10 Best Light Fixtures Under $100


Lighting is king, queen, prince, princess and the downstairs help. It's key to making any house shine - so go ahead and light up your life with some of my favorites that won't break the bank. I adore the Ikea PS Maskros.  Mix in this modern piece with vintage finds and you'll have a truly unique space. Young House Love Small Wire Globe … [Read more...]


What a Difference a Shade Makes – Simple Update for Lamps

Eclectically Vintage lighting

Lighting can make or break a room. It's my absolute most favorite thing to shop for - from pendants to sconces to lamps to candles.   The simplest way to update an old lamp is with a drum shade. Yes, drum shades were on every mid century lamp and they're back in a big way.   I bought these lamps about 15 years ago … [Read more...]


We Are Family (Room) – Get Up Everybody and (See the Tour)

Eclectically Vintage Kitchen Table

The dust bunnies have been swept away - whew! If you see a stray bunny, please avert your eyes. I love open shelves - what better way to show off all my vintage finds! This was once a dilapidated screened-in porch that was separated by a solid wall with one window. Brace yourself, here's what it looked like before! French doors now … [Read more...]