New Addition to My Family and I Need Your Advice!

Boston Terrier Puppy

I thought our family was complete with my hubby and twin girls.

So imagine my surprise when at the ripe young age of @*, another little bundle has arrived in our home.

Boston Terrier puppy

Meet Sushi – born June 9, 2014.

She’s a Boston Terrier puppy who I swear is part cat as she loves to find sunny spots for long naps.

Just look at those soulful eyes (I feel like she’s judging me – a lot).

We’ve kept her under wraps for almost a week waiting to surprise my girls when they got back from camp (yesterday).

Needless to say, my girls are nominating us for the Best Parent Award (wonder how long that will last).

I need your help!

Tell us your favorite products, tips and tricks to have her styling, smelling like a bed of roses and being the most well behaved pup on the block.


Gotta run – there’s poop to be scooped.


P.S. Can you believe I got that huge galvanized tub for $5 at an estate sale?!


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  1. good luck. what a cutie. who named her?

  2. Congratulations!!! She’s beautiful!!! I love puppies! I love dogs! I can give you all kinds of advice on training and grooming (training) and everything. Just ask and I’ll be happy to share experiences and knowledge gathered from years of owning, grooming, breeding and showing dogs.

    Such a great addition to your family, Welcome Sushi!

  3. Lots of love and patience and essential to give her good nutritional food and exercise. She is after all truly a new member of ur family. Sooo adorable.

  4. there’s an herbal dog shampoo we used once and it was awesome- i can’t remember what it was called! and we have natures miracle on hand for cleanups in case our pup gets something other than hard floors (and he did in my room!) and it works well!

  5. Our Boston Terrier “puppy” is now three years old but she’s still our baby and we are all still crazy about her! She was the runt of the litter and is very small and so still exudes that puppy charm. Her name is Fanny and whenever one person is speaking to her, and someone else is in ear shot, the other person always comes to ooh and aah over “the baby.” And my kids are young adults! We call it the “first law of Fanny.” Many, many blessings with your beautiful new pup, and great choice on breed. We have had other dogs, but feel so blessed with this breed and tell everyone they should get one. I know what you mean about the soul full look, and be aware they do sleep a lot during the day, (love the sunshine) but want to play all night! And training is a challenge, they definitely have a mind of their own. It’s a good thing they have great personalities and are so darn loveable! Have a blast!

  6. She’s so cute and good luck with all that!

  7. Marsha Gibbons says:

    Gorgeous pup, Sushi!! I can offer up two bits of advice. Crate train her and do not feed her treats from what you are eating. Good luck!!

    • Crate training has begun and we haven’t fed her from the table (and hopefully my girls never will)!

      • Kathie from CA says:

        We have our dog stay out of the room where we eat and stress to the girls the importance of not feeding people food to her. My stepson and his wife gave table scraps and their dog ended up with a problem that forced them to use expensive food from the vet for the rest of his life. Crate training is great. A long walk before you go to bed might help him sleep longer through the night. There is probably a book on Dummies book for Boston Terrierrs. We got one for labs and it was full of many helpful hints, care, training, first aid etc.
        Dogs are truly a blessing. We are so thankful for our Chase.

  8. What a cutie! My two dogs love a product called “Better Than Ears”. They’re the vegetarian alternative to those pigs’ ears chewy things. They come in a couple of different flavors – peanut butter is one – and my dogs eat them up – no pun intended!

  9. Congratulations on your new addition! We have had 3 Bostons and currently reside with a two year old brother and sister team, Rambo and Polly. I will pass on what the breeder told us: they love the bottom bit of your cereal bowl and rides in the car. I also have to tell you that after having two Bostons together, I would never have one alone again. They are great friends and play continually with each other, groom each other and love to go on walks together. Could you think about adding a friend for Sushi?

