My Spring Mantel & What I Stole from My Mom-In-Law!

Spring mantel

  Remember when you were a kid and your parents would buy a case of soda and return the empty bottles to get 5 cents back? If I knew then what I know now, I would have hoarded all of those bottles away instead of returning them. So when I discovered these dusty, neglected glass beauties in my mom-in-law's basement, I had to rescue … [Read more...]


Spring Mantel and DIY Egg Garland

spring mantel

  I'm not putting my eggs in one basket. In fact, I'm taking them out of the basket and stringing them from my mantel and filling up glass jars from HomeGoods with the rest. Peter Cottontail makes an appearance. You know those bunnies multiply like, well, bunnies. DIY Egg Garland 1) Buy cheap plastic eggs (the … [Read more...]


Winter White Christmas Mantel

christmas decorating

  In the house upon the hill Hanging on the window sill Was a little Christmas stocking with a hole in the toe And when Santa came to call At the house upon the hill He saw the Christmas stocking hanging in the candle glow. Santa chuckled to himself As he walked across the floor To the little Christmas stocking with a hole … [Read more...]


Simplified Fall Mantel

Vintage Wire Basket

You all know I've got lots of "stuff". Stuff found at estate sales and flea markets. Vintage, fabulous stuff - but stuff nonetheless. So I'm craving simplicity ... starting with my fall mantel. A few pears from the farmer's market. An old wire basket filled with mason jars. Sticks collected during a walk in the woods. It's all the … [Read more...]


Breezy Summer Mantel

Summer Mantel - shells, coral & turtle shell

Keratin treatment to tame my frizz - check. Flip flops replacing leather boots - check. Miracle suit to suck in all the stray flesh - check. Lightening up my mantel for summer - check. This turtle was obviously too slow crossing the road. Found him on ebay. Vintage seascape - the artist carved his name into the … [Read more...]


Think Spring Mantel

Spring has Sprung! Sunshine! Good Times! Blooming Bulbs! Frolicking in a Meadow! (ok, well maybe not that last one)! Away with the heaviness of winter and in with something fresh and simple. My vintage green glass collection was gathering dust bunnies so I moved some faves to the mantel where I can enjoy them in a whole new light. I snipped a … [Read more...]


New Link Party in Town! & It’s a Cinch Mantel Makeover

I'm on a Mission! MISSION: POSSIBLE  a year's worth of 6 fun themed link parties! We're kicking off the party on March 27 with "It's a Cinch"! Anything simple, easy, a piece of cake, a snap, straightforward, no problem, uncomplicated ... well you get the idea! Like this quick mantel makeover I created for a house I'm staging … [Read more...]


In Her Shoes – Valentine Mantel


What better way to decorate for Valentine's Day than by remembering our kids when they were sweet (aka, never talked back and listened to whatever we said)! My still sweet twins are 12 now but I saved some of their cutest shoes - from booties to ballet shoes. They look adorable on the mantel! An old window and scrapbook paper hearts could … [Read more...]


Four Little Owls All in a Row Mantel

Owl Mantel

Whew - the Christmas decorations are back in their bins but my mantel was bare as a baby's bottom! I didn't feel like digging in my basement for my Italian glass decanters so I had to think of something. Around the house I went on a little shopping expedition to find the perfect things to dress up a naked mantel. The huge old slate chalkboard … [Read more...]


Help, I’ve Been Bitten! By the Collecting Bug

Vintage Italian Decanter Collection

Ouch! I've been bitten by the collecting bug. I have tons of vintage collections and like to think they are well edited and that I haven't gone over the edge and become the crazy hoarder lady! Please stage an intervention if I start saving old newspapers! One of my favorites is my collection of 1960's Italian glass decanters. Found at … [Read more...]