Be My Valentine – Conversation Heart Cake

Valentine Conversation Heart Cake

Roses are red, cake stands are green, I heart cake, and this is a cinch to make.   If you're like me and the entire extent of your cake decorating repertoire starts and stops with applying frosting, don't despair. Who needs fancy roses and swirls when you can buy a box of cake mix, a can of frosting and a big bag of … [Read more...]


Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole

Cheesy Ham & Potato Casserole

When I told my hubby we were having 10 people over for Christmas dinner, I think he heard me say 100 people from the amount of leftovers we had! What to do with mounds of ham and mashed potatoes? A quick and easy cheesy ham and potato casserole that takes minutes to assemble. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:12] The breadcrumbs add a nice golden … [Read more...]


My Sanity Saver – Blue Apron

Sweet Potato Pizza

They say we can have it all ... just not all at once.   While I like to think I can do it all, I've come to realize that sometimes, it's ok to ask for help. I love to cook, but it's hard to find time to grocery shop and meal plan especially when my family is always on the run. I've found a sanity saver called Blue Apron - cue … [Read more...]


Bloody Mary Recipe with a Kick and a Giveaway!

Best Bloody Mary Recipe

What's better than having friends over around the holidays? Growing up, parties were the norm in my neighborhood and nobody needed an excuse to throw one. One of my favorite memories was going to neighborhood Sunday brunches. No matter who hosted, everyone would bring favorite holiday recipes to share and there would always be a big … [Read more...]


Make a Watermelon Drink Dispenser and Summer Cocktail

Make a watermelon drink dispenser

    I love a good cocktail. When I'm not whipping up a huge batch of my world famous Summer Sangria or shaking up my favorite margarita, I do this ... How to Make a Watermelon Drink Dispenser Supplies (the poor guy at the hardware store thought I was nuts but he helped me find everything I needed - bring these pictures for … [Read more...]


5 Minute Salty & Sweet Treat

5 Minute Salty & Sweet Treat

  What do you get when you cross the salty goodness of a pretzel with the gooey sweetness of a caramel candy? The world's most addictive treat that satisfies both salty and sweet. Bonus - it takes less than five minutes to make a batch. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:11] Having teens who love getting creative in the kitchen is a very good … [Read more...]


Grilled Mexican Corn on the Cob


  When I think of summer, I think of fresh corn from the farmer's market. This Grilled Mexican Corn on the Cob recipe takes it to the next level with a little kick from habanero and the mild flavor of Cojita cheese. I know, I know ... it's August and almost the end of fresh corn season.   So to bid goodbye to the lazy … [Read more...]


Simple Sweet & Tart Blackberry Lemonade


  If a tree falls on your garage will it make a sound? Yes - a giant thud ... and it will put a hole in your roof too. So when my poor hubby was out sweltering and sawing the giant branch into bite size pieces ... I pulled a June Cleaver and delivered him a glass of my new favorite simple blackberry lemonade recipes to quench … [Read more...]


Best Ever Summer Sangria Recipe


  I wish I could invite every single one of you over. We'd sit outside on my vintage turquoise glider and chat and laugh while my hubby manned the barbecue. I'd serve you my favorite summer sangria recipe and you'd beg to know how I made it. Ever notice how the best recipes get passed down from friend to friend? My friend Brian … [Read more...]


Best Baked Ziti Low Cal Beg for the Recipe Dish


  I'd rather swim with alligators than clean baseboards. I’d rather run through a bee hive than clean the shower. I’d rather give up going to thrift shops for a year than iron (ok, well maybe not that). I'd rather cook a meal for an army of 200 than clean the oven. I have a confession to make and I know you won't judge me.  I … [Read more...]