Exceptionally Eclectic – She Hearts Junk

Must Love Junk Antique Shoe Rack

Must Love Junk. I do! We're kindred spirits, Susan and I. I mean we both share a love of and own antique type writers, seltzer bottles, maps, wooden & wire crates, numbers, galvanized metal, fans ... whew (we need an intervention)! Walk into Must Love Junk's Entry and this stack of vintage suitcases tells you this is no … [Read more...]


Fab Friday Finds – Ode to an Antique Wallpaper Pasting Table

Eclectically Vintage wallpapering table

Lordy, Lordy hear my call Please don't let the wallpaper fall. A century ago, men would try But sometimes paste refused to dry? They carried this folding table full of supplies And prayed while they pasted and applied. The table top folds neatly in half Next the legs fold under, these men weren't daft. A portable case … [Read more...]


We’re Not Gonna Take It – Breaking Decorating Rules

Red asian console table

We're not gonna take it No, we ain't gonna take it We're not gonna take it, anymore. In the words of the immortal 80's hair band Twisted Sister ... We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore! It's time to throw caution to the wind and start Breaking All the Decorating Rules! 1) Bigger is Better A few well chosen, larger pieces of … [Read more...]


My Foyer’s Rocking, Please Come Knocking! – The Reveal

Eclectically Vintage Foyer

Yes, my foyer is rocking ... hope you'll come a knocking! Brace yourself for the before!! My little $50 Danish modern chair made my heart beat faster when I spotted it at my neighbor Patty's yearly antique sale. This gal shops flea markets and estate sales til she drops, stores it all in her fabulous barn (it's okay to have feelings … [Read more...]


No Regrets – There’s Always Time for a Do-Over?


I try to live life with no regrets ... but ... there are some moments that still make me cringe! Like my first car. Red Geo Storm with tinted windows so dark that I had to take it to a friend of my dad's to pass inspection. In that tinted windowed, red Geo Storm, I rocked the biggest, baddest hair this side of the Mason Dixon … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Artful Home

Dans le Townhouse_House Tour_Guest Room Reading Chair

This is the perfect example that original art doesn't have to cost a fortune. Throw in a little Danish modern and this townhouse, from Dans le Townhouse packs a real punch. Sigh ... now I need to make my own Sigh painting. I am loving this antiqued stenciled poem mirror and Tanya has a fabulous tutorial so you can be as cool as … [Read more...]


Fab Friday Finds – I Found a Coke and I Smiled

Vintage French Coca-Cola Crate

I channeled Mean Joe Green when I spotted this vintage Coke crate and tackled anyone in my way so I wouldn't fumble. Note:  if you have no clue what I'm referring to, I feel very vintage right now! Flip flop storage never had it so good. Because isn't everything chose préférable uttered in French? (yes, I had to Google … [Read more...]


A Tisket, a Tasket, a Vintage Picnic Basket

Outdoor dining plates and cutlery

Stop by tonight for drinks. Oh no, what have I done? Dust bunnies are running rampant. The only things in the fridge are a couple of mouldy avocados and a jumbo size bottle of Heinz 57. What's a girl to do? Keep a basket stocked with staples so you can be the hostess with the mostess and the toast of the … [Read more...]


Breezy Summer Mantel

Summer Mantel - shells, coral & turtle shell

Keratin treatment to tame my frizz - check. Flip flops replacing leather boots - check. Miracle suit to suck in all the stray flesh - check. Lightening up my mantel for summer - check. This turtle was obviously too slow crossing the road. Found him on ebay. Vintage seascape - the artist carved his name into the … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – 5th One’s a Charm

Our Fifth House Master Bedroom

After living in and decorating five houses, Carmel of Our Fifth House certainly knows her stuff! I can definitely relate to her design attitude of No Fear, No Rules. And her directive to Be Nice Or Leave! No words for this amazing kitchen! Carmel even made her hubs happy with the coolest vintage and mod man cave ever. Yes, even … [Read more...]