How Do Your Pesto & Mojitos Grow?

If it can hold something, it can be a planter.

Remember The Rummage Sale from Heaven where I bought one giant toolbox for $3.50 and it was filled with lots of baby toolboxes?

Toolbox Planter and stamped silver markers - how unique!

What’s better than a fresh batch of homemade pesto?

Toolbox Planter and stamped silver markers - how unique!

And a mojito to wash it down.

Toolbox Planter and stamped silver markers - how unique!

My dad’s Cuban so I love me a good mojito.

3/4 oz fresh lime juice
2 oz white rum
1 oz simple syrup
1/2 oz club soda
8 mint leaves (plus a sprig for garnish)

* In a cocktail shaker, muddle the mint leaves (which means bash them around with a pestle)

* Add ice, rum, lime juice and simple syrup and shake it up

* Strain into a tall glass filled with ice, stir in club soda and garnish with a mint sprig

* Sit back, relax and let the mojito work it’s magic!

Toolbox Planter and stamped silver markers - how unique!

Want your own vintage stamped silver herb markers?  Visit my Etsy shop.

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  1. I’ll take a pitcher. (I love mojitos! Actually, I love most alcohol. Except the expensive wine that tastes like lighter fluid.)

  2. love me some mojitos! especially the one’s dad makes!

  3. That makes a great planter. Love the chippy bench, too. I have only had one mojito and it was some odd flavor and wasn’t very good. I will have to try another one.

  4. A few of my favorite things…old tool box, fresh herbs…mojito’s and pesto…yum!! Love :) Laurel

  5. I love me some mojitos and pesto! Your house must be surrounded by wonderful old junk planters and greenery…sounds lovely! Still waiting for the warm weather to arrive here.

  6. Love the edible toolbox garden! So clever. And I can’t believe this but I’ve never had a Mojito! How can that be? How could I have lived this long without imbibing in such a yummy sounding drink? I will be trying out your dad’s recipe this summer for sure …



  7. Hi there, just wondering how you got the letters printed on the spoons!!!!!!!

  8. Never had me a Mojito but I love mint and basil. The toolbox, old bench and stamped herb markers are great. Love it all!

  9. LOVE this but no silver bells and cockle shells (whatever they are???) believe it or not — going to use an old tool box my self for my rosemary : ) shocking right! sending hugs!

  10. Me likey Mojito’s too!! Love your basil garden! Cuba is beautiful, visited there about 8 years ago….beautiful weather, music and hospitality was amazing! :) Heather

  11. Love those markers! I’ve been wanting to start an herb garden for awhile but haven’t found just the right spot for them.

  12. Love Mojitos too! Do you use any special type of mint?
    Cute planter!

  13. Clever. Start muddling.


  14. Now that’s my kind of toolbox!

  15. Mojitos….love mojitos…Lived most of my life in South Florida, where the “mojitos roam”….Love the tool box planter…so cute and clever and the idea of naming your herbs after the appropriate drink is making me tipsy with joy…I love it!

  16. Love your stamped spoon plant markers and that you’ve used toolboxes as planters – such a creative idea :-)

    I’ve never had a mojito – not sure if it’s my kind of drink, because I’m not a fan of mint or rum. I do love lime though! My favourite drink is a strawberry daiquiri made with Bailey’s instead of rum. It’s amazing. Seriously. Try it! :-)

  17. A dresser potting bench, a mop bucket planter and not a toolbox planter- what could be next!

    You know I’m dying for a few “tour” type shots of the whole space! You are so creative!
    xo Becca

  18. Maaaan… I love everything you’ve done out-of-doors. And now I’m thirsty.

  19. Your basil looks great!!! How is it so full already?? I love pesto, but am reallllly looking forward to Caprese salads… yum!
    The planter and bench are perfect!

  20. LOVE this! love the box, the plants and the markers!!! it’s all awesome! i don’t like mojitos (i know, i know!) but i will come over for some pesto!

  21. Oh, yes! I’ll have a mojito! YUM!
    Your tool box looks adorable as a planter, and I love the stamped markers! Supa cute! :-)


  22. Love the box filled with plants and mojitos are so yummy!

  23. Yay mojitos! It wasn’t until after i planted our garden that I realized I’d forgotten mint. Big problem for a girl who likes cocktails in the summer! Can I borrow your green thumb over here?


  24. I dont know what I love more, the toolbox planter or the fact that you included a recipe that involves some alcohol! Definitely going to have to give your mojito recipe a try! 😉

  25. mmmm…mmmm…mmmm…I could go for one right now! My southern friend makes one bad A** Mojito. Can I say that on here?

  26. Love those stamped spoons, Kelly! I have plenty of mint growing so I may have to make some mojitos soon. And my basil is going to seed. I need to give it a haircut-quick!

  27. Love the spoons, love the toolbox, love that bench!!! All around love fest going on here!
    Have a great night, xox

  28. Love that sweet basil in the old toolbox! You’re going to have some delicious pesto…

  29. What an eye candy post – your photos are gorgeous! We just had our first Mojitos of the summer on the weekend,but had to improvise on the fresh mint! What we thought was random growing mint turned out to be lemon balm instead! It still tasted pretty goid, but now we’re hunting down some mint to grow for our Mojitos yet to come :-)

  30. Such a cool planter! Love your silver markers too! We love mojitos over here too!

  31. I’m totally a mojito girl! And aren’t those marker precious? Headed to check them out at your shop — I’m in need, I believe. :)
    xo Heidi

  32. LOVE the stamped spoon idea! So cute. And yes, please, to the mojito!

  33. SO cute!!! may need to steal this 😉

  34. I am getting caught up on my blogs and this is perfect for the end of a long week. Mojitos here I come. Is it 5o’clock yet??

  35. Did someone say “MOJITO”???
    This is fantastic- thank you for inspiring me to jazz up my mint stash!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  36. Sounds delish! Love that way of marking your ingredients, too!

  37. So cute! I just got a stamping set, but need to find the antique silverware. It works OK on stainless but your whole set up with the tool box and silver is gorgeous!

  38. Love this post, please link it up with me Wednesday on Wow Us Wednesday.

  39. I love your eclectic creative style, Kelly. Love the garden markers, LOVE the garden planter! Adorable! (I’m featuring some of your outdoor DIY projects in the highlights tomorrow – thank you for sharing your talent!)

  40. I see the text links for parties you participate in. Perfect! Thank you! I am following you (on many fronts) now. Hope you have a great weekend.

  41. Can’t beat a toolbox or some silver and they work doubly well together!

  42. Oh my, this is fabulous!!!!!


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