Flower Arranging Tips for Stunning Bouquets

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I may be slightly obsessed with my peonies. I planted three peony bushes last spring and they have rewarded me with tons of amazing flowers! If you want these beauties in your garden, don't miss my peony growing tips. What's a girl to do with this many blooms? Make a WOW bouquet of course. Flower Arranging Tips Choose a unique … [Read more...]


Peonies in Bloom!

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My life consists of two glorious weeks of cutting and arranging my peonies and 50 weeks of anxiously waiting for them to bloom again (obviously, I need a hobby). Peony season is fleeting but so worth the wait and if you have ever dreamed of growing your own make sure to read my Peony Growing post filled with my favorite tips and tricks for … [Read more...]


How to Plant Peonies – so they Bloom!

How to plant peonies so they bloom! eclecticallyvintage.com

Peonies! I've dreamed of planting them for years but some unknown force was trying to keep me and my precious flowers apart. Not anymore - I've finally fulfilled my peony dream (similar to my dream of growing amazing hydrangeas). I wanted to do this right so I picked the brain of experts at the garden center on how to plant peonies so they … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – French Country Cottage Christmas

House #1 - French Country Christmas

It's a French Country Cottage Christmas! Come on over and warm your hands by this massive outdoor fireplace. Courtney of French Country Cottage has it all decked out to welcome Santa. Santa can rest and enjoy a crisp baguette ... maybe even a glass of wine. He'll stop to smell the peonies ... then find the perfect place to … [Read more...]