10 Minute Fresh Greens Wreath

DIY Fresh Greens Wreath eclecticallyvintage.com

I’m all about faux Christmas trees and wreaths indoors but when it comes to decorating my porch, I love using live wreaths and garland. My front door was crying out for something festive but instead of paying for a live wreath, I decided to whip one up for just the cost of a wreath form that can be used over and over again. With a little help … [Read more...]


DIY Winter Village Wreath

DIY Winter Village Wreath eclecticallyvintage.com

I'm a sucker for a cute wreath (remember my marshmallow wreath)? I absolutely LOVE my winter village wreath (sorry for shouting). This plain Jane (some might say ugly) fake wreath has been transformed into a fun and festive decoration ready for it's close up. DIY Winter Village Wreath Supplies: • Plain wreath • Christmas houses … [Read more...]


A Tale of My Two Christmas Doors

unusual wreath for Christmas

It's business on my front door... and a party on my back door! Two wreaths. Both using vintage finds. Old wooden finials from a house so the rain could drip gently down the pointed tip... and my hubs little shovel that now makes me smile every time I walk through the back door.   What do you like to hang on … [Read more...]


It’s a Cinch – Summer Paper Parasol Wreath


My girls love cocktail umbrellas! They are in heaven if a waiter brings them a fruity drink dressed up with a paper umbrella (they take after their mom after all)! This wreath is the true definition of cinch. 15 minutes (probably because I used the biggest wreath form known to man) was all it took. Bonus - it only cost $2! Yes, you … [Read more...]


Unusual Wreath and a Vintage Christmas

Picture 1732

It's not a dented old jell-o mold - it's one of my unique wreaths! That's what I saw when I spotted this little baby at the thrift shop. With a bright red bow, it's festive and perfect for the kitchen (although I hate to bake)! This mold was among the pile of thrift store booty (here) I found recently. I said I would be using most of it for my … [Read more...]