A Plum Giveaway!

Black Friday is two days away …

the masses will descend upon the malls to scoop up bargains galore.

While I never go near a store on Black Friday, I do love a good bargain.

Pick Your Plum offers a deal of the day that can’t be beat.

Like these burlap baskets …

or these fabulous metal letters …

and my favorite, bakers twine in every color.

Every day is different – you never know what you’ll find.

Pick Your Plum sent me a Plum Box filled with goodies – including that red bakers twine!

I felt like a kid at Christmas – not knowing what I’d find.

Want to win your own Plum Box valued at $75?

Just leave a comment here telling me why you need a surprise in the mail.


Want to know the deal of the day?

Sign up for the Pick Your Plum newsletter or like them on Facebook to be notified of daily deals even sooner.


Boring but necessary:  Contest ends 11/25.  Winner will be chosen by Random.org and notified by email.  If winner does not respond within three days, another winner will be chosen.  Pick Your Plum will mail the winner a Plum Box valued at $75.  These pictures represent past deals and won’t necessarily be in the prize Plum Box.

I was compensated for this giveaway but only speak the truth.  See my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I already liked Pick your Plum on FB, and I have ordered several things that have been fantastic!! We are in the middle of an unplanned move, and $75 worth of Pick your Plum goods would be so fantastic to help me make our new home feel really feel like home right before the holidays. Thanks!!

  2. I really could use a box of goodies from Pick Me Plum! Having just gone through Hurricane Sandy, and starting to put my life back together, while dealing with chronic illness and am elderly mom, it would be so great to receive mail that isn’t asking for money!

  3. I have been receiving updated from Pick Your Plum since they started and like them in FB as well. . . Forgot to add that to the last comment.

  4. I already get the Pick Your Plum newsletter, and I have ordered a few things from them. Love some of their cool stuff. I think there are plenty of folks in Jersey who deserve a goodie box, so please send stuff to them!

  5. Who in the heck DOESN’T like surprises? Shoot, I still get excited when I receive a card or letter via snail mail! I would love to be surprised and then get to work turning my goodies into surprises for my girls and grandbabies. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  6. I love surprises. I have already pick your plum newsletter . and i would love the 75$ goodies. Thank so much

  7. Erin Buchanan says:

    I would love to have a surprise in the mail. I’m always the surpriser in the family.

  8. Nancy Carr says:

    Pick Your Plum is a great company. If I win the giveaway, I would send it to a friend who needs help with her creativity. Thank you for a great blog.

  9. I need a surprise in the mail! Usually just have gobs and gobs of catalogs, last month a political ad every day. I want something fun to jump out of my mailbox! Love the colorful twine…so much I could do with that! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Ok, gotta admit; I have never heard of Pick Your Plum but I still been good all year so would still like to have a surprise package come to me. Could really use that little ‘pick me upper’
    Thank You

  11. I LOVE Pick Your Plum, but I have to control myself because my husband will divorce me if I keep buying their stuff every day. But he can’t get annoyed with me if I WIN it, right?? 😉

  12. I love surprises in the mail. How fun

  13. I’ve got the crafting BUG!! Would love to quit my day job to just craft and do projects, but I can’t… so I NEED this!! 😉
    Thanks for hosting, Kelly! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
    xo Heidi

  14. I need a surprise in the mail…because…well, I LOVE surprises!!!! and Pick Your Plum is awesome. {and so are you}

  15. First I love your blog – I love seeing what you scored at the thrift shop! Second I am addicted to Pick Your Plum – we are BFF’s on FB and they write to me every day to let me know what exclusive little tidbit they have just for me that day – LOL! I just know this is their way of sending me a little surprise birthday present – they are super thoughtful like that!!

  16. Well who doesn’t love a surprise?..especially in the mailbox from Pick Your Plum…..they have the most wonderful items…Thanks to you and Pick Your Plum for this great giveaway!!…Can’t wait to see what you will do with that wonderful twine!!
    Happy, happy Thanksgiving Kelly to you and your family….

  17. I could really use a surprise in the mail My RSD is really getting to me lately and I am a little depressed lately I just love the metal letters and burlap I see on your blog I wish I could afford to order the things I see from you Dumpster Diva and the others but I can’t so a surprise in the mail would be a huge pick me up thank you for having the giveaway!!!!

  18. Lana Hardwick says:

    I could really use the burlap baskets in my grandsons bedroom….need a little organization ….

  19. Why do I need a surprise? Just because I like surprises, that’s why! Thank you for hosting the giveaway and a chance to win, Kelly!

  20. I started following you a few weeks ago and I just love your stuff. Most of your followers are ladies but not me I just love all your stuff. Pick your Plum is awesome. Yes I would like a surprise.

