Bedroom Updates – Wrinkles and All

Love this grain sack striped body pillow

I'm in the process of redoing my bedroom and I'm craving a light and airy and simple look. Be gone 10 throw pillows that I have to fluff every morning. I'm taking it down to the basics and I'm loving the time worn, vintage feel of my linen bedding from Matteo - wrinkles and all. It's all about tone on tone layering with a ruffled quilt … [Read more...]


Eclectic Home Tour – My Fabuless Life

patio, small patio, privacy screen

Today's Eclectic Home Tour takes us to Jenn of My Fabuless Life and her fabulous home done on a budget. "There’s something about the vintage, antique, collected, and eclectic—things with a story and a past—that make my heart happy", says Jenn. The DIY starts in the foyer where Jenn turned a modern Ikea desk into this rustic entry … [Read more...]


Sunroom Updates – Stars of the Show and Supporting Characters

Eclectic Sunroom

Slow and steady wins the race. I'm not a wham, bam thank you ma'am kind of decorator. I would much rather do things little by little - waiting for the perfect pieces. Remember the mid century console I found at an estate sale a few years ago. I painted it a fun shade of blue and there it sat. The belle of the ball. Waiting for some equally … [Read more...]


Flower Arranging Tips for Stunning Bouquets

peonies, flower arranging, flower frot

I may be slightly obsessed with my peonies. I planted three peony bushes last spring and they have rewarded me with tons of amazing flowers! If you want these beauties in your garden, don't miss my peony growing tips. What's a girl to do with this many blooms? Make a WOW bouquet of course. Flower Arranging Tips Choose a unique … [Read more...]


Early Summer Home Tour

glass water jugs, vintage milk glass

This weekend, I was glistening up a storm (I was actually sweating buckets in the 90 degree heat but glistening sounds better) so in my book, it's officially summer even though we have a couple of more weeks until it's official. I'm kicking off a week of summer home tours that my friend Lindsay put together and you can start the tour on her blog … [Read more...]


May in Snapshots

lilacs, vintage enamel bucket

May was all about the garden. If you've dreamed of growing these beauties, read my tips on planting peonies so they bloom. I filled an affiliate giant metal garden tote with these gorgeous blooms - they look amazing in my living room near my summer mantel of old windows and an oyster shell wreath from HomeGoods. You can also watch a fun peony … [Read more...]


Peonies in Bloom!

peonies, peony, vintage water cooler

My life consists of two glorious weeks of cutting and arranging my peonies and 50 weeks of anxiously waiting for them to bloom again (obviously, I need a hobby). Peony season is fleeting but so worth the wait and if you have ever dreamed of growing your own make sure to read my Peony Growing post filled with my favorite tips and tricks for … [Read more...]


Best Memorial Day Sales


Happy Memorial Day everyone - let's take time remember our service men and women who have died in battle. I hope you enjoy the weekend with friends and family. Today, I'll be scooping up all the great deals that I've found and I'm sharing my favorite affiliate Memorial Day Sales. Loft - 60% off select summer and sale and 40% off everything … [Read more...]


Cleaning Routines – Clean House Tips

Cleaning Supply Closet

I was the first person to christen the toilets in all of my houses! Since I've been married, I've lived in three houses. Two new builds and my current 100 year old house that we completely renovated before we moved in so I consider it a new house. With anything new, I was paranoid of spills, scratches and stains but eventually, life takes … [Read more...]


Why Aren’t My Hydrangeas Blooming – and How to Fix It!

Winter Kill Hydrangea Care

Why aren't my hydrangeas blooming? To make a long story short, it's because of the harsh winter! If your hydrangeas are pathetic brown sticks like mine, join me in a moment of silence then read on to see what you can do about it. The back story: After two hydrangea-less summers (thanks to the "pro" that mutilated my hydrangeas one spring … [Read more...]