5 Off the Wall Gallery Walls

Eclectically Vintage Gallery Walls

Who says gallery walls have to be photographs?  Think outside the frame with a Seaside Gallery Wall. Turn an old Plate Rack into a family picture frame. I am a big fan of silhouettes and this Wrap Around Silhouette Gallery Wall would make our ancestors proud. No photos?  No problem - just gather those Thrifted Mirrors and unify … [Read more...]


Paper Bag Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece

Eclectically Vintage Turkey

Who could forget that scene from Christmas Vacation? When Chevy Chase dramatically carved into that turkey ... only to see it deflate before his very eyes. Young and old broke bread around that table. But what if your table can't hold everyone? We've all paid our dues there, cast away from the adults to the dreaded kids table. So … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Cozy & Chic Vintage Filled Home

Eclectically Vintage Jennifer Rizzo House Tour

Jennifer Rizzo packs tons of style into her 1,100 square foot house. You have to see the before of Jennifer's Kitchen to appreciate the fabulous after. Jennifer really knows how to bring in fabulous details like these dip dye table legs in her Breakfast Nook. From self professed "dumping ground" to beautiful vintage … [Read more...]


I Scored at the Thrift Store – The Moose is Loose

Eclectically Vintage thrift find

Like any great mystery writer, I know how to write a thrilling cliffhanger. I know, I know, you're probably wondering why I haven't gotten a book deal yet. I'm sure that's coming soon but in the meantime, our last edition of I Scored at the Thrift Store ended like this: I did score one more find that I’ll share next week (hint:  it was … [Read more...]


The Perfect Pillow & a Giveaway

Eclectically Vintage Lava Fish Pillow

I felt like a fish swimming upstream. Struggling against the current. Trying to get back to that tranquil pond. The struggle is finally over ... I've finally found the perfect pillow for my living room at Wayfair. I've been on an orange quest ... to go with my mid century orange stretch vase collection ... and my vintage lightbulbs with … [Read more...]


Halloween House Tour – Enter if You Dare!

Eclectically Vintage Halloween

Welcome my pretties! Enter if you dare. Or shall I say Keep Out! Would you take candy from this lady? Make your neighbors skin crawl by creating this Arachnophobia Spider Wreath for your front door. My witch loves bling so my DIY Copper Jack O'Lantern is right up her alley. Watch your fingers boys and girls because I'm a real … [Read more...]


Communing with Nature – in New Jersey?!


I'm sure you've heard all the stereotypes about New Jersey. I mean, we've got Snooki so I understand completely! But there's another side to Jersey ... Within 1/2 hour, I can ski, be in the thick of things in NYC, collect shells on a beautiful beach or commune with nature. Which is just what I did this … [Read more...]


I Scored at the Thrift Store – My Lightbulb Moment

Eclectically Vintage lightbulbs

I battled the VNA rummage sale again. Remember what I scored at the last fall VNA sale and the spring VNA sale. Held twice a year, with about 40 tents with everything from furniture to vintage, boutique clothes to costumes, books to office supplies. This is not a rummage sale for the faint of heart. These huge old bulbs really light … [Read more...]


A Penny For Your Thoughts Bathroom Reveal

Eclectically Vintage

Girls, clean your bathroom! Towels are off the floor. Countertops sparkle. Toothpaste splatters have been wiped off the mirror. Towels are fluffed. Tiles are bright as a penny. Lone socks have found their mates. Empty roll of tp has been replaced. Lights are turned off. Glitter, nail polish … [Read more...]


Halloween Craziness – From Pumpkin Plumbers Crack to a Melting Witch

Bedhead Pumpkin

  From a pumpkin man with a serious case of plumber's crack ... to a melting witch right out of Oz - she's melting, she's melting ... to a pumpkin with a serious case of bed head from Garden Therapy. Who's ready for Halloween?   … [Read more...]