Ain’t too Proud to Garbage Pick – My Latest Free Find

I know you wanna leave me,

Don't be afraid to pick through garbage - just look what you could find!  One of many finds from

But I refuse to let you go,
If I have to beg, plead for your sympathy,
I don’t mind ’cause you mean that much to me.

Ain’t too proud to beg and you know it,
Please don’t leave me girl,
Don’t you go,
Ain’t too proud to plead, baby, baby,
Please don’t leave me, girl,
Don’t you go.

Don't be afraid to pick through garbage - just look what you could find!  One of many finds from

I ain’t too proud to come to a screeching halt and dig through a pile of garbage.

Ignore those sideways glances because after all, you’ll probably never see those people again!


Stay tuned for this baby’s makeover – she’s begging for it.


If you missed it, see how I rescued a ton of vintage soda crates from the ashes…

and check out all of my finds here.

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  1. Heck yeah!

  2. Oh Kelly, what an awesome find! Cannot wait to see how you transform this diamond in the rough! :) Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. This made me smile for several reasons and I can’t wait to see the finished product but my husband is terribly embarrassed to stop and help me when I see something at the curb I want to pick up. He may not like it but he loves what I get and what he makes out it! Most recently, I saw a 46 inch glass round table top. He wasn’t thrilled but stopped, jumped out of the truck and nearly threw it into the back to get out of there. Yep, that was until we purchased a new mid-century look dining room set at a yard sale. The table top was parkay but had been damaged by too many sweating glasses. he refinished it and then – by a miracle the round glass table top (selling for $200 or more on Amazon) fit the table perfectly! Now we have a beautiful set with no worries about damage!

  4. Glad to meet another garbage picker!!! I do it all the time…I came from a family of garbage pickers…I have even taken things from my nextdoor neighbour’s garbage (albeit, after dark, when no one is looking!!) LOL – can’t wait to see how she turns out!

  5. Oo la la! I would’ve braked for her too, Kelly! Score!
    xo Heidi

  6. Doris Henson says:

    Good finds!!!

  7. What? Doesn’t everybody pick trash???!!! I ain’t above it…got a box of Franciscan and LuRay dishes that way. That’s only a tiny part of what I’ve scored! You done real good girl! Can’t wait to see the change! Best, Vicki

  8. Why would anyone think of that beauty as garbage. Love it.

  9. Laura Jo says:

    I hate it when I see something interesting on a curb and I’m with my Hubbie….but boy oh boy, if he ain’t around, woohoo! Love finding cool stuff like this. Makes you smile all day long!

  10. I love it just the way it is actually! I just picked up some old chippy paint shutters out of someone’s trash on my way to work yesterday!

  11. Hello kindred spirit! I have no shame, only pride, when stopping curbside to save a beauty such as this from the landfill.

  12. OMG….I CANNOT BELIEVE ALL THE Pepsi products!!!! I work for PepsiCo and collect company memorabilia. my friend paid $25 for a red/white/blue Pepsi crate with metal edges at a flea market in FL and hauled it back to MA for me. the vintage CRUSH are crates you don’t generally see. trust me, you have a treasure.

    BTW, at PepsiCo HQ in NY, there is a great display of Pepsi memorabilia from the company’s inception in New Bern, NC.

  13. I love a good curbside find, too…yours is wonderful!

  14. What treasures! I know you’ll have fun with them!

  15. I can’t wait to see what you do and thanks, Kelly, this song will be playing in my head all day!!


  16. She’s perfect! And I love the vignette you have set up. I’ll be curios to see her makeover.

  17. girlfromwva says:

    Great find! love it in the condition you found it! Can’t wait to see its makeover.

  18. oh my, I love her!

  19. Speaking my love language here! What a funky little fun thing! That is a very good find, fer sure, fer sure.

  20. OOOOOO Motown!! I was singing along in my head (cause I’m too hoarse today to attempt aloud) and I couldn’t do that to that blast from the past. You are so clever with your writing and matching to your finds. Can’t wait to see what you do with this one!

  21. You find the best things Kelly. Looks to be nicely made and I am sure you will preform you magic on it. Anxious to see.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  22. Love it! You’re my kinda girl! Wish i could go hunting with you! You are so much fun! You really found some cool stuff! great tune too! Linda

  23. oh wow….i love this!

  24. A tune to trash pick by, don’t get any better.

  25. You did good Kelly….really good!!!!….

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