I Scored at the Thrift Store – a Shelf with Attitude


Eclectically Vintage thrift find

Abandoned and neglected, it called to me …

Kelly, I need a loving home and you need a shelf.

Eclectically Vintage

“Let’s face it girl”, she said, “that empty wall in your bathroom just isn’t cutting it”.

“Actually, you need me way more than I need you”, she taunted.

Eclectically Vintage

Now I know you’re probably wondering why I would take home a shelf with attitude.

Eclectically Vintage

I needed someone to hold my robe of course.


The shelf has demanded that I add more totchakas, baubles, finds and stuff on top.

Stay tuned to see her in her full glory  and once I pick up the stray socks and sweep up the dust bunnies, I’ll show you my bathroom too.


In the meantime, check out the rest of my house tour or

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  1. He talks like a Jersey shelf. I once dated a guy from Red Bank who sounded exactll like that.

  2. WOW, Kelly … quite a shelf, so time-worn and beautiful. Love it.
    Audrey Z
    Timeless Treasures

  3. Love the shelf! I wish I could find stuff like that at OUR thrift stores!

  4. What a great find Kelly and I love that pretty little painting too! I am totally addicted to thrift shopping, you never know what treasure you’ll just have to bring home.

  5. Your thrift store excursions are becoming down right combative! She’ll settle in, I’m sure.. 😉
    xo Heidi

  6. I love a shelf with some character!

  7. That is a gorgeous shelf! I think we all need a little attitude in our lives…even it is from a shelf 😉

  8. LOVE it! so charming! perfect as is!

  9. ohhhh….I love her…. she is GORGEOUS.. just the way she is!!!! What a find!!!!! :)

  10. I Love her!!!

  11. I hear the voices too. It’s wise not to resist.


  12. It looks great, Kelly! Do you ever shoot yourself now for things you’ve given/yardsaled away? I sure do. I’m learning from you how to see the potential (and sometimes lack of) in things I see. Come on yard sale season!

  13. You are so funny and attracted to the bad guys, too! But hey that’s ok, because they always seem to be the best lookin”! Have a beautiful weekend!

  14. I can’t believe you found it like this. My luck would have been the shelf, painted in 1980’s mauve, with flowers stenciled on it.
    Did the ogre say anything to you as your purchased your shelf, or are you banned from her store? I need more info!

  15. So super shabby-chippy and FABULOUS!!!!! What a great score Kelly. I would have fought over this one with you. hehehe 😉 Shannon

  16. Great Find! I love it!

  17. Omigosh Kelly I so would have arm-wrestled you for that shelf. It’s perfectly chippy! Great score.

  18. What a great find Kelly! Don’t ya just love it when something that beautiful speaks to you?

    • I’ll make room for you on the couch…lol! I have to put my hands over my ears when I walk past certain things! My husband just shakes his head and laughs.

  19. Love it!!! So far all the items “crying out for your help” have been appearing “well-behaved” and well-suited for your gorgeous home!

  20. So charming, how could you resist? Can’t wait to see more.


  21. love it !!! well…and of course…it’s pink !!!
    (and sometimes the things just ‘call’ to us !)

  22. That frigin shelf is awesome. By the way…your “surprise” will be mailed soon…I’m making you sweat it out.

  23. That shelf has a great paint job!

  24. The kind with an attitude is the best kind. See, she got you to clean up the dust bunnies and socks. She’s a keeper!

  25. That is a great shelf. They aren’t that easy to find. Especially in a worn state like that if you like the shabby chic style. I have been looking for one or a double shelf for my grand daughters growing snow globe collection. Great find.

  26. Great find Kelly!…look forward to seeing her all dressed up!!!

  27. This shelf has so much charm!! Love it!
    Mary Alice

  28. Charming! Such a great thrift store find! Life to the full, Melissa

  29. Beautiful patina! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

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