I Need a Collecting Intervention

Remember Chrissy Snow?

How about Jack and Janet?

Who could forget the Ropers?

Three’s Company when it comes to collecting – but why stop at 3?

Scatter them throughout your house and you may run the risk of looking like you came straight from an episode of Hoarders.

But display those thrift shop finds together and suddenly they look chic and sophisticated.

Have you met my Globe Family – including mom, dad and the twins?

Green Thrift Shop Glass and yes, the hunt continues.

I’d like to thank the academy for finding this instant collection of Loving Cups.

I just can’t resist old Demijohns with their bubbled glass and imperfections.

One tarnished piece of silver just makes you look lazy …

But 10 Tarnished Silver Platters make you look chic.

How could I resist the call of Milk Glass.

Half a dozen Corkscrews in an old silver bread basket makes a great centerpiece.

I found Vintage Billiard Balls but wouldn’t old croquet balls or bingo balls looks just as amazing.

So here are just a few of my many collections.

(I know, I have issues)!

Am I the only one who needs a collecting intervention?

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  1. I beg to differ–a half-dozen corkscrews in a basket makes a great murder mystery.

  2. Wow – you do collect a lot of things don’t you! I have reformed myself and now I am in a purge and release stage of my collecting life – NO MORE ODD PIECES OF STUFF!!!

    Good luck with your intervention :)

  3. Those are some pretty awesome collections! I’m a collector too, so I wouldn’t be much help in an intervention.

  4. Can you do an intervention for two. Wait…nevermind…I don’t want to be cured.

  5. Your collections look lovely…no need for intervention :) Laurel

  6. Therapy?…do we need therapy?…nah…just think, collecting those beautiful things is therapy in itself!….so hang out your sign, like the famous Lucy from the Peanuts Gang and tell everyone “the doctor is in”…no intervention needed!

  7. i collect, but then when i find something new, i put the old collection away or sell it! :) i LOVE your trophies. i think you should get rid of that collection as part of your intervention. giving them to a friend who loves them will help. 😉

  8. Yes, you do have a problem, but at least it isn’t too dangerous. Great collections and I will be glad to take the trophies off your hands.

  9. Hmmmm…… if you find the intervention involves something by the beach with umbrella drink therapy, I’m in.


  10. Why don’t you start collecting Mrs. Roper’s mumu dresses! I bet they’d make great throws :)

    Have a great day rock star….I’m off to make soap.

    :) me

  11. I have no idea what you’re talking about? I don’t have too much of anything. And I will not admit to anything on the contrary 😉

    STILL in love with the trophy collection. THAT was a score and more. {swoon}

  12. Your collections are awesome! I currently have a collection of milk glass…in my garage. I need to find a suitable place to display it. As long as your collections have such a beautiful home I’d say you’re good!

  13. You only need an intervention if it is interfering with your life. Are you losing sleep over it? Are you going in to debt over it? If not collect on! I found I was becoming physically ill having so much stuff. So I began a quest to become a minimalist. I may never get that far, but I will purge so much in the process that moving day will be a breeze and my children wont cuss me for leaving behind the chore of having so much ‘stuff’ That said, your collections are beautiful and neat and clean and I love them!

  14. Awwww Kelly—if you’re really worried, I too, will help you out of the trophies!
    I have my own fixations—silver, china, clocks, hardware, CHAIRS! And the list goES ON!
    I have said for years–it’s a sickness, and there’s NO VACCINE!

  15. Does look like we have similar ISSUES, I mean collections :)
    Those demijohns are expensive…I’ll have to drop out there.

  16. for some reason I can picture a succulent garden in your trophies … and why stop now … if it gets too bad we’ll catch you by surprise with an intervention. :)

  17. Hi, Kelly thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love your collections! Who cares what people say or think! We see beauty where others may see junlk! Traci

  18. You always put a fresh spin on things! I laughed at the silver comment, because you know what, it’s so true! And with the cork screws – who would’ve thought? I actually have a collection, but it’s all tucked away. Now, I’m inspired to display them instead! Thanks so much for sharing yet another set of great tips, not to mention your fab collections! :-)

  19. If your collections are an ‘issue’ then it’s a very pleasing issue! I love the globes especially :) And you are so right – grouping a bunch of the same thing can be such a fun decor statement! I love it!

