Make a Spring Banner and a Tale of Multiplying Bunnies!


Such fun spring banner ideas - I love this 5 minute banner and the cute 3d bunny tail!

March came in like a lion …

and hid a few bunnies in his furry mane.

Those bunnies started multiplying like, well, bunnies and they’ve taken over my new craft room.

How cute is this bunny banner!  Takes just minutes to make too

Make a Spring Bunny Banner


Cardboard Coasters
Bunny Stencil
3D Felt Flower Stickers and pom pom stickers
Glitter Marker
Baker’s Twine

Martha Stewart Craft Supplies

1) Measure the desired length of your banner by draping your twine across where you’d like to hang it – then cut the twine

2) Use a Martha Stewart Glitter Marker to trace the bunny stencil – fill in with glitter marker (I used pink – they come in a 6 pack of fun colors)

Make a simple Easter bunny banner

3) Stick on 3-d pom pom stickers for the bunny tails and felt flowers on a few blank coasters

Love this spring banner!

4) Flip coasters over and space evenly apart – then simply tape twine to backs of coasters

Make a banner - easy way to hang

5) Hang your bunnies on a big old vintage chalkboard or wherever you like

Make this adorable spring banner - love the 3d bunny tails!

Want to know how I made the big bunny tail?

Cupcake wrappers!  Yes, eight pink and red Martha Stewart cupcake wrappers –  the same way I made my 3-d pumpkins here.

How cute is this spring banner and chalkboard!

This really puts a little puts a spring in my step and brightens up my office.

I can see it from my new counter height craft table that I’m loving!

What a fun vintage chalkboard - dress it up for any season

Now let’s just hope those bunnies don’t keep multiplying – they might give my dust bunnies a run for their money.

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  1. sweet…i have donkeys, you have bunnies!

  2. My daughter would have a field day with this. Such a cute easy little project.

  3. Cupcake wrappers?! Who knew?! Great project … thanks for sharing. :)

  4. So, so adorable Kelly…Love his tail !!!…

  5. At least dust bunnies don’t leave little brown surprises.

  6. How fun and cute! Spring is just wonderful.

  7. How cute! The kids will love this. We are all excited about spring.

  8. JaneEllen says:

    So darned adorable, love all the cute embellishments you added to the coasters. So smart to use the coasters for the base. I’ll have to be getting more Martha Stewart goodies next time I go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Pretty expensive for Martha Stewart things at Jo-Ann’s unless I have good coupons. I drag hubs in with me so I can use more than I coupon. Such a cute project for Easter, love, love it, you’ve sure inspired me to make another banner. Have about 4 in the works now but love making them so much it’s just waiting for inspired idea to come along which you’ve provided, thanks. Happy days

  9. Kelly- My grandgirls will just absolutely LOVE this! What a fun project-and fast and easy enough for older kids! xo Diana

  10. Your truly inspired in your new Craft room Kelly! This is really cute! I haven’t started on my Spring decorating, but I should soon!

  11. Very cute! And you don’t have to feed these bunnies either. My craft room looks like a pack of wild dogs compared to your happy bunny spring time room!

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