  10. Sushi is adorable!!! She will become part of your loving family in no time. I agree with the previous comments an would also encourage you not to feed her from the table while you eat. She should not come begging but learn to lay down away from the table. Also be sure all food or treats are made in the USA!!!! our dog became ill eating Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Treats. They are made in China. Good Luck with your new sweet baby!

  11. Congrats! some tips:
    1. Absolutely crate train. I crated trained each of mine for about a year and a half. Almost 2 years with one of them.
    2. Make then sit and wait while you prepare their food, then tell them OK when it is ready to eat.
    3. Lots and lots of walks and runs! (but give her a few weeks. Maybe start around 8 or 10 weeks) I usually take mine first thing in the morning. We started at 1/2 – 1 mile….and my corgi worked her way up to running a half marathon with me!
    Tired dog = good dog
    Good luck!

  12. So stinkin cute. I wish I had advice, but I don’t. Just have fun!

  13. welcome sweet Sushi … may you always have a soft fluffy blanket and warm cuddling arms to lay in and a ball to chase after while basking in the love you share with your new family. Kelly, my dog raising philosophy is shower them with love, use a firm voice when needed, and dogs will do anything you ask them to do because they just want to please you. Of course there’s always a “learning period” with the young-un’s for them to figure out the “what you want” portion; sometimes for the humans too, so be careful about sending conflicting messages. Its parenting, this person just has four paws :)

    You asked for tips to keep Sushi smelling sweet. (1) I’m a firm believer in “cleansers” (not shampoo) that is sold by your vet. You know the “no ‘poo” movement for human hair, well the same option exists for dogs … kinder to their skin and follicles and doesn’t start the never ending cycle of excessively dry skin producing more “stuff” to compensate for the dryness and that “stuff” can lead to a pronounced doggie odor. (2) Doggie dental care = fresher smelling breadth for all those puppy kisses you’ll receive. My husband brushed Beaver’s teeth every night. Difficult at first it quickly became a very bonding nightly ritual for them (his toothbrush remains in my hubby’s cabinet now 8 months after we said good-bye to him). There is canine enzyme-based toothpaste @ vet’s or retail stores, do not use human toothpaste. (3) Mr. Groom is a product I swore by. Think of it as dry shampoo for doggies. Cleanses & shines their coat with oils (not greasy) and has a light but not perfumey masking fragrance to sweeten the deal.

    Enjoy your family of 5! Sorry for the super long comment but I have a special place in my heart for dogs and their families. Robin

  14. Watch the whole series of Cesar Milan on Netflix. You’ll learn a lot. My dogs are much better behaved and trained because we are “trained”.

  15. I love her name for obvious reasons!…she is adorable…and love her very chic bed!…What a wonderful addition to your family…..How great that you surprised the girls!

  16. I grew up with Boston Bull Terriers. My first dog’s official AKC registered name was Leo’s Itsy Bitsy. We called her Itsy. Sushi is really pretty and I know your family is going to love her. Now hurry. I believe I smell another pile of poop near by. Have a great day.

  17. Cute, I have had small dogs for the past twenty years, start playing with their mouth & teeth so you can brush their teeth, little dogs are more prone to dental issues. Although I prefer natural products, I have fed Purina ONE for years, never any recalls, no upset tummies & the doggies like the little jerky bits in with the kibble. Find a good doggy class & get your girls involved too, the doggies get socialized & every one has fun.

  18. Having owned dogs, and being in a family that is more dog than cat, I can tell you a couple things that are consistently true: 1.ALL dogs are prone to dental issues, so every day, rub her gums with your finger as you are playing with her, then you can graduate to that rubbery thing that fits on your finger. 2. Feed your pet DOG food as it is a dog. 3.Provide chews for Sushi, not something that looks like your pillow or your pillow might become an eventual chewing project :) 4. Treats? not necessary, that is a human thing, as in we like treats so does my dog… however it is a fun way to let kids interact with their pet, and it’s not an absolute yea or nay.. with the last 2 dogs who are now 6, we give them ice cubes. Crazy I know but they like them and it’s water, not processed junk.

