saw you At The Picket Fence!
    Debbie :)

  47. Having a winter luau before long. Love this! Plan to make one. Looking at umbrellas on ebay. Do I need a pack of 144 to complete the wreath or will their pack of 50 do it? THXX

  48. I found making this wreath was painful! :) I love the finished look, the colors etc. I used a smaller wreath for the first time. I found that the umbrellas were very fragile and broke easily whenever I pushed them in….I’m just a weaklin, I guess. Did I do something incorrect? I ended up poking with a screwdriver and inserted my umbrellas. It’s a beauty and I am excited to show my friends. Thanks for sharing this project.

  49. I did one of these last summer. It was a fun easy project!

  50. Perfect for Summer! Can’t beat the price either. Bet it looks great on your door!

  51. This is SO cute! We are having a beach themed bday party for my husband next week, and I”m totally going to make one of these. Thanks for the idea!

  52. SO cute! Love this! Did you find that using this type of wreath was easier than using a styrofoam wreath? Thanks!


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