Decorating With Mason Jars – My Favorite Ideas

Mason Jar Window Treatment

I've never realized how many things I've used mason jars for until I gathered many of them together here. Some are old, some are new, some are green, some are blue (I'm such a poet), but there are so many uses for them. Here are some of my favorite ways I'm decorating with mason jars around my house ... 1) Mason Jar Window … [Read more...]


Old House Curb Appeal

Old House Curb Appeal

There is a small window of opportunity during the year when I can take Sushi on long walks. She can't handle cold - she's short haired and doesn't have a thick fur coat to keep her snug. I bundle her up in knit sweaters (she's partial to her hooded sock monkey sweater) and off we go until she's shivering uncontrollably and we end up heading … [Read more...]


Eclectic Home Tour – Castine Maine

Coastal Historic Home Tour

Ever since I visited Maine a few summers ago, I've dreamed of buying a second house in one of the many charming coastal towns. I'd sail, pick blueberries, ride my bike along the shore path, eat lob-stah and drink margaritas while watching the sunset over the Atlantic. My friend Loi from Tone on Tone is living my dream in a historic Castine, … [Read more...]


Foyer Update – A Whole New Look

Textured woven bench

Do you ever get stuck in a rut. You put a few pieces of furniture in a room and there they sit ... seemingly for all eternity. It's good to shake things up once in awhile and look at each room in a whole new light.   When I spotted this fun woven fabric bench, I knew I had to have it (plus I'm sharing some more of my favorite … [Read more...]


My Top 10 Magic Eraser Uses!


I had the scare of my life early one morning when my 6 year old self walked by my parents bedroom. I glanced inside and ran screaming down the stairs. Mom, there's a huge rat in your bed! My mom raced upstairs only to come down laughing. It wasn't a rat ... it was my dad's toupee flipped upside down on the pillow looking like a rabid … [Read more...]


Eclectic Home Tour – Old Silver Shed

Old Silver Shed - Cape Cod Coastal Home Tour

I love Cape Cod. The cedar shake homes, the clear blue water, the hydrangeas around every corner. So when I discovered Sandra of Old Silver Shed on Instagram, I fell in love with her dream coastal home on the cape that is the perfect blend of modern and vintage style. This is one home in my Eclectic Home Tour series where you get to peek inside … [Read more...]


What a Crock Side Table

Crock Table

I found this crock at an estate sale. It was the kitchen garbage can! Of course I had to rescue it from a life of rotten banana peels and coffee grounds so I scooped it up for $50. It's HUGE and was made by National Pottery in Roseville, Ohio. I love the red wood and metal handles. The 12 means it can hold 12 gallons. I … [Read more...]


Spring is in the Air Home Tour

Spring house decorating ideas

Spring is in the air. I'm not talking about the pollen that has me running for Zyrtec ... I'm talking about budding trees and the promise of patio sitting, book reading (did you know there is a new Harry Potter book coming out this summer that I just pre-ordered), cocktail sipping weather to come. My house is alive with color, greenery, … [Read more...]


Eclectic Home Tour – Tidbits

Cottage Kitchen and home tour

You would never guess that Cami of Tidbits lives in a house in Utah built in the 90's. She's put her stamp on it's now a rustic cottage that seems like it's been there forever. After you're done touring the cottage, stick around and take your pick from all of my amazing Eclectic Home Tours. DIY planked walls, open kitchen shelves and a … [Read more...]


Master Bedroom Rug – Adding Texture

Love this cozy reading area and that textured rug

If you're following along with the nail biting Kelly's Bedroom Telenovela saga, this is where we left off ...   After sleeping together for 20 years, Kelly cruelly dumped her four poster bed. She couldn't resist the charm and dark good looks of her new metal bed.   Not only did Kelly cast away the old bed but she cold … [Read more...]


Under $20 Christmas Decor