How to Preserve Leaves

How to Preserve Leaves

  Faux is good (think fur) but some things are better when they are 100% real. Take these falling leaves - you probably spotted them in my foyer on my Eclectically Fall Home Tour. They are preserved in their original splendor just like good old Mom Nature intended. How to Preserve Leaves Supplies: *Leaves - freshly fallen (not … [Read more...]


Chalkboards, Gnomes and Bling … Oh My!

Make a chalkboard log slice and gilded gnome!

  I never met a chalkboard, gnome or bit of bling I didn't love. As they say, you can never have too much money or too many chalkboards and we don't have to settle for black chalkboards thanks to this gorgeous shade of burgundy chalkboard paint.  It's perfectly Fall-y and perfectly suited for a log slice (and I love that it comes in a … [Read more...]


A Toast to Fall, Vintage Clipboards, Vino & Free Printables!

Free Wine Printables

I'm in an autumn state of mind. That means out with margaritas (I'll miss you!) and in with the vino (hello, old friend).   It's time to snuggle up near a roaring fire, invite friends and family over for an elastic waist band wearing dinner and raise a glass in a toast. Cheers my friends - here are some fun, free wine printables to … [Read more...]


How to Paint Fabric & DIY Nautical Dishtowels


  Have you ever stumbled across something that can solve all of the world's problems? Well I have. Ok - maybe I exaggerate a tad but this is definitely life changing. Drumroll please ... fabric medium. I know what you're thinking, "Kelly, have you been living under a rock" or "Kelly, you really need to get out … [Read more...]


Make a Watermelon Drink Dispenser and Summer Cocktail

Make a watermelon drink dispenser

  Remember when I spoke at the Country Living Fair? I whipped up a tasty little watermelon concoction. It's so easy, so refreshing and so good! And it's even better with it's own spigot! How to Make a Watermelon Drink Dispenser Supplies (the poor guy at the hardware store thought I was nuts but he helped me find everything I … [Read more...]


How to Age Terra Cotta Pots

How to Age Terra Cotta Pots

  Moisturizer, eye cream, lotions and potions. While I'm all over a great anti-aging product, I have the opposite opinion about my terra cotta pots.   Forget those perfectly perfect, brand spanking new pots.  Like a man, they get better with age ... this is the George Clooney of pots.   I got the idea from my … [Read more...]


My Outdoor Escape and a Little Ambiance

Make Cupcake Liner String Lights

  When it's cold, dark and dreary, I love escaping to my bathroom and taking long, hot soaks in the tub. Bubbles, a good book and a glass of wine and I'm transported to a beach in Fiji. Now that the weather is perfection, my favorite place to escape is my back yard. An adirondack chair, a tall glass of lemonade, a great read and … [Read more...]


How Does My Garden Grow – Make a Topiary Orb

Make a Topiary Orb

  What do you get when you cross an old enamelware bowl with a metal orb and a hanging ivy plant? My favorite planter! It's the perfect mix of old and new. Make an Orb Topiary 1) Find an orb - I found mine at HomeGoods - and it comes in all kinds of cute colors like this pale blue. 2) Find a planter - use your imagination. … [Read more...]


I Heart Mom More Than Chocolate!

Free Mother's Day Printables

Who doesn't love chocolate? I know my mom-in-law would rather have chocolate than flowers, clothes, diamonds, or even cold, hard cash! So her wish is our command.   We love DOVE® Promises - dark chocolate and all of the amazing flavors (my favorite is the sea salt caramel and my girls fave is mint)! My girls love the fun … [Read more...]


She Sent Me What? How I Transformed This Weird Thrift Shop Find!


I was thrilled when Jennifer Rizzo asked me to take part in a fun idea called She Sent Me What? It goes like this:  21 bloggers would each ... a) send a thrift shop find under $15 to another blogger and b) transform the thing that was sent to them into something amazing The talented Ashley from The Handmade Home sent me a mystery … [Read more...]