My Summer Home Tour

Summer home tour

Summer. The days are longer, warmer, brighter and just all around happier. Plus I love a good bomb pop from the freezer (and an ice cold margarita). It's also the perfect excuse to decorate my house, so without further ado, my summer home tour ...   It's a bottle drying rack but I don't like being told what to do so I … [Read more...]


Vintage Olive Buckets and Dough Bowls, Oh My!

Vintage filled mantel decor

I have a thing for old things. Things with a story to tell. Things with a little bit of rust and a ding or two. So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Eskiden, a shop filled with the most amazing vintage finds from Turkey including vintage olive buckets, dough bowls, wood cutting boards and more. Everything in the shop has a story … [Read more...]


Reclaimed Wood Monogram and a Giveaway!

Cozy family room

Today's post is brought to you by the letter E. E is for ecstatic. That's how I feel about this amazing reclaimed wood monogram that was custom made for me by Kathryn of Ava Berry Lane. As soon as it arrived on my doorstep, I ripped open the package and carried the monogram all around the house, upstairs & downstairs (I burned 147 … [Read more...]


My Summer Porch

Summer Porch

Hooray for the red, white and blue. It's fun gussying up my front porch for every season and this summer, my porch is getting patriotic with a little red, white and blue with the help of some of my favorite outdoor products from Command™ Brand. Here's how I took my shameful front porch from this ... to this ... Materials: Command™ … [Read more...]


I Survived Ikea and My Fun Finds

Fun finds for summer

Like training for the Olympics, a trip to Ikea means being at your peak emotionally, mentally and physically. So after a few reps of push ups followed by a couple of downward dogs and some relaxing stretches, I set out in my car with the music pumping to get me ready to do battle with the beast that is Ikea. Don't get me wrong, I love it … [Read more...]


Cheers – My Dining Room Wine Cellar

Wine cellar dining room

To know me is to know I love wine. There have been many a bottle shared in this dining room with family and friends ... and maybe sometimes I opened up a bottle all for myself! So why not turn my dining room into my very own wine cellar? Once I hung these gorgeous drapes, I knew I wanted a change from the huge wall of coloring book … [Read more...]


How to Plant Peonies – so they Bloom!

How to plant peonies so they bloom!

Peonies! I've dreamed of planting them for years but some unknown force was trying to keep me and my precious flowers apart. Not anymore - I've finally fulfilled my peony dream (similar to my dream of growing amazing hydrangeas). I wanted to do this right so I picked the brain of experts at the garden center on how to plant peonies so they … [Read more...]


Dining Room Update and Amazing Giveaway!

Lacefield Designs Curtains in the dining room

There are two types of people in the world. Curtain people ... and non curtain people. I was always the former and didn't think anyone or anything could change my mind. But I soon realized that my dining room was lacking something. It needed oomph, pizazz, drama, pattern.  It needed something to soften the lines of the windows.  It … [Read more...]


The Art of Propping – Antique Window Mantel

Antique window mantel

  I'm a propper. Some may call it lazy but I prefer to think of propping as looking laid back and effortless (plus I don't have to put holes in my walls). Want a quick and easy focal point? Get your notebook and pencil ready because I'm about to share something extremely complicated ... 1) gather up a few of your favorite … [Read more...]


Behind Closed Doors – My Mudroom Gets Organized

Mudroom Organization Ideas

When we renovated our house, I couldn’t wait to add a mudroom. It’s not huge so I made sure to make sure it had lots of storage – closets instead of cubbies so I could hang all of our coats. Little did I know, way more than coats would be occupying this space. It’s where we store cleaning supplies, sports equipment, dog paraphernalia, muddy … [Read more...]