Decking My Back Deck for Christmas #DamageFreeDIY


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#ad Outdoor Christmas Decorations - love the noel marquee sign! #DamageFreeDIY

Why should my front porch have all the holiday fun?

I’m decking my back deck with festive outdoor decorations so something festive greets my family every time we sashay through the back door.

#ad Noel Lighted Marquee Christmas Sign #DamageFreeDIY

Remember my JOY Christmas mantel?

Well, I liked that marquee sign so much that I had to hop on my sleigh and grab the NOEL sign too.

#ad Command Outdoor Hooks #DamageFreeDIY

I must have been living under a rock because I had no idea that Command made outdoor hooks!

So when I finally saw the light, I braved the icy temperatures and headed outside to deck out my deck.


I just wiped down the front of the railing with a wet paper towel, let it dry, added the sticky backing to the  Command™ Brand Outdoor Light Clips, stuck them to the deck railing, waited one hour and then hung the sign.

#ad Command Light Clips - not just for hanging lights! #DamageFreeDIY

Do you see that Command™ Brand Outdoor Window Hook holding my wreath?

No, of course you don’t – because it’s clear so you notice the wreath and my Vixen reindeer silhouette – not the hook.

#ad Festive winter wreath #DamageFreeDIY


Here’s to decking the halls …

and the decks of the world.

Because why should front porches have all the fun?


Ever dreamed of being the Clark Griswold of your street?

Watch this Christmas light decorating video to get some tips and tricks for really tricking out your holiday home – it’s amazing!

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post for Command Brand but I only speak the truth.  See my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Very festive. Everything looks great and so very inviting

  2. Love the joy and the noel signs. So pretty!

  3. Marianne Poteet says:

    I had no idea Command made outdoor hooks either. Thanks!

  4. Debra Bashaw says:

    I wish someone would share with me the secret to getting those Command things to stick. I’ve tried them repeatedly and have no success.

    • Debra – I had no problem – the directions say to clean the area first and let it dry (don’t use household cleaners – water or rubbing alcohol). Then stick it on and wait at least one hour before hanging anything. There is also a weight limit for each hook. Hope that helps!

  5. oooh i love it!!! love the letters! we have the perfect place on our fence for that next year!

  6. I love this sign Kelly and I am under the same rock. I didn’t know they made outdoor pieces either.


  7. Clever! The sign looks great.

  8. just love that sign Kelly! And your right , why shouldn’t back porches have all the fun!!! :)

  9. Wow! Those Command hooks are pretty strong! glad I grabbed a bunch from Sam’s the other day! LOVE that NOEL sign of yours! Have a wonderful Christmas Kelly!

  10. Had no idea they made outdoor hooks! Learn something new every day… deck looks festive (and no longer left out!). Merry Christmas to you and yours, Kelly!
    xo Heidi

  11. Great idea and cute sign! Merry Christmas Kelly!

  12. Hi Kelly! Love the marquee sign. Was this handmade or bought? If bought, do you mind saying where from? Happy Holidays!!

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