Eclectic Home Tour – House No. 214

Eclectic Home Tour of House No. 214

Did you jaw drop when you saw this kitchen?  Mine did. Today is tour number 126 in my Eclectic Home Tour series. Grab a cup of coffee (or something stronger) and make sure and enjoy today's tour then make sure to stop by and browse through all of the amazing homes. Now onto today's tour which is a little different. Melinda of House No. … [Read more...]


Rustic Spring Mantel and a DIY Garland

Rustic Spring Mantel and DIY Carrot Garland

Spring is in the air ... tomorrow is officially the first day of spring and I'm celebrating the warmer, longer, happier, brighter and all around better days with a fun mantel. Remember my egg garland that I made a few years ago? This is my 2015 version made from little carrot eggs from the dollar store and some clear fishing twine. It's … [Read more...]


You’re a Good Egg – Natural Spring Decor

Love this natural spring centerpiece!

I've always dreamed of living on a farm, surrounded by my menagerie including a coop full of colorful chickens who lay the most amazing eggs in every color of the rainbow. But alas, my eggs come from the supermarket and honestly, I'm not about to shovel chicken poo. These eggs don't need neon dye - they're perfect in all their brown speckled … [Read more...]


Eclectic Home Tour – Julie Blanner

Eclectic Home Tour Julie Blanner

It's Eclectic Home Tour time. With well over 100 homes and counting, there's inspiration for everyone so be sure to check them out. Today's Eclectic Home Tour is actually two homes of Julie Blanner ... one is her former Colonial and and the other is her current Tudor that she moved into around six months ago. The Colonial She … [Read more...]


Brightening Up the Kitchen – DIY Window Treatment

Make a DIY Dish Towel Window Treatment

You know I love my white kitchen but sometimes white can use a shot of color. What better place to go colorful than on my kitchen window so I can be cheered up every time I scrub pots and pans.   When I spotted these New Jersey state dish towels at a nearby shop, I scooped them up. Yes, I'm Jerseylicious and proud of it! Instead … [Read more...]


It’s a Cinch – Spring in the Dining Room and a DIY Banner

Make a DIY banner from any paper

  You know my mantra ... simple ideas mean more time for cocktails. So when I wanted a festive spring banner but couldn't find anything that I loved in the store, I whipped up my own in minutes. How To Find your favorite paper - I used a 10 pack of thank you cards - but you can use scrapbook paper, music sheets, book pages ... … [Read more...]


My White Phase – In the Kitchen

White Kitchen display

  Picasso had his blue phase. I'm having a white phase - white kitchen filled with white kitchen accessories that are functional too (that scalloped bowl just served last night's pasta). I just realized it's been three years since I posted a tour of my kitchen.  Things have changed (including my photography skills) but the bones stay … [Read more...]


bHome – Worth a Million Words!

bHome app

  I know what you're thinking. What do I need with another app? You're probably already on Facebook, Pinterest, maybe even Instagram and you follow your favorite blogs. bHome    INSPIRE    CREATE    CONNECT  So why do we need this amazing new app called bHome? Well, I've been using it for a few months now and I … [Read more...]


My Favorite Command Hook Organization Ideas

Favorite Ways to Get Organized

I've been on a mission to get organized. Filling bags of unwanted stuff and hauling them to the thrift store or the dump. Difficult for a self professed hoarder like myself (my basement and garage are the stuff of horror films). Like the saying goes, big things come in small packages which is definitely true of Command™ Brand products. … [Read more...]


Eclectic Home Tour – Migura House

Eclectic Home Tour

It's Saturday which means it's time for another Eclectic Home Tour ... be sure to browse through the 100+ (and growing) homes that are sure to inspire. Brace yourself for this triple threat home that is not only stunning, it's got an equally amazing guest house and if that's not enough, there is a pool house I wish I could move right into … [Read more...]