How to Paint Fabric & DIY Nautical Dishtowels


  Have you ever stumbled across something that can solve all of the world's problems? Well I have. Ok - maybe I exaggerate a tad but this is definitely life changing. Drumroll please ... fabric medium. I know what you're thinking, "Kelly, have you been living under a rock" or "Kelly, you really need to get out … [Read more...]


Make a Watermelon Drink Dispenser and Summer Cocktail

Make a watermelon drink dispenser

  Remember when I spoke at the Country Living Fair? I whipped up a tasty little watermelon concoction. It's so easy, so refreshing and so good! And it's even better with it's own spigot! How to Make a Watermelon Drink Dispenser Supplies (the poor guy at the hardware store thought I was nuts but he helped me find everything I … [Read more...]


How to Age Terra Cotta Pots

How to Age Terra Cotta Pots

  Moisturizer, eye cream, lotions and potions. While I'm all over a great anti-aging product, I have the opposite opinion about my terra cotta pots.   Forget those perfectly perfect, brand spanking new pots.  Like a man, they get better with age ... this is the George Clooney of pots.   I got the idea from my … [Read more...]


My Outdoor Escape and a Little Ambiance

Make Cupcake Liner String Lights

  When it's cold, dark and dreary, I love escaping to my bathroom and taking long, hot soaks in the tub. Bubbles, a good book and a glass of wine and I'm transported to a beach in Fiji. Now that the weather is perfection, my favorite place to escape is my back yard. An adirondack chair, a tall glass of lemonade, a great read and … [Read more...]


How Does My Garden Grow – Make a Topiary Orb

Make a Topiary Orb

  What do you get when you cross an old enamelware bowl with a metal orb and a hanging ivy plant? My favorite planter! It's the perfect mix of old and new. Make an Orb Topiary 1) Find an orb - I found mine at HomeGoods - and it comes in all kinds of cute colors like this pale blue. 2) Find a planter - use your imagination. … [Read more...]


I Heart Mom More Than Chocolate!

Free Mother's Day Printables

Who doesn't love chocolate? I know my mom-in-law would rather have chocolate than flowers, clothes, diamonds, or even cold, hard cash! So her wish is our command.   We love DOVE® Promises - dark chocolate and all of the amazing flavors (my favorite is the sea salt caramel and my girls fave is mint)! My girls love the fun … [Read more...]


She Sent Me What? How I Transformed This Weird Thrift Shop Find!


I was thrilled when Jennifer Rizzo asked me to take part in a fun idea called She Sent Me What? It goes like this:  21 bloggers would each ... a) send a thrift shop find under $15 to another blogger and b) transform the thing that was sent to them into something amazing The talented Ashley from The Handmade Home sent me a mystery … [Read more...]


Make a Spring Banner and a Tale of Multiplying Bunnies!

Make a spring banner

  March came in like a lion ... and hid a few bunnies in his furry mane. Those bunnies started multiplying like, well, bunnies and they've taken over my new craft room. Make a Spring Bunny Banner Supplies: Cardboard Coasters Bunny Stencil 3D Felt Flower Stickers and pom pom stickers Glitter Marker Baker's Twine 1) … [Read more...]


How to Turn any Photo into a Watercolor (no art skills required)!

Turn any photo into a watercolor

  I'm obsessed. I took watercolor in art class and my works of "art" always turned into a runny mess. Now I can give Georgia O'Keeffe a run for her watercolor making money. From this ... to this ... How to Turn any Photo into a Watercolor 1) Download the Waterlogue app (it's only available for iPhone for $2.99) 2) Go … [Read more...]


Jazz Up Any Drink & Our Annual Valentine’s Party

Love is Valentine Drinks

  It's almost that time again - my girls' annual Valentine's party. Girls only of course! On their must do list: Cupid Floats Guess Who - the girls fill out a questionnaire with 10 burning questions such as, "What 3 things would you bring to a dessert island?" and "Who’s your secret crush?" They had a blast guessing who was … [Read more...]