Eclectic Home Tour – Bliss at Home

Bliss at Home Eclectic Home Tour

  Kristin of Bliss at Home hit the nail on the head - her home is blissful.  I can see that she lives by her design philosophy of "be daring, but lovely" which involves taking decorating risks. No wonder she's in this month's Better Homes and Gardens showing off her built in bookcase wall made from Ikea bookcases. Kristin didn't let … [Read more...]


New Addition to My Family and I Need Your Advice!

Boston Terrier Puppy

I thought our family was complete with my hubby and twin girls. So imagine my surprise when at the ripe young age of @*, another little bundle has arrived in our home. Meet Sushi - born June 9, 2014. She's a Boston Terrier puppy who I swear is part cat as she loves to find sunny spots for long naps. Just look at those soulful eyes … [Read more...]


Eclectic Garden Tour – Three Dogs in a Garden

Eclectic garden tour

"Like housework, a garden is never done." Wise words from Jennifer of Three Dogs in a Garden. Not only is she an avid gardener, she also is an amazing photographer capturing her friends and neighbors gardens in all of their glory.   Here, Jennifer takes us on a tour of the charming garden of her friend Beth and it starts on a … [Read more...]


Eclectic Home Tour – New Old House

Country Living House of the Year 2014

Remember when I spoke at the Country Living Fair? Just a stones throw away, in Rhinebeck, NY, sits an Americana new-old house filled with charming details. Welcome to the Country Living House of the Year 2014. It all starts with a welcoming wraparound porch with striped painted floors.   This is one bold kitchen and I love that … [Read more...]


My Hydrangea-less Summer and When to Prune

When to prune hydrangeas

Big, fat tears rolled down my cheeks when I stepped outside a couple of months ago only to be met with a frightening sight. No, it wasn't Sasquatch or Freddy Krueger (although this did give me nightmares). It was so much more horrifying.   Oh my hubby certainly meant well when he let someone give our yard a spring clean … [Read more...]


Eclectic Garden Tour – Gypsy Farm Girl

Gypsy Farm Girl garden tour

Why buy a garden container when you can use what you have? That's Janice of Gypsy Farm Girl's philosophy and it's given her the cutest junk and flower filled yard. She lives on a Texas cattle farm and shares her garden with a few four legged friends. She even found this gazebo in a ditch, hauled it home and worked her magic with a tin … [Read more...]


Unique Trellis Ideas

10 Unique Trellises and dress form trellis

Ever since I planted my first clematis hoping it would climb and cover my mailbox post (which it sadly did not) in a mass of colorful blooms, I've wanted a trellis. These trellises are making me climb the walls!   Got an old bike?  Turn it into a rusty bike trellis. Turn spare bike tires into a flower tower trellis like this … [Read more...]


Cape Cod Escape & My Trip to the ER

Cape Cod Vacation

It started with a bang and ended with a thud. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen some of my pics from our family trip to Cape Cod which was amazing (it was also painful but more on that later). Beautiful beaches, charming towns, bustling main streets, cedar shake cottages and hydrangeas everywhere you turn. Lots of swimming, … [Read more...]


Eclectic Garden Tour – Daisy Mae Belle

Enchanted garden tour

  Melissa of Daisy Mae Belle has a backyard made for enchanted parties under a canopy of lights. The perfect place to warm up on a chilly summer night - with s'mores of course. An old play house got a facelift and now does duty as the world's cutest craft shed. The sign says it all.   How cute is this little DIY tent … [Read more...]


My Summer Kitchen and a 70′s Flashback

Summer kitchen

  Are you a little bit country or a little bit rock and roll? I'm having flashbacks to my childhood filled with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Devil Dogs eaten out of my Donny and Marie lunchbox with matching thermos. Donny was a little bit rock and roll and I was helpless to resist his purple socks? These definitely … [Read more...]