I Scored at the Thrift Store – You Can’t Eat Just One Charles Chip

I couldn’t eat just one.

So when the Charles Chips truck delivered their salty goodness to my neighbor Jackie’s house, I always had an excuse to knock on her door so I could sample the goods.

A huge tin filled with salty carbs …

what’s not to love?

Eclectically Vintage thrift finds

Mind you, I didn’t just head to Jackie’s house for the chips …

Eclectically Vintage thrift find

she had a pool and a pool table too!

What do you collect that makes you remember your childhood?


Charles Chips History 101:  Effie Musser is an entrepreneur after my own heart.  She started selling her chips in 1942 at a local PA farmer’s market to help her husband keep their farm afloat.  The rest is salty goodness history.  Read more about the Charles Chips story.

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  1. Loved Charlie’s chips! We used to have them at my home growing up. The office I worked in had them in the snack room…chips, pretzels, cookies Oh My!! You should have seen us all on delivery day! My office had a window so I could take my break right when he drove up!

  2. love that score! find me one too! I so remember having the goodies delievered- highlight of my childhood.

  3. I remember Charles Chips! Do you remember their cookies too? Great score, Kelly!

  4. Sadly Charles Chips were not delivered to our house … probably because my mom has a huge addiction to salt and salty chips. I know that she would not be able to eat just one. Great find!


  5. loved charles chips! two cans that i’ve found over the years bring back memories everytime i see the tins & that salty crisp taste is hard to forget. i didn’t know you could still buy them, what a treat!

  6. What do I collect that makes me remember my childhood….. hmmmm…. I don’t know!


  7. A pool and a pool table….Jackie and I would have been BFF’s forever :)

    I’m just sayin’ :)

  8. Growing up we never did buy those, but I remember seeing them at other people’s houses. It’s sort of sad that those types of companies don’t still exist anymore. I remember when everyone had a milk man, garbage men came up to your house to collect the trash (not at the curb), ice cream trucks made their rounds in the summer, and even diaper services existed before there were disposables. Collecting things from yesteryear are so appealing now. Love that chips can. My inlaws used to use them and always kept the can on top of their fridge.

  9. Tryin’ to collect some vintage Laundry stuff for of course, my Laundry room – love the hunt and the nostalgia of it all. Love your find too!

  10. I am from PA, in MI now…but as I kid my grandparents always had a tin of the pretzels…maybe they had chips also…but I am a pretzel junky so that is what I remember most the PRETZELS!!!! I can’t find any brand that compares to theirs….sigh…

  11. I love old tins too Kelly.

  12. THAT is way cool, Kelly! Love that it holds memories for you… xo Heidi

  13. Oh my goodness…..we kids used to love it when the Charles Chips truck pulled in front of our house!!…I remember the wonderful chips and cookies too!!….I believe my mom still has that Charles Chip can!!…The memories are flooding in….they are the best chips….

  14. Kelly, I loved when the Charlie Chip guy would stop at my house! We always got the regular chips, bbq chips and pretzels – and on a rare occasion, my mom would splurge and get the chocolate covered pretzels. They were my favorites and while I love just about any chocolate covered pretzel, CChips still are #1 on my list! Thanks for the mention and reminiscing! <3

  15. Gosh, it’s easier to tell you what I DON’T collect that reminds me of my childhood! Some highlights are Graphic glasses, specifically superheroes and Warner Brothers cartoon characters – school time Valentines – Cameras – Pyrex…..those are just a few things.

  16. I have only heard of Charles Chips and seen the containers. I have never had one! Poor me.

  17. I can still remember the days of sitting on the floor at my friend’s house … watching TV … while mindlessly munching on the fabulous greasy Charles Chips! Great *calorie-infested* memories for sure! LOL. I wish I collected fun items from my childhood … never too late, right? Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. I’ve always loved those old containers. Nice score.

  19. What a beautiful tin, Kelly! I’ve never heard of these chips before, but I’m all the way over on the West Coast, and it sounds like they are an East Coast phenomenon. But salty carbs have no boundaries as far as I know:) Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  20. I think my uncle use to work there because I remember as a kid getting a lot of their chips. I love the chips and the tin.

  21. This can sure brings back memories! We had a Charles Chips man who came to our house too! My dad stillhas the can we used to use! Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs, Leena

  22. Oh, My Gosh!!! We used to get Charles Chips back when I was little….but our family always called them “Charlie’s Chips”. One of our family jokes was, whenever I did something weird or kooky, my dad would tease me and say that he couldn’t be my father since he was soooo perfect and that I must be the daughter of the “Charlie’s Chips” man!

  23. Hi Kelly!
    I just found your blog. I’m from PA and my mom still has the big tin we grew up with! I remember helping my mmom bake christmas cookies and she stored them in that tin! Great memories!

  24. My parents have the exact chip tin in their basement, under the steps, in a box with a bunch of other ‘junk’. I remember Charles Chips and those tins — those WERE the days.

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