  21. Hi Kelly!

    2012 has been one crazy year for my husband and I. We got married in May, he was diagnosed with HHT and pulmonary hypertension in july after being in the hospital for 2 weeks, purchased our first home in August, and found out that we will be expecting twins on March 5th 2013! As you can see we have had lots of ups and downs, and having a surprise in the mail would be wonderful. Especially the burlap baskets for the twins baby room!

    Lots of love,

  22. Dorothy F. says:

    Would be nice to get a good surprise in the mail. I miss when people would send a card just to say Hi. E-cards are cute sometimes but getting a card in the mail was so much more. Send me a surprise.

  23. I just found you on Facebook!! Where have you been? I would love a surprise in the mail…JUST BECAUSE!…I love your “stuff”!

  24. I could really use some of that bakers twine. I have been a subscriber of Pick Your Plum and really enjoy all of the neat things they offer. I would love a surprise in the mail because it is the holidays, I love Pick your Plum, your blog and really like surprise boxes!!! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Thanksgiving.

  25. This is so funny to leave a comment about why I would like a surprise in my mailbox. You see the thing is, my mailperson would probably be soooo surprised NOT to deliver a package from Pick Your Plum to my mailbox!! I love their products, but the surprise giveaway packages are the best .. I absolutely love this site and their products and would love to receive this package .. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving

  26. A suprise for me – oh how wonderful that would be!!! These days my mailbox is full of suprises, but I know what they all are……. A toy for the nieces, a gadget for the hubby – but none for me….. Please pick me for the Pick Your Plum giveaway!!!!

  27. Pam Kientz says:

    I am already tired of the snow and cold this winter I need something to cheer me up, here in Canada!

  28. I live in the middle of the desert in Norther AZ, and would love some of your Color in my neck of the woods!!
    xoxox Amy A.

  29. My art and crafting has been put on serious hold while I go to the Supreme Court almost every day trying to build a defense for x-husbands petition to have child support arrears canceled and payments dismissed. After the hearing, this Thursday, this box would be a great boost to start again. :)

  30. I love “Pick Your Plum”. I’ve purchased several things from them, to include the baker’s twine. Why do I need a surprise….two reasons. One: today is my birthday and I never get surprises. Two: My kitchen is all tore up and no end (no contractor) in site to fix it. Ugh! I need a pick me up surprise!

  31. Wowza. Reading all of the comments above mine, I feel like my reason of “I’ve been on vacation in Cabo San Lucas for a week and have missed out on all the Pick Your Plum deals while I’ve been away” sounds really, really, lame. Oh well… put my name in the hat anyway! 😉

  32. Why does Bliss need a mailbox surprise?…. hmmm….. the last mailbox surprise was in August. It was big black and hairy and jumped into my car as I slid the mail out. I was traumatized for a few days not sure which I was more afraid of, going in my car or getting the mail. I would like to replace that experience with a good surprise.


  33. I love Pick Your Plum!! I need a surprise!

  34. I have to be honest. I have never heard of Pick Your Plum until now. I love surprises and I think it would be a great way to be introduced to this new website/blog. :)

  35. i love pick your plum and have ordered from them before! i love random fun goodies! and while some of these other people are do-gooders and really need more help than i do, i’ll be honest. i just plain love getting pressies in the mail.

  36. Tis the season of surprises. I’m a kid at heart, plus, I give really creative gifts and love to get really creative gifts. Thanks for the opportunity, and many holiday blessings to you.

  37. I love surprises, and I love Pick Your Plum! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  38. Why would I like a {pleasant} surprise in my mailbox … Who wouldn’t! Who couldn’t use a “pick me up treat” at any time, just because? Let’s just say a few “plum surprises” … happy and fun surprises … would be really nice and greatly appreciated. Happy thanksgiving to all. Robin

  39. Oh how I love everything you’ve featured!!! I NEED this! Really, truly! EVERYBODY has this except me. PLEASE??? Pretty please?? lol

    Thanks for the chance to win Kelly (hope I qualify!!)

    Have a great one!

  40. Margaret Stephens says:

    A surprise in the mail for me….a real surprise that I didn’t order for myself…for me? Yes, please!

  41. Linda Taylor says:

    I love surprises!

  42. The mail doesn’t bring much these days. A surprise in the mail, what could be better !?

  43. Love the metal letters and the baker’s twine! :)

  44. I’m a fan of Pick Your Plum on Facebook. I love surprises in the mail! Thanks!!!

  45. My goodness…I actually spent a little time reading reasons posted by other readers, and although this has been a very difficult year for my husband and I, my heart goes out to other ladies/readers who have gone thru as much or more! I would love a surprise, but I will now decline and ask that you pick one of the other lovely women who could definitely use a little surprise to put a smile on their face. From what I read, it will be tough to choose! Blessings to all…Happy Thanksgiving!

