The Art of Propping – Antique Window Mantel

Antique window mantel

  I'm a propper. Some may call it lazy but I prefer to think of propping as looking laid back and effortless (plus I don't have to put holes in my walls). Want a quick and easy focal point? Get your notebook and pencil ready because I'm about to share something extremely complicated ... 1) gather up a few of your favorite … [Read more...]


Favorite Things for Spring Console Table

Spring Decorating

It's officially spring when I break out the allergy meds and boxes of tissues are scattered throughout the house. With the bad comes the very good ... I have a gorgeous weeping cherry tree in my yard and there's nothing better than clipping flowers to bring inside. Brining fresh flowers inside has a snow ball effect on me and … [Read more...]


Room Update with Cottage Style Storage

Love this fun teen area and the storage cubbies

Girls. Specifically teen girls. They want a fun place to hang out with their friends (and escape their lame parents) where they can watch borderline inappropriate movies, paint their nails, braid each other's hair, commiserate on how hard their lives are ... girl stuff. So I turned one of our attic bedrooms into a hangout … [Read more...]


Powder Room Progress – Vintage Clock Collection

Vintage clock collection display

I have a few irrational fears including ... fear of ferris wheels fear of sharks fear of mimes. Well, I'm not really afraid of mimes - they just annoy me.   One fear I obviously don't have is arithmophobia which is the fear of numbers as you can see from my numbered cubbies and completely over the top amount of vintage … [Read more...]


Throwing Shade – 10 Minute Decorating with Lamp Shades

Decorating with Lampshades

  Throw Shade - to talk trash about a friend or acquaintance, to publicly denounce or disrespect.    I'm throwing some shade today.  Actually, I'm throwing some shades around my bedroom but don't worry, nobody was hurt during quest for the perfect lamp shade. In this little corner of my bedroom, I hide ... I mean retreat from … [Read more...]


Design Ingenuity in my Kitchen and Giveaway!

Creative Display Ideas for Wall Bottle Drying Rack

What do you get when two bloggers are mailed a wall bottle drying rack from Decor Steals and are asked to style the bejeebers out of it? This is Design Ingenuity at it's best. Have you heard about Decor Steals?  I'm addicted to this site and every day Decor Steals sends me an email with a fabulous decor piece for sale at a great price and it's … [Read more...]


10 Minute Decorating – Dress Up Supermarket Plants

Tips on Dressing Up Supermarket Plants

  It's amazing how a live plant can breathe life into a room. I hate the supermarket and put off shopping trips until there is just a jar of pickles and a half filled container of sour milk staring at me from the fridge. But if I have to go, I might as well pick up something to perk up my life and my kitchen. Of course, the ugly plastic … [Read more...]


Spring Living Room and I Kidnapped My Sisters Chairs!

Spring Living Room Tour

The 10 foot snow drifts are finally melting and spring is in the air. Tomorrow is the first day of spring and I'm celebrating the longer, warmer, sunshiney-er, skip in my step days by adding some spring touches around the house.   It all started with these red grain sack chairs. I have temporary custody - I'm decorating my sister's … [Read more...]


My White Phase – In the Kitchen

White Kitchen display

  Picasso had his blue phase. I'm having a white phase - white kitchen filled with white kitchen accessories that are functional too (that scalloped bowl just served last night's pasta). I just realized it's been three years since I posted a tour of my kitchen.  Things have changed (including my photography skills) but the bones stay … [Read more...]


Guest Room Refresh – One Duvet, Three Different Looks

How to Accessorize Basic White Bedding

The bedroom. It's where the magic happens.   The magic of getting tons of different looks by learning how to style white bedding of course. I love everything about this runched, white duvet cover from Crane and Canopy. Not only is it perfect for my guest bedroom since duvets are a cinch to wash, but white also makes it a neutral … [Read more...]