House of Thrift Store Lamps

Andrea from Oak Ridge Revival has hit the mother load of thrift shop lamps …
even scoring one for a mere dollar!
I bow down to her thrift shop shopping skills.
Take it away Andrea …
Hi, I’m Andrea form Oak Ridge Revival and it appears Kelly and I were separated at birth.
While I love hunting through thrift stores for all types of items, my favorite thing to happen upon is a unique vintage lamp.  Almost every lamp in my house has come from a thrift store.
Here are a few of my favorites (in no particular order).
This is the most expensive thrift store lamp in my collection.  I paid $20 for this lovely thing.
A little pricey by thrift store standards, but I think it was worth it.
The lamp is right at home in our family room.
House of Thrift Store Lamps
Next up is the artichoke lamp I snagged for $4.
The shade was also a thrift store score for $2.
This lamp makes a perfect addition to our office.
House of Thrift Store Lamps
This one ranks up there at the top of my favorites list.
I bought this lamp at Goodwill for $8.  It was previously yellow but I spray painted it red and it really makes a statement in my living room.
House of Thrift Store Lamps
I paid $1 for this little gem.  My last name happens to start with an “S” and I thought this lamp was perfect for our house.
Pretty sure it’s supposed to resemble some sort of old fashioned candle holder, but I pretend like it’s an “S”!
I have grand plans to paint this one a glossy color, just not sure what color yet.
The shade was $1!
House of Thrift Store Lamps
This vintage lamp came from an antique store and I love the casual vibe it brings to the piano.
House of Thrift Store Lamps
Another $4 find, this one works perfectly for lighting up the kids’ art desk in a corner of our family room.
House of Thrift Store Lamps
This was a Target closeout special at Goodwill.  Not sure how much it sold for at Target, but I got it for $6.
It sits atop the desk in my daughter’s room.
House of Thrift Store Lamps
One of my most recent finds is this vintage desk lamp.  Again, found at Goodwill for $4.
It serves as a reading lamp in our guest room.
House of Thrift Store Lamps
I just found this lamp a few weeks ago at Goodwill.  It was $6 and I already had the perfect shade.
I wasn’t quite sure where this one would go when I bought it, but it works great in the reading corner of my boys’ room.
House of Thrift Store Lamps
I lusted over this lamp for several months at a local thrift store.  I felt it was priced unreasonably at $8!
I patiently waited for it to be marked down and finally broke down one afternoon and politely brought to the attention of the sales clerk that the lamp had been there collecting dust for months.
After I talked her down to my normal price of $4, the lamp was mine!
The lamp was a very shiny brass and I used Rub N’ Buff to tone it down.  You can read all about it here.
House of Thrift Store Lamps
I will weep over the loss of this lovely lamp.  I found it at a thrift store and ended up selling it to a client I was working with.
It worked perfectly in her home and not so well in mine.  I absolutely love the elegance of this lamp.
House of Thrift Store Lamps
Thanks for sharing your lamp obsession with us Andrea!
Make sure to visit Andrea (aka, the Queen of Thrift Store Lamps) at Oak Ridge Revival.
Love lighting as much as Andrea and I do?
Make sure to read all about my favorite pendants lights (my favorite is the one suspended by ropes)!

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  1. Andrea has a great eye for thrifting, especially for lamps! I also love that she is not afraid to ask for a deal, something I need to adopt in my thrifting efforts!

  2. I’m curious as to whether you rewire older lamps.

    • Hi Teri – these lamps are not mine – they are Andrea’s of Oak Ridge Revival. Her link is in the post if you want to hop over and ask her if she’s ever rewired. I have not – luckily, my finds have not had to be rewired.

  3. I love lamps! I have moved them in and out of the house as I find garage sale finds – never spending over $4 myself on each one. I love what she did with all of them!

  4. Wow, Andrea! The queen of lamps and light! What great finds! xo Diana

  5. Hi Kelly & Andrea,
    I too l.o.v.e vintage lighting and have been known to redecorate around a piece so it “fits”! And I have the same lamp that sits on the kids art desk. I like that it’s newer but still has that vintage vibe. Heading over to check out Andrea’s blog!

  6. wow! I need to find out where your thrift store is! I never find such beauty says you have. Great scores!

  7. My son bought me an Eames Era Mid Century Desk Lamp that is in a harp design, brass – from our local ReStore & I LOVE IT! I currently don’t have it plugged in but I can’t bear to part with it from my office! I LOVE lamps…maybe I need more tables! HA!

  8. Great guest post. So interesting to see these lamps found at such low prices. I was wondering as I scrolled if she had to buy the shades or did they come with the lamps.

  9. I love this- can rarely bring myself to pay more then a few dollars for a lamp. Used ones have such potential!!

  10. In love with the green one the most!!!! I just scored a gorgeous pair too from the thrift and just blogged about it as well! Thanks for sharing your lovely finds!

  11. I have a bit of a lamp obsession and now I have a bit of a case of lamp jealousy. That Artichoke lamp is to die for. I am ramping up my lamp hunting skills now!

  12. Love these awesome lamp finds, especially that last green one – just gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi – love your site.
    I have the same lamp addiction. I love rescuing old vintage lamps. Sometimes it has been difficult to find shades that work well with them and don’t cost a million bucks….any good secrets on finding the right shade you can share?

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