A Simple Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Decor eclecticallyvintage.com

Now that my girls are 16, they no longer want to have their annual girls only Valentine party. Sob. I'll still make them Cupid Floats, slice a couple of pieces of Conversation Heart Cake and have a cheesy movie marathon with them and my hubby. Here's to being with the ones you love ... and a big box of chocolate in a heart … [Read more...]


Jazz Up Any Drink & Our Annual Valentine’s Party

Love is Valentine Drinks eclecticallyvintage.com

  It's almost that time again - my girls' annual Valentine's party. Girls only of course! On their must do list: Cupid Floats Guess Who - the girls fill out a questionnaire with 10 burning questions such as, "What 3 things would you bring to a dessert island?" and "Who’s your secret crush?" They had a blast guessing who was … [Read more...]


Two Free Valentine Printables and My Singing Debut

Free I Love You Valentine Printable eclecticallyvintage.com

  I love you. I really, really do. Show everyone who walks through your door that you love them too with these two fun Valentine printables. Click here to download & print my watermark free fun Valentine I Love You printable. Set to print at 8 x 10 inches - try using a piece of heavy card stock or just regular printer … [Read more...]


Cupid Float Valentine


  Once upon a time (last year), I wrote about my daughters' annual Valentine's Day party and our Cupid Float. As I was rushing to feed a dozen hungry 12 year old girls, I snapped a pic. That picture looks like one of those horrible paparazzi shots when they catch the star in her bathing suit and she doesn't know anybody is … [Read more...]


Make Simple Valentine Party Decorations


  I remember giant bear hugs from two girls with sticky little fingers. I still get hugs but also a lot of eye rolls. Guess it comes with the 13 year old territory. They are somewhere between cuddling their pillow pets and having secret crushes. So why not celebrate by letting them laugh with good friends while not worrying … [Read more...]


How to Make a Pom Poms Flowers … With a Fork!


As I zipped around Roller-Rama looking like all that and a bag of chips in my satin jacket ... skates adorned with giant blue pom poms with bells on them, I didn't have a care in the world.   Yes, the pom pom can do that to a girl. I dare you to try and say pom pom and not smile - it's impossible. So let's learn how to make pom … [Read more...]


Sugar High Valentine Party


Update - my fabulously fun, pink, delicious Cupid Float has been so popular so it's gotten a makeover and looks better than ever!    Ah, gotta love the tween years!  My 12 year old twins decided to throw a Valentine's party - girls only!  After all, girls rule and boys drool (at least for now)! Centerpiece What's better than a table … [Read more...]


In Her Shoes – Valentine Mantel


What better way to decorate for Valentine's Day than by remembering our kids when they were sweet (aka, never talked back and listened to whatever we said)! My still sweet twins are 12 now but I saved some of their cutest shoes - from booties to ballet shoes. They look adorable on the mantel! An old window and scrapbook paper hearts could … [Read more...]


“Love Is” Valentine Wreath


Remember the cute "Love Is" boy and girl from the 70's? I loved those little cartoon cuties and even had a Love Is drinking glass when I was a kid! This year, I decided to create a Love Is Valentine Wreath! The creator, Kim Casali, began the series for the Los Angeles Times in 1970 with black and white cartoons of the cherubic little … [Read more...]