Countdown to Christmas – How to Add Fun Christmas Effects to Photos

Turn Your Pet's Photo into Rudolph!

Only 9 Fridays til Christmas and five of my friends and I will be bringing you Christmas ideas every Friday through Black Friday to get you in the holiday spirit. Sushi has been a busy little elf. She feels Christmas should revolve around her cuteness and I agree so she put on her diva attitude and strutted her stuff for some pictures which … [Read more...]


10 Fridays til Christmas – Oh Deer!

Make a DIY Deer Head

Oh Deer! Only 10 Fridays til Christmas! I know what you're thinking. "Kelly, it's not even Halloween yet and you're already Ho Ho Ho-ing about Christmas." I want to eliminate the stress of doing everything at the last minute this year. So while everyone else is standing in line at the post office waiting to mail a stack of cards, … [Read more...]


The Legend of St Nicholas Day – Start a Fun Family Tradition

St Nicholas Day - a Fun Family Tradition

  Greed is good. At least when it comes to candy. So when my mom told me about St. Nicholas Day when I was a kid, my greed was in high gear. On the night of December 5, St Nicholas Day (Nikolaustag in German), is celebrated by having kids put their shoes outside the door.   Legend has it that the spirit of St. Nicholas, … [Read more...]


Christmas in a Minute – Make a Mason Jar Advent Calendar

DIY Mason Jar Advent Calendar

  There's nothing more exciting than anticipation. Counting down the days. Something to look forward to. There's also nothing as exciting as a simple project ... one that takes just minutes to create. What are the odds that I happen to have 24 new blue mason jars? It's fate ... the perfect amount to make the world's … [Read more...]


How to Make Winter Snow Globe Jars

How to make snow village jars

Gather around my good little girls and boys for a magical story. No, it's not about a reindeer who could fly nor about a jolly old man that leaves presents under the tree.   Imagine a happy place where the snow is always pure white and glistening... you don't need to own a snow shovel ... and you can stroll over a footbridge in the … [Read more...]


My Favorite Christmas Tree

Metallic Christmas Tree

You know I love collecting. I even have a growing Christmas tree collection in all shapes and sizes but this one in my dining room has to be my favorite. Unlike the perfectly symmetrical triangular tree (that takes forever to assemble and light) that's been with me through 18 Christmases, I am thrilled to discover that there are artificial … [Read more...]


A Dazzling Sight to Behold – a Town of Luminaries

Luminaries on Christmas Eve

It's a dazzling sight to behold. Rows of glowing luminaries light up the night in my town on Christmas Eve. An entire community, united on one very special night. And in the true spirit of the season, all money raised goes to those in need. A blanket of snow falls as if on cue. My favorite gift of the … [Read more...]


Merry Christmas to All

A Very Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas! Hope Santa stuffs your stockings full of everything on your wish lists. I truly appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to visit me. This has been an amazing year and I look forward to what 2013 brings. Stop by House #1, House #2, House #3 and House #4 on this Four Festive … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – A Homey Christmas

A Homey Christmas

Welcome to House #4 - All Things Home. Santa visited Amy of All Things Home one Christmas Eve and was thrilled with what he saw. Perfect gift ideas for Mrs. Claus whom he found was impossible to shop for. She would love hanging the elves tiny stockings from this ladder with care ... and he could picture her putting fresh poinsettias … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – A Rusty Christmas

Rusty Hinge House Tour via Eclectically Vintage

Welcome to House #2 Mrs. Claus was peering into her snow globe one night and came upon Maria of the Rusty Hinge decking her halls. She ran into Santa's workshop and told him to make sure he brought her an extra special gift. Something with a story like her crusty porch columns ... or a simple chair loaded with red striped … [Read more...]