Guest Room No More!

Cozy Guest Bedroom

  You've seen tons of rooms in my house tour but you've never been up to my third floor.   This long forgotten guest room is a mish mash of stuff. It's also where guests sleep when they visit. But not anymore!   I'm taking back this space and turning it into my office/craft room!   Sorry guests but there's a sofa … [Read more...]


All that Glitters Isn’t Gold – Thrift Shop Makeovers


Like those gals that travel thousands of miles to the Today show, hoping against all hope that Hoda and Kathie Lee will pluck them from the crowd for a much needed and well deserved makeover, my glitzy, gaudy, gold headboard needs an intervention. I'll take this thrift shop girl from the 70's, in all her feathered hair, knee high socks in roller … [Read more...]