  19. Congratulations on your bundle of love! We just got a 7-month-old Boston and are loving him so much. I’ve had large dogs most of my life and what I know about dogs is that they need exercise…playing fetch and throwing the ball is wonderful, but there’s no substitute for the rythmic, calming state they get in while walking beside you. This allows them to turn off their alert mind (and, man, are Bostons ALERT) and relax and chill. Cesar Milan is the best at explaining why this is, but I can share that if you take really good care of releasing your puppy’s energy in this way, your experience with her will be totally different than others who have Boston puppies. When we are out with our Boston, people can tell he is a puppy, but since he is so calm, they have no idea what is going on – even ‘dog experts’ have asked us, “HOW OLD IS HE?” The ‘crazy’ puppy energy level is just unreleased energy! Yes, they are so excitable, but they can be a dream even in the early puppy stages when properly exercised! I also saw that many people talked about shampoos in the comments. I love Cloud Nine by Halo. It is all herbal/oil essences (so no nitrates), and have used it on all my dogs since I found it. It is about $15 at Whole Foods, a little less through Amazon, but what we’ve noticed is Boston’s are so small (our last dog was an English Mastiff – 200 lbs.!), this bottle will likely last forever! Last, but not least, I noticed right away with this breed that they are total people pleasers. During house training, I would take Louie out and when he went #1 or #2, I would clap and tell him good boy and praise him a lot. It really is a lot like potty training with kids! I walked over to the part of the yard where I wanted him to go, and he did. I was amazed at how easily trainable they are. Afterward, he would run to me for hugs and petting for each elimination at the beginning, and now this is our routine three times a day – #1 and then #2, and then love fest. I’ve linked it up with feeding him, so now we have a routine…he goes out, goes to the bathroom, and then he eats. He knows when I take him out and walk over to the part of the yard where he ‘gets busy’ (the command for go to the bathroom), that after he goes, he is going to eat. Though this is backwards, this is what works best for me and seems to also be working well for him. Since Sushi is so young, I’m not sure if this would work with her, but whatever you train her to do now is what she’ll do in the future. The benefit is…he goes out and immediately GOES, which if you travel like we do…is a good thing – elimination on command basically! Enjoy your bundle of love…she sure is a cutie! :)

  20. OH she is so sweet! I have a Boston Terrier granddog and they are wonderful dogs! Congratulations on your new family member!

  21. Congrats on your new baby!! Having a dog is great….a lot more work in the beginning, but worth it! When I take my dog outside to do his business, I started by saying “pee pee” when we went to the grass. As soon as he goes, we head into the house and he gets his reward. I use the Fruitable brand skinny minis. (they are at ) I swear my dog is vegatarian, so I get the pumpkin and berry flavor, but he also loves the chicken and bison flavors as well. They are all natural, made in the USA and on 3.5 calories. (Its kind of like giving a little kid m&ms when they use the potty!) Now, when we go outside, if Im in a hurry, I can say go pee pee and he goes! No more standing around while he thinks about what he wants to do! Then he runs right into the kitchen and sits by the treat jar and waits for his fruitable!! with dogs, its all about establishing a routine. They do really well when they have a routine, (walks etc.) I also use Bungalow Woof dog and People wash! its from hawaii (I bought mine at Costco, in san diego) It smells great (mine is Eucalyptus and Lime) Its all natural and it makes his fur so is the link :
    You will be so happy with your “baby”, we can’t imagine life without ours. Our 2 grown kids call Coco, the spoiled 3rd child!

  22. She’s so cute! Here’s my best puppy raising advice. Don’t use dog treats. They are expensive and usually fattening. We use Cheerios. They’re cheap, healthy, and my dog will do anything he’s asked to earn a Cheerio or two.

