It’s All in the Details for Christmas

Eclectically Vintage Christmas

While some people prefer to Clark Griswold out their homes for the holidays ... sometimes, the simplest details often speak the loudest. So force some bulbs, light a candle, display favorite family photos ... and enjoy.   P.S. That's a pic of my sis and me - can you tell which one is little … [Read more...]


Five Quick Handmade Gifts Under $2

Eclectically Vintage

I'm boycotting stores this (and every) Black Friday. Instead, I'll be home with my girls, whipping up some quick handmade gifts like these. For the gal that needs some serious pampering, My homemade 3-ingredient lemon salt scrub is just the ticket to paradise. Presentation is everything so pop it in a cute mason jar and tie a vintage … [Read more...]


Dollar Store DIY Monogrammed Gifts – Drinking Glasses

Eclectically Vintage Crafts

By the end of the day, we usually have a dozen dirty glasses lined up on the counter ... but there are only four people in my family. Where are these glasses coming from? They multiply like rabbits when I turn my back to put away the Reese's Puffs. I am rebelling against my dishpan hands and creating a simple solution to this serious … [Read more...]