Bedroom Updates – Wrinkles and All

Love this grain sack striped body pillow

I'm in the process of redoing my bedroom and I'm craving a light and airy and simple look. Be gone 10 throw pillows that I have to fluff every morning. I'm taking it down to the basics and I'm loving the time worn, vintage feel of my linen bedding from Matteo - wrinkles and all. It's all about tone on tone layering with a ruffled quilt … [Read more...]


Master Bedroom Rug – Adding Texture

Love this cozy reading area and that textured rug

If you're following along with the nail biting Kelly's Bedroom Telenovela saga, this is where we left off ...   After sleeping together for 20 years, Kelly cruelly dumped her four poster bed. She couldn't resist the charm and dark good looks of her new metal bed.   Not only did Kelly cast away the old bed but she cold … [Read more...]


Vintage Glam Bedroom Makeover

Gray vintage glam bedroom

My girls turned 16 in November. That means drivers permits (I have the ragged cuticles and bald patches to prove it). It also means time for bedroom updates - my birthday gift to them! My girls are identical twins but they definitely have their own distinct personalities. Olivia was born exactly one hour before her sister (don't worry, … [Read more...]


Master Bedroom Update – New Bed!

Stylish metal beds

Sometimes I sneak into my bedroom, shut the door and ... stare at my bed. I know - I have issues but that's a story for another time.   BEFORE - the elephant in the room (read all about it here). AFTER - new metal bed that sets my heart aflutter. I stalked that bed until I thought it was going to get a restraining order … [Read more...]


Life’s Too Short for Bad Sheets!

Blue & White Bedding

"Life's too short for bad sheets!" As I read those words on the Perfect Linens website, shame flooded my very core. You see, I have only one old, threadbare, worn set of sheets. Every time I do the laundry, I have to wait patiently for them to dry so I can make my bed. Then I want to immediately cover up the sheets so I don't have to … [Read more...]


How to Dress a Bed & Updating My Bedroom (Finally)!

How to Dress a Bed

I have a deep, dark, shameful secret that I need to confess because I know (or hope!) you won't judge me. I've had the same comforter for 18 years - that's 6,570 days with a few extra thrown in for leap years.   After I walked down the aisle, we bought bedroom furniture from a four poster bed to a couple of two tone night stands to … [Read more...]


Guest Room No More!

Cozy Guest Bedroom

  You've seen tons of rooms in my house tour but you've never been up to my third floor.   This long forgotten guest room is a mish mash of stuff. It's also where guests sleep when they visit. But not anymore!   I'm taking back this space and turning it into my office/craft room!   Sorry guests but there's a sofa … [Read more...]


6 Dreamy DIY Headboards – Help Me Choose

Eclectically Vintage - Creative Headboard Ideas

I had a dream ... It was vivid and in color too. My dream involved this Barnwood Headboard with antique gate posts from For the Love of a House. And it was happily residing in my guest bedroom. You see, my guest room bed is headboard-less. Just a mattress on that ugly black metal stand.   Shame and embarrassment is … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Colorful Bedroom with a Lake View


They live on a lake ... let the collective oohs and ahhs commence. This is the view out the window for Our Lake Life. This lake is in my state of NJ - yes, I said NJ! What, did you think it would be a view of nuclear waste plants and factories? It isn't called The Garden State for nothing. Sorry for the tirade - now let's get back to the … [Read more...]