Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

red chevron pumpkin

My mom used to call me pumpkin head ... so I have a thing for them! Change is good and so are mini pumpkin vases 5 ways from Addicted 2 Decorating! Silhouettes are a favorite and they are especially bewitching on pumpkins from Uncommon Designs. Homeward Found made the most amazing pumpkins from light globes. I will be scouring the thrift … [Read more...]


I Scored at the Thrift Store – I’m a Fan

Vintage Turquoise GE Fan

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? She loves her laugh lines and age spots and gets better with age. She's a tough old broad and has been around the block a few times. So don't put your hands on this gal ... or she'll cut you! See what else I Scored at the Thrift Store! Sharing Here:The Cottage Market - Junkin Joe, Southern … [Read more...]


Falling Leaves & a Rustic Centerpiece

fall centerpieces

The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Remember Chicken Little? That confused little chick who thought the world was coming to an end. Poor girl was foolish enough to follow the crowd. What does this have to do with fall centerpieces you may be asking yourself? I mean, would you trust someone named Cocky Locky? But you know the … [Read more...]


Simplified Fall Mantel

Vintage Wire Basket

You all know I've got lots of "stuff". Stuff found at estate sales and flea markets. Vintage, fabulous stuff - but stuff nonetheless. So I'm craving simplicity ... starting with my fall mantel. A few pears from the farmer's market. An old wire basket filled with mason jars. Sticks collected during a walk in the woods. It's all the … [Read more...]


I Scored at the Thrift Store – Off With Her Head!

South Bend Croquet Set

Off with her head! Today, I am officially granting myself the title of  ... Kelly, Queen of Hearts. The power went right to my diamond encrusted crowned head after finding this fabulous old croquet set. 1953 to be exact. Complete with instructions which would come in handy if I ever decide to throw a rousing garden party for all of my royal … [Read more...]


Fall Porch & DIY Pumpkin Topiaries

Fall topiary

Three surefire signs it's fall: Mums. Pumpkins. Raking. They're all on my porch - with a twist. Hopefully, this is the only time I'll have to touch a rake! Remember what these music sheet planters started out as? See how I made these planters out of $1 plastic pumpkins. $7 yard sale lantern! DIY Pumpkin Topiaries *3 faux … [Read more...]


Plastic Pumpkin Ideas – DIY Music Sheet Planter

DIY Halloween Planter

Hoarding comes in handy sometimes. I know you understand (unlike my Hubs)! As I was rummaging through my Halloween bins in search of fall decorations, in the dark hole that is my basement, I came upon a huge garbage bag filled with cheap plastic pumpkins that I bought for a Halloween party game years ago. Cheap plastic pumpkins = halloween … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Colorful Cottage

Colorful Mid Century Family Room

Rachel of I Like What I'm Herring describes her style as a bit modern mixed with vintage dipped in a rainbow. From the looks of her Mid Century Living Room, this girl knows how to mix pattern and color.  Why not create a Painted Runner on your staircase. DIY Chevron Lampshades in a bold color really make a statement. I desperately wanted … [Read more...]


I Scored at the Thrift Store – Shuffleboard Anyone?

Vintage Shuffleboard Chalkboard Scoreboard

My dad used to take my sister and I to Puss n' Boots some Saturdays. It was the Cheers of the neighborhood and everyone really did know my dad's name. He was aptly named Cuban Joe and there was also Lefty (who had no left hand) and many other colorful nicknames. My sis and I happily whiled away the time, sipping Shirley Temples and having a … [Read more...]


Let the Sunflowers Shine In – Fall Centerpiece


Sometimes, the simplest things give the most pleasure. hearing my girls laughter, a bowl of chocolate ice cream, the smell of freshly cut grass, the perfect sunflower, 70 years of knicks on an old cutting board, a tarnished piece of silver, and my family gathered around the table. See more of my fall decorating ideas here. … [Read more...]