It’s All in the Details for Christmas

While some people prefer to Clark Griswold out their homes for the holidays …

sometimes, the simplest details often speak the loudest.

Eclectically Vintage Christmas

Eclectically Vintage

Eclectically Vintage

Eclectically Vintage

Eclectically Vintage Christmas

So force some bulbs, light a candle, display favorite family photos …

and enjoy.


P.S. That’s a pic of my sis and me – can you tell which one is little Kelly?


Check out my decked out Christmas Open House Tour!

Vintage Open House Holiday Tour

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  1. I’m going to guess the one with the swoopy bangs. Both are adorable!! Nothing better than a sister.

    Love the forced bulbs.. for some reason I kill everything green. Luckily my yard here does it’s own thing. Check out my pics.. it’s stunning!

  2. with that great big fabulous hat? I have always wanted to do paperwhites. Love them.

  3. Love that cabinet and chair and I think you are the one in the cute coat and knee socks.

  4. I love that green chair! And of course the awesome branch. :)

  5. I love the old family pictures.

  6. Love it, Kim, I am the one in the cute coat and knee socks!

  7. I pick…… the one with a white fur framed face.


  8. It all looks so pretty and comfortable, that green chair is so pretty! Take care, Laura

  9. I think you are the one in the red jacket? Did I guess correctly? Love the bulbs in the milkglass with the branch behind!

    Love your Christmas details :)

    :) me

  10. Heidi @ Decor & More says:

    Well said, Kelly! I’m keeping it fairly simple this year and it’s amazing how much stress that’s relieved! I think I’ll actually be doing more soaking in of the season this year. :)
    Xo Heidi

  11. Beth Ezidro says:

    Love your style. I’m a new comer my friend emailed me the Christmas house walk and I loved it! I’m on it every day Thank you for sharing 😉

  12. love the little frogs stacked- cute!

  13. Cute little touches! When people say they don’t have Christmas decor I tell them all they need is some fun festive ribbon and a few snips of greenery to make any decor seem Christmasy!

  14. Aww that’s a really sweet photo of you and your sis.

    Very pretty touches. I like forcing bulbs too.I do mine in January.

  15. I found you blog via the Pottery Barn blog….AND the Jennifer Rizzo Home tour both within just a few days of each other! :)

    I agree, it’s about the details and I just LOVE your milk glass collection. I also planted paperwhites this year in my milk glass and just love waking up to new blooms daily now. But I just adore the varied pieces in your collection it makes me want to get out and find more!

    Your home i so charming and has some very beautiful details. Your kitchen backsplash is amazing!

  16. Beautiful photos! Red jacket?? Either way, you and your sister were both adorable.

  17. Kelly, your style and eye for stunning photographs are AHmazing!! Stopping by via Funky Junk ~ Have a VERY Merry Christmas!! Shelly

  18. Wonderful ideas! I love the photo on the flower frog!!

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