How Does My Garden Grow – Make a Topiary Orb


Make topiary forms from an orb - love the mix of vintage and new!

What do you get when you cross an old enamelware bowl with a metal orb and a hanging ivy plant?

My favorite planter!

Unique Garden Planters - love this ivy orb in the vintage bowl

It’s the perfect mix of old and new.

Make a DIY Ivy Topiary!

Make an Orb Topiary

1) Find an orb – I found mine at HomeGoods – and it comes in all kinds of cute colors like this pale blue.

2) Find a planter – use your imagination.  Whether you choose terra cotta, a galvanized mop bucket, or spray paint a plastic pot, there are tons of choices.

3) Protect from rust – yes, I know my enamelware bowl already has a few rust patches, but since it will be outside, I wanted to keep it from rusting even more.  I sprayed the vintage bowl and the new metal orb with this.

4) Buy a climbing plant that fits your container.  I chose ivy but you could go tropical with a climbing flower.

5) Fill planter 3/4 full with potting soil then add orb.  Gently break your plant apart by the roots (it’s easier if the roots are wet – I broke mine into three pieces) and put each section through the orb.

6) Add more potting soil, place amazing new planter where you can gaze upon it for hours then pour yourself a cocktail.

Love this adirondack chair set - and the chandelier hanging from the tree!

Here’s to mixing old and new …

and enjoying the warm weather.


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  1. I’m a huge fan of topiaries but can never keep them alive. Ivy might work for me though. So pretty

  2. I’ve seen those orbs at HomeGoods…this is the perfect idea on using them! I love it!
    Have a great week.

  3. Great idea–I love the combo of the light-blue orb and the vintage enamel bowl!

  4. I love love love this idea! And I think I could do this!!!! Wonderful!

  5. JaneEllen says:

    How do you always think up so many incredible things out of practically nothing? Love how this looks. I have a few old granite ware bowls and an orb so just need the plant. Think the ivy would work for me. I’ll put it out on bakers rack that used to be in our kitchen, Was quite glad to get bakers rack out of kitchen. Will be nice to have someplace to put plants. Might have to put rack out on front porch as back deck faces west, in summer it’s a cooker out there. Plants might not be able to handle that heat and constant sun. Front porch faces east so about 1 p.m. the shade creeps on it, maybe better location for plants. Think Bakers Rack might look nice on front porch. with some of my other decorations. Usually every spring I buy cute things at Family $ to decorate porch. Think maybe I’ll put bowl with orb/plant out there also. So glad you shared this, inspired me as always. Happy week

  6. OK…that is pretty fantastic….another fabulous thing I have to “copy cat” from you….love it!!!

  7. Oh how cool is that!! Great tutorial too….number 6 is my favorite part! 😉


  8. Kelly this is very cute, now if I can only grow ivy. Never happens for me, ever!!!


  9. STUNNING! I recently used a badly cracked/broken Zaneware bowl that was too gorgeous to let go as a planter for succulents! I glued the big pieces back on and then put hens and chicks in and surrounded them with fish tank pebbles. It’s such a gorgeous piece on my front porch!

  10. How gorgeous! Love the effect of the orb. Also love your last line regarding pouring a cocktail and gazing at the planter. Now following you on FB; found you on Southern Hospitality.

  11. This looks so pretty in this area! Your did a great job putting it together, I love how it turned out. The whole area looks inviting. Great job, pinning!!

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