Shelf Styling – Displaying My Favorite Finds

Open kitchen cubbies are perfect for display!

  While this desk is usually piled high with school forms, cell phones, junk mail, pieces of string, pocket change and whatever else we happen to toss on there when we walk through the door, my open kitchen cubbies are always ready for their close up. Being a self professed hoarder ... I mean collector, I love having a place to show … [Read more...]


How to Dress a Bed & Updating My Bedroom (Finally)!

How to Dress a Bed

I have a deep, dark, shameful secret that I need to confess because I know (or hope!) you won't judge me. I've had the same comforter for 18 years - that's 6,570 days with a few extra thrown in for leap years.   After I walked down the aisle, we bought bedroom furniture from a four poster bed to a couple of two tone night stands to … [Read more...]


Operation Craft Room Fabulous Furniture

Craft Room Furniture at

Because I'm happy Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof Because I'm happy Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ...   Happy isn't quite the right word - it's more like ecstatic? When a girl's craft room/home office/mom cave/secret escape continues to take shape, I can't help but sing. Let's take a … [Read more...]


What’s Your Style? How to Define Your Style & a Giveaway

Vintage landscape wall

What's my style? Hmmmm, that's hard to define. From farmhouse to shabby to industrial to mid century modern, I love it all. Somehow, my hodgepodge of finds manages to live together in peace and harmony. My Style = Eclectically Vintage of course!   By the way - a big thank you to Jenna from Rain On a Tin Roof and Jamie from … [Read more...]


Tour The Crafty Camper

The Crafty Camper

Remember the Partridge Family bus?  When it came barreling down the highway, it could not be missed. Well, The Crafty Camper is a bit like that ... minus the singing and velvet bellbottoms. It's Denise's baby and she renovated this vintage, 1972 Shasta to it's former glory days and debuted it at the Philadelphia Home Show. She'll be … [Read more...]


Two Upcycled Rooms & Meet Me at the Mom Cave!

Vintage suitcase dresser

  How amazing is this dining room? Only Denise from The Painted Home would come up with the idea to use a pommel horse as a bench!   Not only does she know how to turn castoffs into cool furniture and room designs but she's also hysterical. Guess what - we're going to be presenting together at the Philadelphia Home Show … [Read more...]


Office Transformation and $500 Rug Giveaway!

devour white cowhide rug

  Remember when I decided to take back the seldom used guest room? The bed has been moved to my daughter's room, the sunroom desk has been hauled up three flights of stairs (sorry hubby!), supplies have been removed from the craft armoire in the living room and the best part ... a new cowhide rug! Not just any cowhide rug - … [Read more...]


Our Hangout Room Gets a Makeover … My Search is Over!

Colorful Teen Room with Sofa Bed

  Have you ever read the book Flowers in the Attic? The kids were locked high in grand mom's attic so the mother could party like a childless rockstar. She also had grandma sprinkle poison on their powdered doughnuts every morning but that's a story for another time. My girls would lock themselves away in their attic hangout room … [Read more...]


A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (and My Pet Dust Bunnies)

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

  This is the story of a newly married working girl who didn't have time for things like cooking (I made lots of microwave popcorn back then), cleaning (dust bunnies were breeding like rabbits), or taking care of pets and plants (it was a very quiet house).   So I bought a fake ficus tree and popped it into the corner of my … [Read more...]


How to Mix Colors in Decorating


Can I have a whoot whoot?! Yes, my colorful little sunroom is in the running for the Apartment Therapy Room for Color award! I would love it if you'd pop over - just click here to vote for my sunroom (you have to register with an email but don't worry, they won't sign you up for anything else). Thank you soooooo much - you are all amazing … [Read more...]