My Hydrangea-less Summer and When to Prune

When to prune hydrangeas

Big, fat tears rolled down my cheeks when I stepped outside a couple of months ago only to be met with a frightening sight. No, it wasn't Sasquatch or Freddy Krueger (although this did give me nightmares). It was so much more horrifying. Oh my hubby certainly meant well when he let someone give our yard a spring clean up. The … [Read more...]


My Fall Table and a Giveaway!

Hydrangea Centerpieces

  I didn't put fine china on my bridal registry. I'm not a formal china kind of gal. I mean, I love checking out the lavish table settings on Downton Abbey but prefer a simpler look ... oh and I'm still shocked over poor Matthew's untimely demise in that car accident. That's why I love white plates.  They really make the … [Read more...]


Drying Hydrangeas 101


  Yes, I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Not really ... what I really like is are margaritas and tons of hydrangeas (and having an umbrella and wellies when the downpour starts). I also love peonies so be sure to read my tips on planting peonies. In August, my hydrangeas start to fade so I have to quickly take … [Read more...]


Bring on the Bling – Metallic Pinecone Place Settings

Fall Crafts, Thanksgiving, place settings

I'm torn. I love natural, rustic things like old wooden toolboxes and chippy paint ... but I also love a bit of bling (I live in Jersey after all). How to marry the two? Why not take a standard issue pinecone (not that there's anything wrong with that) and give it some attitude. I was lucky enough to try the Krylon Premium Copper … [Read more...]