Eclectic Garden Tour – Three Dogs in a Garden

Eclectic Garden Tour at Three Dogs in a Garden

“Like housework, a garden is never done.”

Wise words from Jennifer of Three Dogs in a Garden.

Not only is she an avid gardener, she also is an amazing photographer capturing her friends and neighbors gardens in all of their glory.


Here, Jennifer takes us on a tour of the charming garden of her friend Beth and it starts on a patriotic front porch.

Porch flags and a charming garden tour

Climbing vines are the star – as well as the trio of stars above the door.

Climbing vines and charming garden tour

Colorful old doors add a stunning focal point at the edge of a pond.

Vintage door screen is a fun garden accent

Even the pond gets in on the action with a boat load of greenery.

Canoe planter on this creative garden tour

The back yard welcomes us with colorful wheelbarrows that are as much form as they are function.

Creative garden tour - love the colorful wheelbarrows

Creative trellises are ready for climbers.

Make a climbing vine support trellis

Cute idea for a trellis - love the boots!

Terra cotta pot trellis toppers on this whimsical garden tour

Twig trellis

No detail is overlooked.

Succulents on a rusty old milk can - great ideas in this garden

A shady place to relax.

Rustic outdoor retreat - part of this charming and creative garden tour

There’s whimsy around every turn.

Whimsical garden - love the checkerboard pattern

Planters include everything and the kitchen colander.

Creative garden container ideas

Pinecones as mulch!

Pine cone mulch - one of the many creative ideas on this garden tour

No dream garden is complete without a weathered barn …

Beautiful weathered barn in this whimsical garden

and a little red wagon to haul freshly cut flowers.

Weathered wood shed is part of this charming garden tour

Thanks Jennifer for showing us around such a creative garden.

Stop by Three Dogs in a Garden for some more outdoor inspiration.


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  1. Sylvia marie says:

    Loved the tour, I’m headed straight to the garden,while all the ideas are fresh in my mind…. What a fun way to start the day….. Blessings………………….

  2. Fun tour. I love the checkerboard garden!

  3. oooh i love the black painted bike!

  4. Absolutely loved the tour! So many fun things to look at. The recycling, all the climbing vines and pond…amazing. We have storms coming in tonight, so the bugs drove me in from my garden. Had to refill the hummingbird and butterfly feeders. Gotta keep them happy! Always enjoy your posts Kelly…

  5. JaneEllen says:

    I always enjoy the tours you feature no matter what tour is of. So many gardening ideas if person is so inclined. Get the urge but then it seems to wane when it gets too hot out. Later when it’s cooler the skeeters are out in droves, Allergic to bug spray so don’t get out much in evening even tho it’s one of favorite times to be out, that and early mornings.
    Is anybody else leaning towards being ready for Fall? Seems like once the kids start school I ‘m thru with summer. Shame on me. I do like winter even tho I can’t hang laundry out then. Love to hang laundry out. We almost always have good breeze so laundry dries pretty quickly. Happy weekend Kelly

  6. Thanks for putting together such a nice feature post Kelly!

  7. What a gorgeous garden filled with many wonderful creative and whimsical touches…love the trellis with the rubber boots!…however, love everything!…Such magnificent garden as a result of her labor of love!

  8. I am such a fan of antique accents in the garden, + I think that less is definitely more. These examples are all very tasteful + well-done!

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