  46. I would LOVE to win this! I LOVE pick your plum and of course, I love surprises. It would nice to get a surprise in the mail that’s for me instead of being the one doing the surprising for a change. 😉

  47. I would love a surprise! I just had surgery yesterday on my sinuses and it’s pretty miserable today. So, a fun thing like this would be awesome.

  48. A suprise from Pick your plum would be lovely as everything they have put up on their site has been, if not a must have, a want to have. It would be a lovely reminder of you, blogger friend. (Becuase I do feel that the bloggers I read are my friends.)

  49. AWESOME giveaway! I am addicted to picl your Plum! I would LOVE to get a happy package in the mail because I NEVER get mail other than bills :/ Occasionally I order something on-line simply so I can get a package, haha! Not kidding. C’mon random.org – I LOVE U – Pick me :)
    Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway! Oh, and believe it or not, I go to the mall every year on Black Friday. I know, I know, crazy!

  50. PYP is one of my favorite sites out there! I found it by accident and what a great surprise it has been. I have ordered quite a few things from them and am always pleased as punch with the quality, price, shipping, selection, etc!
    A surprise like this would be perfect! My birthday is coming up on 12/7 and what better way to celebrate than with a surprise present from PYP. My hubby would definitely thank you!

  51. I need a surprise because my 40th birthday is in a couple weeks!

  52. I must say in spite of plenty of hard things this yr – unexpected thyroid surgery, mom-in-law moved into assisted living & now dealing with a bulging disc/physical therapy through the holidays – I don’t NEED to be cheered up because I can list so many more good things in my life right now. :o) But, this is a random drawing & my chance is as good as any. So I’ll be thrilled if I win!

  53. Because their awesome taste is obviously on par with mine! (heheheee)

  54. I am one of you followers by email and FB. Love the wonderful things you show us how to do. I get updates from Pick Your Plum and like them in FB. I love surprises, who doesn’t? It would be a delight to get one from you and Pick Your Plum!

  55. Oh, boy, a surprise box! I love surprise boxes! I need this in order to forge some together time with my teenage daughter… (we’ll take any excuse to craft!)

  56. love Pick Your Plum! So many cute things at amazing prices.

    and a surprise in the mail? that would be awesome. i didn’t get ANY mail today. (good that there was no bills, but bad cause I love getting the mail and finding a little something unexpected in there, ya know?)

  57. I am just learning about Pick Your Plum via your contest post…heading to FB to like their page! I would love to receive a surprise goodie box from Pick Your Plum because who WOULDN’T want to receive a fun AND useful surprise gift in the mail?!?! Thank you for the chance to win! Love your FB page, Kelly!

  58. I would like a surprise box in the mail simply to surprise others. I love that simple joy this time of year!

  59. I could really use a surprise in the mail. I am a mother of 3 young adult college students. It seems that I am always the one putting surprises in the mail, but receiving them is not as common. I subscribe to Pick Your Plum and am always excited to open that daily email to see what neat item they have that day.
    Thank you for this chance to win! Love your blog! Michelle :)

  60. I liked Pick your Plum on FB. Need a surprise in in my mailbox? OH YES….. I just moved, having something this deliciously wonderful would be FABULOSITY! Really!

  61. i would LOVE to have a surprise box of goodies delivered to me! i’ve been a hardworking gal the last few weeks and sure could use a reward like this…plus its all the kind of things i LOVE.
    thanks for sharing this with us kelly!

  62. Oh, my. Let me count the ways I need a surprise in the mail. The latest reason though is this — I was helping on of my dogs to go outside. I had his collar in my hand and judged the door space wrong — I hit the side of my face on the door frame and now have a black eye to wear for Thanksgiving Day!

  63. Patty Soriano says:

    You know, I was thinking of the reasons that I wanted this lovely surprise box. But my reasons sounded so lame compared to what some people in our world are going through. So, I peeked to see what others were saying. I stopped at the second one. If I win the package, I want to send it to Maureen. I’ve been through floods, but not like Hurricane Sandy. I could have died last year with blood clots, but I’m blessed and alive, thank God. So many things I could say, but I can always find someone else who needs a bigger blessing than I do. I did not read anyone else’s entry, but I know there are many who need this pick-me-up.


  64. Jerri C. TN says:

    Nothing better than getting a Happy in your mailbox. I am a big fan of Pick Your Plum.

  65. Greta Seward says:

    Would love to win a giveaway of ANY sort. It’s been a LOT of years since the third grade cakewalk! LOL

  66. My dishwasher just broke and we have to get a new one so that is now my Christmas present. Not glamorous at all, so this would certainly be a better Christmas present than that!

  67. Ashley Emmett says:

    who doesn’t love happy surprise mail!?! Of course I want to win! Something other than bills in my mailbox is ALWAYS a good thing!