  23. Consistency!

  24. Congratulations on your newest member Kelly, Sushi is so darn cute!!!!! Too bad I don’t have any pet dog of my own to share an advice or two with you, I’m sure you’ll all do just fine!

  25. Congrats on your little bundle of joy! Pets can be so rewarding! I am in agreement with the Cesar Milan training…his show, books and flash cards train the human companions as well. Several generations in our family have rewarding relationships with their dogs thanks to his flash cards and books. My only advice, if you can afford it is to stick with grainfree dog food and treats. More and more of the corn, wheat, and soy grown in the USA is grown from RoundUp ready crops. As such much of the grain in dog food is from these crops. It can lead to digestive upset as the pesticide is still present in the grain and can lead to an innability to absorb nutrients from the food. There is also a potential link with inflamatory diseases. We switched our dogs to a grain free kibble and they have fewer digestive upsets (barring those caused by eating deer droppings), their coats are healthier and they are more energetic. Totally agree with starting now on brushing the teeth! I hope your family plus one have a most enjoyable and entertaining life together! Will def keep you in prayer as the forst six or so months can be quite a time for all involved. If you keep a united front then Sushi should learn she is last on the totem pole…our sheltie had a difficult time accepting our youngest being ‘above’ her in the pecking order. These four legged sweeties are such good companions!

  26. I was going to give you a bit of advice but, looks like you’ve got that covered! so, enjoy your pup and enjoy girls enjoying their pup! :)

  27. Congratulations on your new member of the family! That face! Way too cute! My advice I learned from a friend who had a pet store for 20 years…get the best food possible. We use Merrick and a raw diet combined. Healthier pet, less stools, amazing coats! As for treats? My girls….a Westie and a Scottie…love frozen peas, mini carrots and apple slices! Give them lots of puppy kisses Sushi!

  28. I had bostons my entire life! From about the age of 8 to now into my 30s there have always been bostons in my house, so I’ve experienced a lot of fun and terror at their little paws. lol.

    Every boston I have had has had a sensitive stomach. Finding the right food can take a while. The wrong food can lead to very, very itchy skin, stomach troubles/puking, etc. You might want to buy the smaller bags of dog food so you can try different brands as they grow, and you don’t find yourself with a 50lb bag of food that they cant eat.

    For smooshed faced dogs, you cannot leave them in for long in hot weather. Anything above about 80 degrees can be dangerous for flat faced dogs like bostons. I send out my doggies in the morning while it is cool and shady out. Once it starts heating up, they stay in for the day and only make 10 min. trips outside while it is hot. It isn’t just about heat stroke – it damages their internal organs which isn’t even noticeable till they are older and have serious issues.

    Typical puppy stuff — they love to chew chew chew. Hide your shoes and purses! :)

    they are wonderful dogs for families. Every one I have had through my life was a unique personality.

    If you ever have any random questions, please feel free to email me anytime. :) Have fun!

  29. What a little sweetie! Dogs are awesome. I highly recommend taking her to a dog training (obedience) class. One that uses clicker training or positive reinforcement. This helps so much with training and avoiding negative behavior. To keep her occupied, happy, and out of trouble: Nylabones are great for teething and also for chewing and getting rid of excess energy. A kong stuffed with healthy treats (like kibble and chicken and rice) will also help her pass the time.

    Enjoy her. Dogs add so much to our lives!

  30. Awe that cote little face , I had a boston high energy a lot of walks and dog parks , we used to heat her blankie in dryer every night and she slept through the night , had to feed her new balance ( no grain ) salmon dog food , she had skin allergies , she was such a people dog , would greet everyone , she only lived to be 20 months woke up one morning and she was having seizures , took her to the vet and they couldn’t help her her organs were shutting down , could not stand to see her suffer so we put her to sleep , we found out later she had eaten a lot of sugar free gum ! It’s so dangerous for dogs we don’t even know how she got it , I’m just telling you cause if I would of caught her earlier we could of saved her , it’s been 3 years and we still miss her , we rescued a dog but there’s still a place in my heart that only a boston can fill

  31. I got ahead of myself while she’s still a puppy get her the puppy nylabone , and she’ll probably shred every stuff toy you get her , our Monroe had a Hedgehog she never tore up , it was the only one that survived

  32. sylvia campbell says:

    cant begin to tell you how cute and sweet that lil girl is!!! have fun with that sweet baby!!!

