10 Minute Decorating – Kitchen Counter Storage

Red stove is a show stopper in this white kitchen eclecticallyvintage.com

Since my whole family loves to cook, I like keeping the things we use every day out in the open. No more frantically searching drawers and cabinets for a spatula in the middle of a pancake making marathon. Grab your favorite tray and put those every day items on display in unique containers. My vintage loving cup takes the prize for … [Read more...]


Out of the Drawer – Jewelry Organization

Jewelry Organization Ideas eclecticallyvintage.com

When we renovated our house, I was horrified when I looked at the architectural drawings and discovered that my closet was the same size as my husbands. Obviously, the architect is a man who doesn’t understand my love of retail therapy so I made sure he made my closet much larger than my hubby’s (sorry dear). I’ve decided closets aren’t just … [Read more...]


Behind Closed Doors – My Mudroom Gets Organized

Mudroom Organization Ideas eclecticallyvintage.com

When we renovated our house, I couldn’t wait to add a mudroom. It’s not huge so I made sure to make sure it had lots of storage – closets instead of cubbies so I could hang all of our coats. Little did I know, way more than coats would be occupying this space. It’s where we store cleaning supplies, sports equipment, dog paraphernalia, muddy … [Read more...]


My Favorite Command Hook Organization Ideas

Favorite Ways to Get Organized eclecticallyvintage.com

I've been on a mission to get organized. Filling bags of unwanted stuff and hauling them to the thrift store or the dump. Difficult for a self professed hoarder like myself (my basement and garage are the stuff of horror films). Like the saying goes, big things come in small packages which is definitely true of Command™ Brand products.  I … [Read more...]


Let It Go! – 10 Steps to Clutter Free (and how to maintain it)

Decluttering Tips for an Organized Home eclecticallyvintage.com

Let it go, let it go, I'm one with the wind and sky.   Oops, wrong quote.  Sorry to get the theme from Frozen stuck in your head but it's time to ... Let it Go!   I have piles of clutter that threaten to topple upon me causing serious bodily injury - maybe even death - so I have vowed that it's time to live with only the … [Read more...]


Operation Craft Room Fabulous Furniture

Craft Room Furniture at eclecticallyvintage.com

Because I'm happy Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof Because I'm happy Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ...   Happy isn't quite the right word - it's more like ecstatic? When a girl's craft room/home office/mom cave/secret escape continues to take shape, I can't help but sing. Let's take a … [Read more...]


Craft Supply Organization Tips and Make Chalkboard Labels for Pennies!

How to organize craft supplies eclecticallyvintage.com

They threatened to bury me alive ... my craft supplies. Who knew glitter and glue could be so dangerous? So I took over the seldom used guest room as my office/craft room/mom cave/escape!   Forget coats, sweaters and scarves. This closet now holds every imaginable craft supply known to woman. Craft Supply Organization … [Read more...]


My Perfect Craft Organizer – From Chaos to Clutter Free


“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Home Depot & Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. I have a shameful secret. See that fabulous armoire? Well open those doors at your own risk ... because you may be buried under piles of glitter, glue, paint and paper and who … [Read more...]


Mission Organization: Jewelry Drawer


The jumbled jewelry drawer taunted me My heart was all a flutter. I needed to find my vintage brooch Hidden among the clutter. I vowed to organize every bracelet, necklace and ring Before the day was over. Hoping to easily find my favorite bling And not have to borrow from a neighbor.     The task was daunting I … [Read more...]


Cream, Sugar, or Me? Creative Bathroom Storage

Silver Storage:  Eclectically Vintage

The year was 1983. My uni-brow was replaced with perfectly contoured arches. I was nearly asphyxiated on hairspray fumes and my comb was firmly affixed in my knee sock. The Revlon purple eyeshadow made it's debut on my lids on my first day at ... my all girl's high school! No boys?  No matter. Like peacocks, we strutted our stuff up and down … [Read more...]