Unique Christmas Trees – Christmas Stand Tree!

Eclectically Vintage trees unusual

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How lovely are your ... Branches? The Deets: * Find some old Christmas tree stands at the thrift store * Spray paint them (I used Kyrlon Premium Silver Foil Metallic) * Stack them * Dangle some cute vintage Shiny Brites from the "branches" * Sing Oh Christmas Tree as you admire your … [Read more...]


Feather Trees & Shiny Brites

Vintage Ornament

I adore vintage feather trees which are made of dyed goose feathers and were the very first artificial Christmas trees made to resemble the white pines in the German forest. The feather tree originated in Germany in the 19th Century, and was first created in an attempt to prevent further deforestation. Forget about the workers - what about the … [Read more...]