No More Ugly Plastic Pumpkins!

8 Creative Ideas for Cheap Plastic Pumpkin Pails

I'm on a personal mission to rid the world of ugly plastic pumpkin pails! It all started years ago when I couldn't take the smug look on that ugly plastic pumpkin's face anymore so I covered that hideous pumpkin in music sheets. The following year, I unleashed my fury on the ugly plastic pumpkin by blinging it out. I'm not alone in my deep … [Read more...]


My Fall Front Porch and a Wreath Giveaway!

Vintage Fall Planter

  What says welcome better than a welcoming front porch? My porch may be small but what it lacks in size it makes up for in charm and it's strutting it's stuff all decked out for fall. You've seen my fall home tour - now it's time to see the outside.   Wreath - check. When I spotted this gorgeous Valencia Red Berry wreath … [Read more...]


Fall Living Room (I used what as a fireplace screen)?!

Fall at Home Tour

  The first gorgeous tour is my friend Lindsay who asked me to be part of this fun blog hop where we pop from home to home (virtually anyway - no need to dress up or bring a hostess gift) getting candy-corn-coated-eye-candy fall decorating ideas. The Nester was up before me sharing her fall home and if you haven't seen it, trust me, you … [Read more...]


How to Preserve Leaves

How to Preserve Leaves

  Faux is good (think fur) but some things are better when they are 100% real. Take these falling leaves - you probably spotted them in my foyer on my Eclectically Fall Home Tour. They are preserved in their original splendor just like good old Mom Nature intended. How to Preserve Leaves Supplies: *Leaves - freshly fallen (not … [Read more...]


Eclectically Fall Home Tour

Eclectically Fall Home Tour

  What's that I hear?  Crunching leaves. What's that I smell?  Apple pie. It's time to mix up two of my favorite things ... Eclectic + Fall  = My Eclectically Fall Home Tour I'm kicking off 15 fabulous fall home tours (3 per day every day this week) so sit back, relax with a coffee (or spiked cider) and enjoy. It's my usual … [Read more...]


New Thanksgiving Traditions – How to Make Thankful Pumpkins

Thanksgiving Thankful Pumpkins - great idea!

  I'm a lucky girl who has a lot to be thankful for. My beautiful girls, my hot hubby, my family and friends, my health ... not to mention things like chocolate, wine and margaritas.   You know I'm all about creating simple projects ... and I'm a big believer in making memories and what better remembrance of all those … [Read more...]


How to Make a Bling Plastic Pumpkin Planter

Bling Pumpkin Planter

  It all started with my music sheet plastic pumpkin planters. Now I'm on a personal mission to rid the world of ugly plastic pumpkins.   I saw a dozen yesterday at the thrift shop. Cast aside ... shunned ... rejected. There is hope for those ugly little guys. A desperate need for a makeover like that show The … [Read more...]


My Fall Table and a Giveaway!

Hydrangea Centerpieces

  I didn't put fine china on my bridal registry. I'm not a formal china kind of gal. I mean, I love checking out the lavish table settings on Downton Abbey but prefer a simpler look ... oh and I'm still shocked over poor Matthew's untimely demise in that car accident. That's why I love white plates.  They really make the … [Read more...]


Fall on My Front Porch

Pinecone Wreath and more simple fall decorating ideas

  Finally ... the smell of burning wood ... leaves crunching beneath my Frye boots ... apple pie ... chunky sweaters ... fall porch decorating ideas! And a different look than last year's fall porch.   This pinecone wreath needed a little pizazz so I added a few pieces of faux berry garland. I love tennis too … [Read more...]


Make it: Acorn Vase (& More Free Decorating with Nature Ideas)


  FREE! Music to my ears. Thanks Mother Nature for the supplies to deck my home for fall. The next time you're out for a walk, start looking at branches, pinecones, rocks and acorns in a new light and you just might be amazed at what you can create. Make an Acorn Vase Supplies:  acorns, plastic container, hot glue gun, brown … [Read more...]