  68. Already a follower, love them. I love a good surprise in the mail too. What a great way to start the holiday season.

  69. Need might be a little strong… but I would L-O-V-E to get a surprise in the mail. Especially a surprise I can use to nifty up our house. We looked at houses for years, and finally decided to find out what we would need to do to build a house. We went to see the builder and found out we were ready! So we built a house and moved in last February! It’s still pretty exciting every day to wake up in our very own house we love! Before this, seven of us were sharing one tiny bathroom… now we no longer have a dance line in the hall waiting for the bathroom!

    I would love to be able to get more things from Pick Your Plum – I have ordered from them… oh, once or twice. 😉

    I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

  70. Needing a creative boost and a surprise might be just the thing!

  71. I deserve to receive a surprise in my mailbox because I spend more time on everyday type chores that I don’t get out to see all the cool things available for crafting.

  72. I need a surprise in the mail because all I do is go to school, take care of my family, and study. I signed up for the newsletter. I had no idea they were out there!

  73. Oh burlap and twine!! Some of my favorite things!! I need a surprise in the mail because I have just had a third surgery on my foot and I’m stuck in bed!! I found you through the Folk web site; which I just found today too! At least being stuck in bed I’m having fun finding these awesome blogs. But a surprise in the mail would be exciting too :)

  74. Megan Artherton says:

    I love Pick You Plum, they have great home accents. I have been trying to make our house into a home with some personal touches, this site has so many great items I know that the basket will get me started in the right direction in decorating our home.

  75. I am a grown up lady, and I STILL rush to the mailbox every day just in case there is something exciting in there. Usually it is the standard (not exciting) bills and junk mail, so it would be wonderful to receive something worth trekking up my driveway for! Also, I love pick your plum!

  76. PYP is a new one for me. Signed up and checked out their Pinterest boards too. So much fun there. No cash so lots of wishing and window shopping. Thanks to all for the chance at a giveaway. Gloria

  77. As a mom, I always try to surprise my children. What a treat it would be to receive a surprise myself!!!


  78. Courtney Mac says:

    Can’t lie, this time of year, most of the packages are from Amazon for the kiddos, so selfishly, would love a goodie all for me!

  79. A PYP package would make a good pick me up.

  80. Shannon Wedig says:

    Would love a gift from Pick Your Plum because we are on a tight budget. We have a one year old and seven year old and I cut down to part time and my husband got demoted. Would really be nice to have something fancy around the house. :)

  81. I would love to receive a surprise in the mail because all of the packages coming to our house are presents for the kids. Would love to have one just for me!

  82. Carol Shouse says:

    I absolutely adore this site. It is wonderfully full of ideas and they always make me want to shop there, but with both my husband and I retired that’s not possible. Would absolutely love to have this gift for a Christmas present for ourselves, since all our gifts are for our four kids, spouses and 9 grands! We don’t swap gifts, but when we buy something it is always for both of us for our house or yard…………usually a necessity.

  83. Cheryl Davis says:

    You provide so much inspiration!

  84. Would love this box. I liked them on Facebook.

  85. I need a surprise in the mail because I LOVE surprises!! It would give me so much inspiration for things to make for Christmas gifts!

  86. I could use a pick me up (as in waaaaay up)!! Love all those plum pikins!!!

  87. What an amazing gift. I love PIck Your Plum and a package from them would be such a fun holiday treat! I’m consumed with raising twin toddlers and I would love something for myself.

  88. As a single mom…all my resources go to my children, so there isn’t much left at the end of the month… it would be really nice to have something for just me.

  89. Kimberly Griffin says:

    I’m not anymore deserving than anyone else. I love plumb. It’s like a spark thy goes off in a DIYer’s brain when you get the email and you realize it’s exactly what you needed. I never get to place an order but I love it anyway. One day I will have my Plumb moment. And it will be awesome!

  90. Linda Hays Hock says:

    In a hum drum life, a surprise would be just plum dandy! :)

  91. Would love to won! I love pick your plum! Liked them on facebook and I get their emails too! Love to order from them!

  92. Because I love when my kids faces light up when they see a package :) XO…Thanks so much Kelly!

  93. What a fun gift! I love PIck Your Plum and a package from them would make my holiday.

  94. Mary Beth Schwarz says:

    The colorful baker’s twine is so lovely and those metal letters also! I signed up for their e-mail news. I have a virus but am doing pretty well and all of us love to get a surprise in the mail!!! THANKS so much! MB

  95. Nothing makes me happier than getting a parcel full of goodies in the mail … except maybe a surprise parcel of goodies! I adore Pick Your Plum!

  96. I LOVE this site! I just is covered it today and ordered some monogrammed trays!

  97. Everyone needs a good surprise from time to time, it’s a nice pick me up!

  98. Love the site!!

  99. I don’t suppose the giveaway is open to overseas bloggers… but just in case, I’d love a surprise in the mail.

  100. gorgeous – and nothing better then a surprise to open.. how ever small or how ever large !


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