My Thanksgiving Table and Elastic Waist Pants!

Fall Thanksgiving Table

  I'll be donning my elastic waist pants, whipping up a big Tom turkey and carbo loading up a storm this Thanksgiving. Best part - family. Second best part - (besides all those carbs) an excuse to set the table in a fun way. Make sure to check out my house all decked out for fall. Twenty five fabulous friends are sharing their … [Read more...]


A Wonderful Thanksgiving Memory

Santa float Macy's Parade

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'll be wearing my elastic waist pants, heading to my sister's house and eating lots and lots of carbs.   We'll watch the parade on tv and remember our fun day of going into NYC to see the Macy's parade floats inflate before our eyes. It's a sight to behold - put it on your bucket … [Read more...]


New Thanksgiving Traditions – How to Make Thankful Pumpkins

Thanksgiving Thankful Pumpkins - great idea!

  I'm a lucky girl who has a lot to be thankful for. My beautiful girls, my hot hubby, my family and friends, my health ... not to mention things like chocolate, wine and margaritas.   You know I'm all about creating simple projects ... and I'm a big believer in making memories and what better remembrance of all those … [Read more...]


Party Tips and Tricks from the Pros (& I’m in Country Living Magazine)

Eclectically Vintage in Country Living Magazine

  What's better than Thanksgiving dinner? Family, friends, turkey, mashed potatoes, pecan pie ...   Not much gets better but this comes close. Look for me in the November issue of Country Living magazine! Their Ask the Pros section provides tons of creative ideas to have the most amazing Thanksgiving ever. Here … [Read more...]


Floating on Air – Inflating Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Floats

Eclectically Vintage

Yesterday, we jumped on a train to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Floats being inflated. The weather was perfect, the crowds were minimal (early on) and the floats were huge. Frog legs anyone? It's a sight to behold - put it on your bucket list. Wrapping around the Museum of Natural History, and across from … [Read more...]


Bring on the Bling – Metallic Pinecone Place Settings

Fall Crafts, Thanksgiving, place settings

I'm torn. I love natural, rustic things like old wooden toolboxes and chippy paint ... but I also love a bit of bling (I live in Jersey after all). How to marry the two? Why not take a standard issue pinecone (not that there's anything wrong with that) and give it some attitude. I was lucky enough to try the Krylon Premium Copper … [Read more...]


Orange Pomander Monogrammed Place Setting

Eclectically Vintage

Have you ever heard of a pomander? No, not a pompador, a pomander. It comes from the french word pomme d'ambre, apple of amber. Pomanders were used to mask odors (as you can imagine!) and ward off diseases in the Middle Ages and were made form gold, silver or even wood and filled with a spice mixture. They evolved into the clove studded … [Read more...]


Paper Bag Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece

Eclectically Vintage Turkey

Who could forget that scene from Christmas Vacation? When Chevy Chase dramatically carved into that turkey ... only to see it deflate before his very eyes. Young and old broke bread around that table. But what if your table can't hold everyone? We've all paid our dues there, cast away from the adults to the dreaded kids table. So … [Read more...]


Kids Gobbly Good Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Eclectically Vintage Thanksgiving

With the rustic adult table all set, it's time to get the kids table ready. The centerpiece is a fun paper bag turkey that looks amazingly like the real bird! He's stuffed with popcorn and will be "carved" when all the kids arrive to reveal the munchies inside (cut a slit in the top and the kids can dig right in). All you need is a … [Read more...]


Thanks Banner With Vintage Silver

Silver Thanksgiving Banner

I broke out my huge scrapbook paper supply and was contemplating making a Christmas banner when my daughter said she wanted to make one for Thanksgiving to hang near the kids table.  "Great idea!" I told her, so she debated on what the banner should say (Thanks was the winner since she decided Happy Thanksgiving and Give Thanks were way too long … [Read more...]