Furniture Reshuffling – Looking at Things in a New Light

Console table styling

I've had the January doldrums. Every since I removed that last speck of glitter from the overabundance of Christmas, I've been in a decorating rut. My house has never been more bare. It was actually refreshing to live like a minimalist for awhile. I'm rethinking how I want to live. Do I want tons of clutter weighing me down or do … [Read more...]


Do You Doodle? Doodling Ideas for Everyone

Doodles - a fun art activity for everyone

Do you doodle? I've always been a doodler. I mindlessly doodle whenever there is a paper and pen in front of me. Flowers, curly cues, animals ... my doodles don't discriminate. There's just something about creating a fun little work of art - even if it's on a napkin! Bonus - it may be better than a bubble bath for relaxing and letting … [Read more...]


Eclectic Home Tour – Lemon Tree Farmhouse

Eclectic Farmhouse Tour

"Designing by trend can be visually appealing but designing by personality creates a space that comforts all senses" - Sophia Reay - Lemon Tree Interiors. Sophia created a farmhouse that definitely comforts my senses. Take the tour then spin back around and check out all of my Eclectic Home Tours. Two of my favorite things ... … [Read more...]


Like Father Like Daughter – Dad’s Pipe Collection

Meerschaum pipe collection

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Not only did I inherit my dad's looks and his latin rhythm but it seems he also passed down the collecting bug. From duck decoys and art (he loved to hunt) to beer steins (he loved a good cocktail) to $2 bills (he gave stacks of them to my girls) to pipes galore, my dad loved a good collection. My … [Read more...]


Eclectic Home Tour – Malibu Vintage Industrial

Eclectic Home Tour - industrial, modern, farmhouse style

Grab your surfboard and let's head to Malibu to check out the first Eclectic Home Tour of 2016. This industrial-vintage-modern beauty was designed by the talented Brooke Wagner Design. Take the tour then circle back around to peruse the 130+ Eclectic Home Tours. This statement chandelier sets the tone in the foyer. I love this … [Read more...]


Modern vs Beachy and Win Your Dream Kitchen!

Modern kitchen

What's better than a night high atop The Freedom Tower in NYC to attend the LG Limitless Design Event, meeting HGTV's Emily Henderson and David Bromstad, walking through two beautiful kitchens that they designed just for this event and getting a first glimpse at a very cool new line of appliances. There's a new girl on the block and she's … [Read more...]


10 Minute Decorating – Kitchen Counter Storage

Red stove is a show stopper in this white kitchen

Since my whole family loves to cook, I like keeping the things we use every day out in the open. No more frantically searching drawers and cabinets for a spatula in the middle of a pancake making marathon. Grab your favorite tray and put those every day items on display in unique containers. My vintage loving cup takes the prize for … [Read more...]


January Clean Slate

Clean Slate - take stock before decorating

Away with the Santas, stockings, trees and trimmings. The excess of Christmas has me craving a simple, clean look. January is the perfect time to take stock. To declutter. To empty rooms for a fresh perspective. To surround ourselves with only what we love. To remove things that just don't work anymore. To rearrange furniture, … [Read more...]


Classic Christmas Homes in My Town

Classic Christmas Homes

Happy New Year! While we are all busy un-decking our halls, I thought it would be fun to bid one last farewell to Christmas on this last day of 2015 by taking a walk around my neighborhood. The weather outside has been far from frightful which means no white Christmas but the houses are still festive and here are some of my favorites classic … [Read more...]


Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole

Cheesy Ham & Potato Casserole

When I told my hubby we were having 10 people over for Christmas dinner, I think he heard me say 100 people from the amount of leftovers we had! What to do with mounds of ham and mashed potatoes? A quick and easy cheesy ham and potato casserole that takes minutes to assemble. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:12] The breadcrumbs add a nice golden … [Read more...]


Under $20 Christmas Decor