A Tale of My Two Christmas Doors

unusual wreath for Christmas

It's business on my front door... and a party on my back door! Two wreaths. Both using vintage finds. Old wooden finials from a house so the rain could drip gently down the pointed tip... and my hubs little shovel that now makes me smile every time I walk through the back door.   What do you like to hang on … [Read more...]


Arachnophobia – Spooky Spider Wreath

Eclectically Vintage Halloween Spiders

Remember as a kid when you were just about to nod off to sleep. Until you glanced up and spotted a huge, hairy spider dangling from the ceiling, right above your head! Screams could be heard for miles until that little guy was squished (or let out the window - yes, my mom did that). Well, get ready for some real arachnophobia with this simple … [Read more...]


Fall Porch & DIY Pumpkin Topiaries

Fall topiary

Three surefire signs it's fall: Mums. Pumpkins. Raking. They're all on my porch - with a twist. Hopefully, this is the only time I'll have to touch a rake! Remember what these music sheet planters started out as? See how I made these planters out of $1 plastic pumpkins. $7 yard sale lantern! DIY Pumpkin Topiaries *3 faux … [Read more...]


It’s a Cinch – Summer Paper Parasol Wreath


My girls love cocktail umbrellas! They are in heaven if a waiter brings them a fruity drink dressed up with a paper umbrella (they take after their mom after all)! This wreath is the true definition of cinch. 15 minutes (probably because I used the biggest wreath form known to man) was all it took. Bonus - it only cost $2! Yes, you … [Read more...]


Party with My Peeps Easter Wreath


What says Easter better than a gooey sugar coated marshmallow shaped chick or bunny? The infamous Easter peep has been reincarnated into a wreath! Remember my marshmallow wreath? - well I figured ... peeps are just marshmallows with the added cuteness factor so why not do a Peep wreath?! I always feel like somebody's watching me!  (extra … [Read more...]


“Love Is” Valentine Wreath


Remember the cute "Love Is" boy and girl from the 70's? I loved those little cartoon cuties and even had a Love Is drinking glass when I was a kid! This year, I decided to create a Love Is Valentine Wreath! The creator, Kim Casali, began the series for the Los Angeles Times in 1970 with black and white cartoons of the cherubic little … [Read more...]


Unusual Wreath and a Vintage Christmas

Picture 1732

It's not a dented old jell-o mold - it's one of my unique wreaths! That's what I saw when I spotted this little baby at the thrift shop. With a bright red bow, it's festive and perfect for the kitchen (although I hate to bake)! This mold was among the pile of thrift store booty (here) I found recently. I said I would be using most of it for my … [Read more...]


Marshmallow World Wreath & Other Beauties

Marshmallow Wreath

I still remember my grade school Christmas show when we belted out the tune "It's a Marshmallow World." Yeah, I know it's probably on your list of top 10 Christmas songs of all time (has anyone ever heard of it?!). Cue the music! It's a Marshmallow World in the Winter When the Snow Comes to Cover the Ground It's a Time for Play It's a Whipped … [Read more...]