I’m Heading to Brimfield – the Country’s Biggest Flea Market!

Brimfield Flea Market - 2 miles and 5,000 vendors!

I was all ready to head to Brimfield …

until I got sick.  Sniffling, sneezing, sore throat, up all night sick.

So if I feel better in the morning, I’ll pack my dorky cart and have my Flea Market prep list all checked off to head to Brimfield again for America’s biggest flea market (over 5,000 dealers)!

Remember my last trip to Brimfield?

Where I spotted this …

Card Catalog - found at Brimfield Flea Market - 2 miles and 5,000 vendors!

and these …

Vintage Railroad Steps found at Brimfield Flea Market - 2 miles and 5,000 vendors!

and I bought three of these fishing buoys.

Vintage glass fishing buoys - found at Brimfield Flea Market - 2 miles and 5,000 vendors!

I’m looking forward to a pulled pork sandwich, freshly squeezed lemonade, people watching and aching feet (oh, and possibly finding a long lost Picasso in a pile of junk).

Flea Market People Watching

I’ll be there on Monday & Tuesday (maybe – if I’m feeling better) so if you’re there, tweet me at @eclecvintage and we can try to find each other in a sea of people.

Follow @EclecVintage on Instagram where I’ll be sharing some of my favorite finds.


Cross your fingers for me!

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  1. Hope you feel better and get to the market!

  2. So JEALOUS!! One of these years….

  3. feel better so we can live vicariously through your adventure!!! i say every year that i’m going to make the trip up – maybe this fall? so many treasures to be had!!!

  4. I with Kirby — JEALOUS!! Hope you’re feeling better — we all want to see what you score!
    xo Heidi

  5. Have fun Kelly!!…Hope you find some great things!!! Hope you are feeling better!!..I am sure Brimfield is just the perfect medicine!!

  6. I sincerely hope you feel better and can go.
    When I lived in New York I used to go to Brimfield every year and loved it.
    Make some great finds!

  7. I have been wanting a wooden card catalog forever. Something about my attachment to my childhood (book nerd) and the general idea of drawers everywhere. Sure with we lived closer! Have a fun week!

  8. Thou shalt feel better.


  9. Hope you are feeling better…because this just sounds like too much fun! XO

  10. Robin Bonvino says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Hope you are feeling better for the start of Brimfield tomorrow the 14th. Every year my husband asks me what I would like for Mother’s Day and every year I say the same thing. A trip to Brimfield. Luckily, it is less than an hour away. To make it a true gift he carries all my purchases with a smile on his face and knods his head all day. It is the one day he doesn’t ask “where are you going to put that?” or “what do we need that for?” Truely, it is a gift!
    We plan on going Friday and it is going to be 80 degrees. Hope you are feeling better and find lots of treasures.

  11. Have a great time and hope you find some great things. Hope you feel better.


  12. Sonds like a fabulous show! I hope that you feel better and have a great time! Hugs, Leena

  13. Hope you feel better and find some great treasures!

  14. I sure hope you feel better tomorrow so you can do some serious junkin’, Kelly!

  15. I live in fly over country and you never say where Brimfield is located! How are we suppose to go to these events if we don’t even know which state. Have fun.

  16. Oh, Kelly, I do hope you’ll be feeling better so you can go to Brimfield.

    I had to miss a good antiques show here recently because i was sick, and I’m still bummed about it.

    If you make it, tell Bronson Pinchot I love his show!

    And if you miss it, then you’ll just have to pack up and head to Lucketts this weekend. All the cool people are going. :)

  17. Braving it again, huh? Hope you recover so you can keep your plans. But if not, this is only the first (probably the most comfortable temp.-wise, of the three, but there are other opportunities. Have enough fun for both of us.
    Love that mag, BTW. :-)

  18. Wish I could go there someday Kelly! But I’m glad I can see some of it with you going there! Have fun dear!!!!!

  19. Jealous!!! I want those step stools, hope you are feeling better – sorry we missed each other today.

  20. Hope you had a great trip!!! I cannot wait to see what you got this year!

  21. Hope you are feeling better! That looks like an amazing place! Life to the full! Melissa

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