5 Ways to Achieve a Collected Look – with Style!


Eclectically Vintage

What do you get when you cross an ornate, antique gold mirror with a red Asian console, a mid century lamp, a modern silver bowl and the world’s biggest finial?


A one of a kind look that you can be sure your neighbor doesn’t have!

Tips for Achieving a Collected Look

1) Scale – a few large pieces are better than dozens of smaller ones (but if you have a collection – corral it together so it reads as one great piece)


2) Odd Numbers – I’ve got 3 things displayed on my console because odd numbers are more visually pleasing


3) Color – the dominant color of the red console anchors all the different mixed metals going on around it


4) Texture – the shiny silver bowl contrasts nicely with the rough wooden finial and the chippy gilded mirror frame ties in with the gold on the lampshade


5) Buy What You Love – there’s nothing wrong with waiting for the perfect piece and you’ll be happy you waited once you finally find it



Eclectically Vintage


My latest thrifting find is this amazing antique gilded, four feet of fabulousness, mirror.

It was love at first sight – was it because I was staring into my own reflection?  No, I’m not that vain!

Can you believe, after I talked down the price, I reluctantly left it behind because I didn’t have a place for it.


Eclectically Vintage


But I couldn’t quit that mirror …

and I walked around the house hoping against all hope that I would find the perfect place for my new found love.

Lo and behold, it’s now happily residing in my entrance vestibule (when I realized that the mirror that was already in there would be perfect over my bed where nothing hung – the shame).


Eclectically Vintage


Does it “match”?  Not technically.

But that’s what makes it interesting.



Eclectically Vintage



Eclectically Vintage


So walk through your house and look at what you have in a whole new light.  Try pieces that you wouldn’t normally pair and you may be pleasantly surprised.


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  1. I just love your “mismatched” home and i am totally diggin those vintage door knobs in the bowl.
    PS- Quit looking at yourself and clean the house!

  2. Smashing. I would’ve had to beat you over the head with a vintage knob if you’d passed that mirror up! :)
    xo Heidi

  3. I love shopping in my house and attic and moving things around to get a whole new look. Great mirror!

  4. oh my, what a perfect find! that mirror was meant to be there!

  5. I just love an eclectic look, that mirror is to die for!

  6. Great tips Kelly!! I am in love with that bowl … and all of the old knobs in it. And I love that you painted the ceiling in that space the same color. The perfect little vestibule collection.

  7. GORGEOUS mirror!! You would have been very upset to let that piece go.
    Mary Alice

  8. Pure perfection in that spot! I love your doorknob collection too.

  9. Love the taller mirror there. So happy to see someone else have a mismatched house. I love it and it is so interesting.
    Audrey Z.

  10. Good thing you went back….that mirror is amazing!!! You will always be able to use a classic piece lite that.

  11. Fabulous collection! You have a great knack of combing unusual items and making it “work!” Love that mirror!


  12. Great tips, Kelly. Love the new mirror and how you’ve pulled the whole look together. I don’t know where in the world that I’ve been, but I also love the bowl full of vintage door knobs! So much better than all the orbs that I keeping thinking are the only way to go. Thank you for the inspiration!

  13. Fantastic tips and I love the collction of doorknobs. I love things like that.


  14. Oh that mirror is gorgeous! So glad you went back and got it because it really is perfect in that space. The whole look is amazing.

  15. Love the mirror and the lamp too!!….and I “heart” those door knobs!!….Great vignette and great tips!…love your entryway…!!

  16. Love that collection of door knobs in the silver bowl! Amazing! It all works together so well!

    And that mirror…..*sigh*…..enough said!

    :) me

  17. Anna Starner says:

    I love your shiny silver bowl filled with the vintage door knobs. What great contrast that just feels fun and perfect with the wonderful old finial.

  18. I love that look – it is like my house, a bit of everything but it is how you put it together that matters.

    Dee at the Carlton

  19. LOVE it! I really love how you put your pieces together Kelly. Thanks for the tips.

  20. Great fun Kelly!
    Thanks for pushing me to get out of my ‘comfort’ zone!! 😀

  21. Kelly, I love it! You did a fantastic job in there. I have such a hard time putting pieces together without making it look junky! It’s always a work in progress! I just sold a mirror almost just like that to a friend #hangingmyheadinregrets

  22. Jeanne aka Pepsigirl13 says:

    I’d add to avoid anything too ‘precious’ or ‘cute’. Is the Chinese chest a thrift find? Pretty awesome, as is the mirror. BTW, did the seller let you purchase it for the originally agreed upon price? :)

  23. SO great!!! That mirror is dreamy, and don’t get me started on that finial!

  24. Ok I’ll say it again I need to shop where you shop! Love your house so much, I need to take the time to wait for the right piece. I just want everything done now!!

  25. It is all beautiful but that lamp is gorgeous!!

  26. Laura @ the shorehouse says:

    I can’t believe you walked away from that mirror! It looks like it belongs there. I think I need to go shopping with you so I can scoop up your castoffs. :-)

    And that bowl of doorknobs? Brill!

  27. Would I have walked right passed that mirror? Yep. Does it look great? Yep.Who would have guessed? Love the vintage doorknobs too!

  28. True story… I have old door knobs in a basket above the guest bath toilet. Every time a certain guest comes over he says “I know I’ve asked you before, but what’s the significance of the old door knobs?”. Maybe I should put a note in the basket just for him, saying “The significance of collected doorknobs is to achieve a collected look”.


  29. Kelly, your foyer looks great! I love your eclectic mix of items and your new mirror is wonderful. If I lived closer I’d come snag it off the wall!! :)

  30. Love it!! Thanks for the awesome tips!

    Jenna @ rainonatinroof.com

  31. Dear Lord I would not have quit that mirror either.

  32. Great tips Kelly, that mirror is amazing, I would have grabbed it too. Everything works together just beautifully.

  33. Wonderful tips for combining items so they look pretty together, Kelly! I love your new mirror, too, and like you, I bought not too long ago a really pretty, large mirror, but unlike you, I still haven’t figured out where to put it :)

  34. Love your tips and the space you created! I am wanting to start my own little collection of vintage doorknobs. They are just beautiful! I’ve been looking around but haven’t found any yet. The mirror is beautiful!!!

  35. The mix is great, and the neat thing is it’s very personal and yours. Great job…love the chest, too. Great tips for achieving the look.
    Visiting from Wow Us Wednesday,

  36. I love the new mirror in the foyer. My theory is you can’t have too many mirrors. If you like it buy it. You will find a place for it and love it.

  37. I love doing just that. Moving things around to keep things fresh and new. Eclecticism is a wonderful form of personal expression.

  38. I like that you say you can wait for that perfect piece you’ve got to have! That’s what makes a collection, not going out and purchasing everything in bulk at one time. That takes the fun out of all the memories that accompanied your search in the first place.

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