  33. JaneEllen says:

    Looks like everybody has given you plenty of great advice and I learned a few things too. You were very caring and smart to ask advice at this point. What a doll she is. Maybe spoil her with lots of love and talking to her as you would a child. They do love routine and need it to feel safe and loved/happy. Every dog we’ve ever had has been so loved but what a joy they are.
    Altho we don’t have same kind of dog, they are so precious. My Mother in law once said to me, “I think you love that dog more than you love your kids”. Uh sometimes maybe. We had a miniature black cocker spaniel a that time we got at shelter in Helena, MT. We got her on a Wed. and on Saturday left in hubs truck for weeks so she got broken in right away as a trucker doggie. She was 4 months old when we got her and over 14 yrs. old when we had to put her to sleep. She had an immune problem that would flare up now and then that almost killed her every episode. We were devastated when she died. Like our child. She slept with us both at home and in the truck. Hardest thing we ever had to do. Took months before I was ready for another dog then we got one at a PetSmart adoption fair. Not what we went looking for but he was our dog. He was a year old had been abused, no bad habits except chewing everything in sight including the trim on house, stair railings, steps. anything. I like to have little ceramic yard things around but he thought they were for him to play with, he’d put them in his mouth and go running around the yard with them. One time he got a tomato cage on his head and went running around back and front yards like he was funniest thing ever.
    Such joy he has brought us, so smart and so good. He’s black lab/mostly border collie and so bright, 70 to 75 lbs. depending on time of year.
    No matter what we say he understands. Tonight he was at his toy box and I told him he already had a toy out over by Daddy. Went right over to it. He’s almost 6 now, we wish he was still a puppy. Such love he gives, so affectionate. Tonight we were sitting on back steps of deck and he went over to hubs, gave him loves then came right to me for loves. When I’m at clothes line he’ll come up to me for loves. We try not to think of when he gets older, we’re not kids ourselves, in early 70’s. But any love we get/give him is worth any pain when that time comes.
    Enjoy your wonderful little girl, before you know it she’ll be a big part of your family. I fell in love with her on sight. What a face and those eyes. She’s just seeing how you like her when she looks at you. They just want/need to be loved. Happy weekend

    • I had a lab growing up so I can imagine how amazing your pup is! Hopefully, my garden gnomes will be safe from Sushi and she’s around for a long, long time. Enjoy your cutie and hope she brings you many many more years of laughter!

  34. Oh she is so adorable! Congrats. Bostons are really smart dogs, so anything you teach her, she will catch on real fast. My Bf in Florida has only had Boston’s since I have known her and they are comical, cute, and so smart. Enjoy, she will bring a lot of laughs and joy even more so to the family. XO

  35. Laura Strack says:

    Kelly, Sushi is adorable!!! My daughter has a female Boston and “Pig” is truly one of the best dogs, ever! She watches over my granddaughter like a hawk. Even follows her to the potty, plays slippin’ n slide, jumps on the trampoline etc…best baby sitter! Reward Sushi with praise and a tiny treat when she does her business outside. We added a little doggie door for our Chihuahua girls, years ago. Best thing we ever did!! Hugs, Laura

  36. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but just had to tell you that we have a cat named Sushi! My husband found her huddled under our bushes one night on his way home from picking up sushi for dinner, thus the name. I’ll be eager to read through these comments as we just adopted a puppy ourselves, and need as much advice as we can get! Your Sushi is adorable!!

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