Make Paper Bag Gift Bags

Make Gift Bags from Paper Lunch Bags

  I'm whipping up a batch of gift and treat bags from paper lunch bags. Mine are red - but they'd be equally adorable in brown.   Since my make gift bags from any paper  post was such a hit - I thought you'd love these too.   How to Make Gift/Treat Bags from Paper Bags Supplies: * Paper lunch bags * Paper punch - … [Read more...]


Make DIY Gift Bags – From any Paper

Eclectically Vintage

    They say it's all about the presentation. After all, isn't half the fun the anticipation of what awaits?   Cast aside that typical gift wrap and give pizazz to your gifts. How to Make Gift Bags from Any Paper * Get a box from the pantry (I used a rice box) * Wrap the paper around the box like you're … [Read more...]