How to Age Terra Cotta Pots


How to Age Terra Cotta Pots with this simple method!

Moisturizer, eye cream, lotions and potions.

While I’m all over a great anti-aging product, I have the opposite opinion about my terra cotta pots.


Forget those perfectly perfect, brand spanking new pots.  Like a man, they get better with age …

this is the George Clooney of pots.


I got the idea from my friend Karen – check out her pots that have been aging in the garden for more than seven years and they just keep getting better.

I went a slightly different route since I couldn’t find what she suggested and I love the way they turned out.


How to Age Terra Cotta Pots

Supplies for aging terra cotta pots

* terra cotta pot
* spackling paste
* yellow craft paint
* plastic knife
* paper plate for mixing
* dirt (yes, dirt) or potting soil

1) Mix a glob of speckling paste with a little bit (a little goes a long way!) of yellow craft paint and stir to combine

2) Use plastic knife to spread your mixture onto a terra cotta pot, leaving some areas exposed

3) Rub a little dirt or potting soil all over the painted pot

4) Plant a flower – give as a gift or keep it all for yourself

How to distress terra cotta pots

How to age terra cotta pots - takes just minutes!

Everything old is new again …

at least in the garden.


Check out my patio in all it’s vintage glider glory.

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  1. spackling paste- that’s a great idea!!!!!! thanks!

  2. Thanks for the tips Kelly!…Many, many years ago, when my terra cotta pots looked old and grungy, I threw them away…wanted clean and pretty pots….and now, we are trying to make them that way!…and I totally love it that way now!.

  3. looks like your pot is going to try to steal your anti-aging potions … don’t let her, she’s perfect!

  4. It looks great. I like the clay pots as is but they look great aged too! So very pretty!

  5. Living up to you blog name Kelly! I agree, the aged pots look better!

  6. Kelly, love, love, love this, thanks for sharing. I’ll be doing this for the fall in the new house for sure!!! I won’t have time to plant for the summer since we get in next week. Imagine these with mums, GORGEOUS!!! PINNED!!!


  7. Kelly, don’t tell Leo but I love your aged pots as much as I love George Clooney! Pinning! :)

  8. Laura Strack says:

    Love this, Kelly! I used to spend hours soaking my pots in vinegar then scrubbing off the…let’s call it “Patina”, to make them look new. That was a total pain in the backside. Seems to me that this will actually add a layer of protection to the clay and I love the way it looks. An Ivy topiary would be very pretty. Thank You!!

  9. I like your method much better too! Thank you for the mention :) Love the color, but don’t put this stuff on your face.

  10. Hi Kelly, I have a tub in my garage and its in blue color tub Dap Dry Dex Spackling but didn’t say paste, would this be same? I love the way these pots looks,Thank you for sharing =)

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