The Forgotten Art of Letter Writing and Simple DIY Envelopes


  Remember the excitement of waiting for the mailman? Looking out the window hoping he'd deliver an letter with your name neatly written on the envelope. Birthdays were the best. Far away relatives would tuck a crisp dollar bill inside the card that floated to the floor when I ripped open the envelope. While the art of letter writing … [Read more...]


Love Birds – Making Simple Birdseed Ornaments


  Spotting a bright red cardinal on a dreary winter day makes my day. So of course we encourage birds to drop by our yard with a few tasty treats to tempt them our way. Whip up this simple birdseed ornaments recipe and be ready to watch the birds flock to your yard too. Simple Birdseed Ornament Recipe 3/4 cup flour 1/2 cup water 3 … [Read more...]


Butterfly Branch Centerpiece


December 21, 2012 marked the winter solstice. The  shortest day of the year. So I can bear the cold months ahead knowing every day gets a little bit lighter, brighter, longer and warmer. While I'm anxiously awaiting summer and dreaming of sitting on my vintage glider beside my butterfly bush while sipping my famous margarita, I'll … [Read more...]


Elf on the Shelf Gettin’ Down with His Bad Self!

Eclectically Vintage

Hot Tamale, our Elf on the Shelf, has been making his rounds and showing up in some very unusual places.  Here's what he's been up to! Gone Fishin' Rub a Dub Dub, Relaxing in the Tub Catching Some Rays Hot Tamale even tried getting a sneak peak into the Advent Calendar!  See how I made it here. Peeking into the … [Read more...]


Mischievous Elf on the Shelf is Back!

Eclectically Vintage

If you don't already have an Elf on the Shelf - it's time to get one.  You don't need kids to enjoy this little fellow as I think I have more fun with him than my girls. We got our Elf a few years ago and the girls loved him!  He comes with a cute book to read to the kids about the Elf watching your kids during the day and then returning to the … [Read more...]


Kids Gobbly Good Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Eclectically Vintage Thanksgiving

With the rustic adult table all set, it's time to get the kids table ready. The centerpiece is a fun paper bag turkey that looks amazingly like the real bird! He's stuffed with popcorn and will be "carved" when all the kids arrive to reveal the munchies inside (cut a slit in the top and the kids can dig right in). All you need is a … [Read more...]