  20. Well, I have a kid who collects interesting pieces of bark chips from the playground so I’ve got my own issues sister! LOL! Do you think if I put them in an apothecary jar I could pass them off as chic? 😉 I love your collections and definitely agree about the tarnished silver. Any excuse to not have to polish something is genius in my book!

  21. Ha! I’m pretty sure I’d be like that if I had enough space. Where do you put it all?

  22. You have fabulous collections, Kelly! If you’re in need of intervention, I’ll be right there behind you. Collections definitely make a home more personal and interesting.
    Mary Alice

  23. I think many here share your “issue”. I have a globe family and a milk glass family and silver and old toys and even nun dolls! If we love it and it touches a place in our hearts then go for it.

  24. AWESOME!!! I’m already with you on the globe and milk glass collections. Must find more…always looking for more :)

  25. You have some awesome collections! I only wish that it worked for dust bunnies….

  26. Very nice. If you need help thinning out your collections, I’d be glad to take any of the loving cups, milk glass, corkscrews, or demijohns. I’ll send you my vintage blue bottle and any globes I can find in return! ~Angie

  27. I absolutely adore your billiard balls. You have such good taste…you can collect and get away with it.

  28. I crossed that line long ago, lol. But I’m learning to ‘curate’ better! Like, I had a ton of milk glass but I decided to cut back and keep only the hobnail pieces (and a couple of favorites). That said, if you weren’t looking I would swipe your lot of demijohns. :-)

  29. Awesome collections. The demijohns are fabulous…I collect a few things. White ironstone is currently my biggest obsession!

  30. I don’t think you need an intervention! I like your collections – specially the globes and your vintage trophy collection, too cool!

  31. Your platters and trophy cups are my favorite, along with the demijohns of course! Who does the dusting? 😉 Have a great day today!!!

  32. That IS a lot of collections! But they’re all cool, so why stop? Just keep going and enjoying all your great finds :-) I’m very good at collecting furballs and dust 😉 I also collect original art, and of course, glass floats!

  33. I started organizing all the crap in our basement last weekend and wondered if I don’t have a bit of a problem myself…

  34. I think I need to adopt a collection … your post about your collection has me itching to start my own. Thanks for the inspiration!



  35. If I had your talent for styling collections so they add to the beauty of my home rather than being dust magnets and clutter, then I’d be a collector too! You have a talent for curating items Kelly. Lovely vignettes.

    Robin @ happilyhomeafter.blogspot.com

  36. I really loved seeing your collections! I have quite a few myself and I agree, grouped together they look much nicer!

  37. I looooove those collections! You have a gift for finding lovely items and grouping them cohesively. Inspiring!

  38. Umm… not saying. But I’m sure Morgan is sick of all the glassware showing up from the Goodwill…

  39. Oh my goodness I love those corkscrews. I would love it if you could share this wonderful post at our What’s it Wednesday linky party. I hope you can join us.


  40. I adore every single one of your collections! Right now I am loving your globe collection… okay, actually, I would take any one of them. 😉

  41. Definitely not the only one! I find that I start with one and before I know it, I have a group. Ink wells, small sewing scissors, wooden boxes, silver needle cases ~ just to name a few. 😉
    Fun to see your different collections. I like the idea of a group of billiard, croquet or bingo balls, and seeing your collection of milk glass pieces brings back memories of my mom’s own collection. One of my nieces took her collection. I was happy to see it stay together and even happier that one of the younger generation was interested in having it for her own home.
    Thanks for sharing……..Sarah

  42. Wow! I am so jealous of all these collections! The milk glass, the demijohns, are of course beautiful but now I’m thinking I need to have more vision and start looking around more–billiard balls! Corkscrews! So much possibility…

  43. Your collections remind me of what a friend said once when visiting: “I like to come to your house, because everywhere you look there’s something to see.” Which I took as a compliment and revulsion against the bare and spare brigade.
    Keep on collecting!

  44. Thank you for sharing your terrific collections at Potpourri Friday!

  45. Green and blue glassware always looks so pretty enmasse. I love your collections, I dont think you have a problem at all – keep on collecting!

  46. Yeah, I need an intervention! Love the loving cup trophy collection!

  47. I think we all need an intervention sometimes, but I love all your collections!

  48. Oh yes… definitely need an intervention over here too 😉 Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  49. No, I’m a collector of collections!

  50. Yes, Yes I do have to much stuff. We recently moved, I thought we had downsized but oh my, I guess i forgot about the stuff in the storage unit!! Di@Cottage-Wishes

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