Halloween House Tour

Halloween Typewriter eclecticallyvintage.com

  My spider wreath is hung. The mummy votives are lit. I've even got pumpkins made out of paper! Tons of Halloween house decorating ideas here so welcome and enter ... if you dare. Lefty can type 90 words per minute. Remember where Lefty was last year? These 3D spiders make my skin crawl ... in a good way. These are … [Read more...]


Make It: 3D Paper Pumpkin


  You know I'm a sucker for fall ... I've got my vintage fall decorations decking my house, my ugly plastic pumpkins turned music sheet planters on my steps and my old toolbox centerpiece smack dab in the middle of my table. My girls love 3D movies ... arrows and rocks flying towards us in the theatre.   Distracting when … [Read more...]


10 Spooktacular Halloween Mantels


  They're creepy and they're spooky ... they're all together ooky, check out my Top 10 Halloween Mantel Ideas - if you dare!   I'm batty for this Halloween mantel with an old toolbox - The Painted Home. Giant spider adds a creep factor to this Halloween mantel - The Wicker House What's not to love about old frames, … [Read more...]


10 Wildly Clever Pumpkin Crafts!

10 Wildly Creative Pumpkin Crafts - Like these junk pumpkins in silver pots!

  I can almost smell the pumpkin pie baking and the leaves burning. As you know, I love fall decorating and creating a fun Halloween house for my girls.   So do these creative gals ...   Carlene from Organized Clutter is one of the most creative people I know! Check out her cake pan pumpkins! Gotta love a … [Read more...]


Make It: Decoupage Lace Pumpkin


  Decoupage. It sounds so sophisticated ... like I should be wearing a Chanel jacket while sipping a glass of champagne on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and watching the beautiful people stroll by with their poodles and baguettes.   In reality, I'm in flip flops and jeans drinking a margarita. But I can … [Read more...]


Halloween House Tour – Enter if You Dare!

Eclectically Vintage Halloween

Welcome my pretties! Enter if you dare. Or shall I say Keep Out! Would you take candy from this lady? Make your neighbors skin crawl by creating this Arachnophobia Spider Wreath for your front door. My witch loves bling so my DIY Copper Jack O'Lantern is right up her alley. Watch your fingers boys and girls because I'm a real … [Read more...]


Halloween Craziness – From Pumpkin Plumbers Crack to a Melting Witch

Bedhead Pumpkin

I just typed in the word Halloween on Hometalk and came up with some of the craziest ideas! From a pumpkin man with a serious case of plumber's crack from 2 Crafty for My Skirt ... to a witch right out of Oz from Rocky Mountain Waterscape - she's melting, she's melting ... to a pumpkin with a serious case of bed head from Garden … [Read more...]


Under Glass Halloween Mantel

Eclectically Vintage Halloween

Spiders, rats and snakes are trapped under glass. These critters love the warmth of the blazing fire. A few have managed to escape their traps ... Anyone have anti-venom serum? Remember my Fall Mantel?  Both mantels share a few things that make it simple to go from Halloween back to fall in a snap. Want to make your own Mummy … [Read more...]


Arachnophobia – Spooky Spider Wreath

Eclectically Vintage Halloween Spiders

Remember as a kid when you were just about to nod off to sleep. Until you glanced up and spotted a huge, hairy spider dangling from the ceiling, right above your head! Screams could be heard for miles until that little guy was squished (or let out the window - yes, my mom did that). Well, get ready for some real arachnophobia with this simple … [Read more...]


Watch Your Fingers – I’m a “Fan” of Halloween

Halloween Decorating

Watch your fingers! This poor soul didn't and look what happened. Need some gory Halloween decoration ideas ... Just heed your mothers advice ... Or you may end up like poor Lefty here. I've been a busy girl - check out all my Halloween ghoulishness! … [Read more...]